Merger between Emergency Reporting and First Arriving Announced

The lead company in cloud-based record management for the fire and emergency services sector, Emergency Reporting (ER), has announced it will merge with First Arriving, an organization that offers services like marketing and recruitment as well as technology and website development for EMS, fire, and public safety workers.

The merger will allow departments who buy the programs to display data and incident alerts in real time, as well as critical messaging. Users will be able to identify hydrants that have been labeled out of service, calendar appointments, scheduling, equipment maintenance updates, and much more.

Dave Adams, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Emergency Reporting is excited about the expansion of his company.“We continuously search for innovative companies in the fire and EMS industry that we can create useful and seamless integrations with and that will maximize efficiency for our users,” Adams said in an interview with FireFighterNation. “First Arriving fit the bill – and we’re happy to welcome them to our growing community of partners.”

First Arriving CEO Dave Iannone is also looking forward to the merger. “Emergency Reporting connects first responders with software to improve response time, operations, and overall efficiency. Their integrations are a powerful addition to our Dashboards, providing on-duty personnel the critical data they need to be ready to respond,” said Iannone to FireFighterNation. “We are excited about the many solutions ER provides to fit our clients’ individual needs.”

Product Post: Code 3 M180SMC Multi-Color Intersection/Takedown/ Puddle Light

Who doesn’t love a 3 for 1 special?

The Code 3 M180SMC Multi-Color Intersection/Takedown/Puddle Light combines 3 lights into one compact form making it one of the most versatile lights ever offered by Code 3. 

This Class 1 warning light is a versatile combination of 3 functions: Intersection Warning Light, a Takedown Light, and Puddle Light for ground illumination. Three separate trigger wires enable independent control of the 3 functions. Uses the same bezel and rear mounting holes as the MR6 light. Any brackets designed to fit the MR6MC will also work with the M180SMC.

Call us for a quote at 503-670-4700.


  • 69 Multi-Color Flash Patterns.
  • Multi-Color, Center Section LED Colors: Amber/White, Blue/Amber, Blue/White, Red/Amber, Red/Blue, Red/White.
  • 3 distinct functions: 180 degree warning, Takedown, and Puddle Light.
  • The Puddle Light shines down to create a 5 foot diameter bright white ground light.
  • Three separate trigger wires enable independant control of the 3 functions.
  • Will sync with Chase Multi-Color, MR6 Multi-Color, and Mega Thin Multi-Color LED lights.
  • Can be mounted anywhere an MR6 can.
  • Uses the same bezel and rear mounting holes as the MR6 light.
  • Any brackets designed to fit the MR6 will also work with the M180SMC.


  • Operating Voltage: 12-24 VDC
  • Current Draw: 0.9 Amps @ 12 VDC
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 77°C
  • Certifications: SAE J845 and J595 Class 1, E/Reg. 65, R10, IP67, Meets Photometric Requirements for California Title 13.
  • Dimensions: 0.9″ H x 4.5” L x 1.5” W (22.86 mm x 114.3 mm x 38.1 mm)

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Alaskan Ferry May Hire Canadian Police to Assist U.S. Border Agents

An Alaskan ferry service that frequently docks at a ferry terminal in British Columbia will contract an armed team from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help assist the unarmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who monitor the ferry.

The armed Canadian police will protect U.S. agents who operate out of Prince Rupert in British Columbia. They will be working as employees of the ferry service, which has been confronted with budget cuts as a result of legislature created by the Alaskan state government.

U.S personnel are not allowed to carry firearms while carrying out passport and contraband checks, though there is an agreement in the works for allowing U.S. officers to be armed during these searches.

The plan to hire armed Canadian police is in motion, but has yet to be confirmed publicly.

Product Post: Whelen Inner Edge FST

The Whelen Inner Edge FST is a new take on an industry classic. The newly designed Inner Edge FST Series is low-profile, and features a much more versatile shape to fit better with your vehicle’s contours. It also features Whelen’s all new, Proclera Silicone Optics. These optics sharpen the light output and even make them powerful enough to punch through tints. The Inner Edge FST Series is available with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO technology.

Another improvement to this classic bar is the addition of BroadBand Blue. BroadBand Blue delivers a higher intensity light with consistent color, making you look brighter and bigger to other motorists, but without blinding other drivers or pedestrians.

Backed by a Whelen 5 Year Warranty, this is a product you don’t want to miss out on. Give us a call or check out our website for information on pricing and quotes.

• Meets SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII specifications
• Mounts to visor anchor points
• Available as passenger side only or driver and passenger side
• 38 Scan-Lock flash patterns
• Available in Red, Amber, White, and NEW BroadBand Blue
• Low Current models are available with SOLO light modules
• WeCan models are fully programmable, providing individual control of each color, and are available with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO interleaved light modules
• NEW Proclera Optic Technology features 100% silicone internal optics
• Vehicle specific housing minimizes flashback to vehicle passengers
• 17′ cable included
• Ships fully assembled
• 12 VDC
• Five or six lamps (per side)
• Depth and height vary by vehicle model

Oklahoma Window Cleaners Rescued From Unstable Lift

A pair of window cleaners were working their way up the 50-story Devon Tower building in Oklahoma when their metal basket began to swing wildly. Emergency responders rescued the two cleaners who are now being checked for injuries.

High winds and reports of an unstable crane are thought to be the cause of the basket swinging out of control.

Once the cleaners were rescued, the metal basket continued to swing wildly, smashing into several windows of the Devon Tower before emergency crews were able to stabilize the crane and lower the basket down.

Petition Grows to Add EMS to Connecticut PTSD Bill for Fire and Police

A bill proposed in Connecticut hopes to help firefighters and police officers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. Some citizens are wondering why emergency services personnel were left out of the legislation.

The exclusion of EMS workers from the bill motivated Derrick Caranci to start a petition asking congresspeople to amend the legislation by allowing EMS personnel to also receive help in dealing with the stresses of their job.

As of Wednesday evening, the bill had 4,000 signatures. Once it reaches 5,000 signatures, the bill will be sent to the Connecticut State House and the governor, as well as the State Senate.

Some of the signees have written comments explaining their support of the petition. Matthew Behuniak, a firefighter, believes EMS personnel deserve compensation just as much as fire crews do.

“I am a member of Ridgefield Professional Firefighters Local 1739,” said Behuniak. “My job as a firefighter and paramedic is no different than that of a privately employed or volunteer EMT or Paramedic. They deserve to be included in this bill!!”

The bill itself has wide support from both sides of the aisle. The legislation proposes a year of workers’ compensation coverage to all firefighters and police suffering from PTSD. Volunteer firefighters and parole officers would also be eligible to receive support.

Product Post: Feniex Fusion Arrow Board

Sometimes you need a light that can both warn and direct traffic. That’s where the Feniex Fusion Arrow Board comes in.

The Fusion Arrow Board features innovative multi-color technology (Amber, White, Red, and Blue in various combinations) and is engineered on the Fusion platform. Combining the Fusion 800 and four Fusion 200 Light Sticks, the arrow board has 57 flash patterns for dual color. That’s a lot of flash pattern options.

The Feniex Fusion Arrow Board in action.

You can choose between 40° optics for long range penetration or 180° optics for a wide light spread. Worried about the installation? Don’t be. The Fusion Arrow Board has built-in surface mount hardware, making for easy installation. 

There are a lot of directional light boards on the market, but none of them are as cost effective or advanced as the Feniex Fusion Arrow Board.

Color options available are All Amber/White, Half Amber/Red and Half Amber/Blue, or Custom. Optics options are All 40° optics, All 180° optics, or Custom. If you choose Custom on either dropdown we will contact you for configuration.

Amber is an available color option, as well as blue, red, and white.


  • Choice of 180° or 40° light spread optics per module.
  • Available Colors: AW, AB, AR, BW, RB, RW.
  • 57 flash patterns for dual color
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure
  • Encased in Rugged, aluminum extrusion
  • Built in surface mount hardware
  • Made in the USA


  • 2 programmable modes
  • Directional Patterns
  • Takedown or Work-Light
  • Flood Mode


  • Input voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current Draw: 6 Amps
  • Dual Color: 192 high power 4 Watt Cree LEDs
  • Certifications: SAE J595, CT13, SAE J1119
  • Dimensions: 15.05″ H x 42.55″ L x 2.7″ W
  • Cable Harness length: 10 Feet

Feniex 5 Year Warranty

Seaplanes Collide in Alaska Killing 4, Injuring 10

Two sightseeing planes carrying cruise ship tourists collided on Monday, leaving four passengers dead and ten wounded. Two people remain missing.

Local emergency responders work with federal and state agencies to rescue victims of a deadly seaplane collision near Ketchikan, Alaska on Monday. Photo Courtesy of Dustin Safranek/Ketchikan Daily News via AP

Federal investigators are expected to arrive in Ketchikan, a city south of Juneau, on Tuesday to try and determine what led the planes to collide in midair. In an email to the Associated Press, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer reported that the collision was caused by unknown circumstances.

Both planes were carrying passengers from the Royal Princess cruise ship. One plane, a single-engine de Havilland Otter DHC-3 operated by Taquan Air, was carrying eleven people when it went down over the Tongass National Forest. Ten people were taken to a nearby hospital. Marty West, spokeswoman for PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center, reported all patients to be in fair or good condition.

Three of the five people on board the second plane, a single-engine de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver, perished as a result of the collision. It has yet to be determined which plane the fourth victim was on board.

Emergency teams and locals helped federal and state agencies to rescue the stranded passengers after the crash.

“It’s been a long day and the crews have been working really hard to rescue people and recover the deceased,” said Deanna Thomas, who works as a spokeswoman for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, the local government.

Taquan Air, the company who operated the first sightseeing plane, has suspended all operations while federal investigators work to determine the cause of the collision.

The Royal Princess cruise ship left Vancouver, British Columbia on May 11. It was scheduled to arrive in Anchorage on Saturday but Cindy Cicchetti, a passenger on board the cruise ship, said the ship was not on schedule to arrive in Anchorage and passengers were unsure how the accident will impact the remainder of the trip.

Trade War with China Means Rising Cost of Lights

As the trade war between the United States and China intensifies, lights businesses are feeling the effects, as are their customers. The rising costs of importing LED products are forcing lights manufacturers and lights resellers to raise prices.

In April of 2018, the Trump administration published a list of 1,300 Chinese exports that would be taxed 25 percent following a Section 301 investigation. In July of that year, Trump announced more tariffs would be put into effect on nearly $200 billion worth of Chinese products. One item that appears on both lists? LEDs.

The government began imposing the tariffs in July of 2018, and since the tariffs were put in place the U.S. based companies that purchase from and manufacture LED products in China have felt the effects. These companies mainly purchased LEDs to be used in wafers and backlighting, but the US government ramped up the trade war by placing even more tariffs on Chinese goods, including ten categories of products featuring LED lighting.

These LED lighting products make up approximately 75 percent of China’s lighting exports, so the tariffs will have a major impact on the Chinese lighting economy. But they have also started to impact the U.S. lighting economy, and its shareholders.

Cree, a United States-based lighting company that relies heavily on LED products for their business, has estimated that the tariffs will decrease its earnings per share by nearly two percent during 2019.

In order to offset the costs of exporting LED products from other countries, or manufacturing the products in the U.S., companies have raised prices on many lighting items. This is bad news for consumers, but good news for LED manufacturers based in Mexico and Asian countries other than China, as they will see a boost in sales as resellers turn to them while tariffs remain in place.

CEO of Sirennet, Stuart McLoughlin, said the tariffs have already impacted prices of the LED products he sells.

“Prices rose the first part of 2019 and we are now getting strong indications from factories that prices will continue to rise,” he said. “Overall, we could see a thirty percent price rise by August.”

Product Post: SoundOff mPOWER Fascia 3” Perimeter Lights

SoundOff’s mPOWER Fascia series features the most compact LED lights on the market. With the options for Single, Dual and Tri-color capability, the mPOWER Fascia line of perimeter lights is sure to have something for everyone. 

Fascia’s next generation design and mounting options allows the light to be integrated nearly anywhere on the vehicle. Compact, bright, and able to be mounted almost anywhere, this light can really do it all.

The mPOWER Fascia series is the result of a collaboration with Dow Corning to develop ClearDuty optical design. ClearDuty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses. These advantages include: A smaller footprint with maximized candela output, greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking, improved sealing to prevent water from entering light, and higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.

mPOWER Fascia series lights are Sync2 lights and are synchronizable with up to 24 Sync2 compatible lights such as nFORCE series and Dual Color Intersectors. 

Worried about over-voltage? Don’t be. The mPOWER Fascia series features an “Over-Voltage Protection” which can detect an over-voltage condition, causing the module will flash an over-voltage warning pattern of 50mS ON/950mS OFF to alert of the over-voltage condition and protect the electronics from damage due to heat/voltage. 

These SoundOff lights don’t stop there. They also have built in “Thermal Compensation Protection”. The LED module is designed to provide maximum power output while providing protection to the electronic components by reducing the output power at extreme temperatures. The mPOWER Fascia series is available in 3 mounting styles: Quick Mount, Stud Mount, and Screw Mount.


  • Single, Dual and Tri-color capability
  • Ability to integrate visually into today’s police vehicles
  • Collaboration with Dow Corning to develop ClearDuty optical design
  • ClearDuty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses
    • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
    • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
    • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light
    • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.
  • mPOWER Fascia series lights are Sync2 lights and are syncronizable with up to 24 Sync2 compatible lights such as nFORCE series and Dual Color Intersectors.
  • These lights have Over-Voltage Protection.
  • These lights have Thermal Compensation Protection.


  • CURRENT DRAW: < 1.0 Amps @ 12.8Vdc, < 0.5 Amps @ 25.6Vdc
  • CERTIFICATIONS: SAE J595 and J845 Class 1 certified and CA Title 13, Article 22 compliant

MOUNTS: Quick Mount, Stud Mount, Screw Mount


  • Quick: 3.04” (7.72 cm) L x 0.92” (2.3cm) H x 0.47” (1.2cm) D (from mounting surface)
  • Stud: 3.04” (7.72 cm) L x 0.92” (2.3cm) H x 0.42” (1cm) D (from mounting surface)
  • Screw: 3.52” (8.94 cm) L x 0.92” (2.3cm) H x 0.42” (1cm) D (from mounting surface)

SoundOff Signal 5 Year No Hassle Warranty

Lead From Notre Dame Fire Causes Concern Among Paris Residents

When Notre Dame Cathedral burned, the world watched in horror as the Parisian landmark crumpled and the iconic spire fell. Now, as the cleanup process begins, citizens of Paris worry that the damage caused by the fire has increased lead levels in the surrounding areas.

As police and cleanup crews continue to assess the damage done to Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the biggest concerns is lead poisoning from dust created during and after the fire. Photo Courtesy of AP Photo/Thibault Camus

Parisian police say that since the fire, lead levels from the roof have increased. After the blaze, lead levels in Notre Dame have been recorded to be between 10 and 20 grams per kilogram of ground. That’s between 32 and 65 times the limit recommended by health authorities of 0.3 grams per kilogram.

Many of the areas closest to the cathedral have been closed. The spire of the cathedral contained hundreds of tons of lead, as did the frame of the building, much of which was burned in the blaze.

Police believe the lead could coat the surfaces of apartments, homes, and businesses near to the cathedral and have urged residents to give their homes and offices a thorough clean using a damp cloth to rid furniture and walls of lead dust. Authorities have also recommended that children and pregnant women, who are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning, should wash their hands frequently to avoid ingesting any potential lead particles.

Product Post: Code 3 XTP3 Series Directional LED Surface Mount Light

This Code 3 XTP3 Series Directional LED Surface Mount Light is a member of an extraordinary family of Code 3 warning lights. The revolutionary design of the XTP Series packages style, versatility, and performance into a compact, sleek design providing all the capabilities demanded from a high-performance light for a fraction of the cost. 

The Code 3 XTP3 Series Directional LED Surface Mount Light

Each model delivers a bright, controllable signal within a sleek, low-profile design. These compact, waterproof exterior lights can be mounted virtually anywhere on a vehicle to meet any need or application. The exceptional design and versatility of the XTP Series makes it the quintessential addition to any emergency vehicle.

The XTP Series is backwards compatible with all XT Series mounting brackets. All XTPs utilize smart sensing electronic technology, allowing the lighthead to use either its built-in flash programming or receive signals from any external flashing device. 

Small yet bright, these lights can be mounted nearly anywhere on your vehicle for optimal coverage.

Each model is compatible with the Code 3 lighthead programmer, allowing for easy, quick flash pattern setup. Models can be programmed to operate on their own or in synchronization with other compatible Code 3 lights. The XTP’s round edges and sleek, slim design blends perfectly on the contours of today’s vehicles. Each low-profile model measures only 0.6 inch (15 mm) in depth. Available with a standard black bezel or optional chrome and black rubber bezels making it customizable and easy to match any vehicle design.


  • Delivers a bright signal in a sleek, low-profile design.
  • Allows for placement almost anywhere on the vehicle with its compact design.
  • Provides users with a versatile, high-performance exterior light at an affordable price.
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White.
  • 21 flash patterns including Steady-burn.
  • Controllable flash pattern output.
  • Programmable with the Code 3 Lighthead Programmer.
  • Syncable with Code 3’s Chase, MR6, Mega Thin, and M180 lights.
  • Same mounting hole pattern and brackets as the XT lights.
  • Multiple flash patterns with phase 1 and phase 2 syncing capabilities.
  • Black bezel standard.


  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Power usage: 6 watts max
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C) 
  • Certifications: SAE J595 Class 1, SAE J575, California Title 13, ECE R65, ECE R10, RoHS
  • Dimensions: 1.4” H x 3.7” L x 0.6” D (36 x 93 x 15 mm)

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Russian Jet ‘Struck by Lightning’, Killing 41 Passengers

An Aeroflot jet heading to Murmansk, Russia burst into flames after making an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow on Sunday. Passengers and crew who were on board at the time of the crash said the plane was struck by lightning, just before it crashed onto the runway.

A plane traveling to Murmansk, Russia was forced to make an emergency landing in Moscow on Sunday after allegedly being struck by lightning shortly after takeoff. Photo Courtesy of AFP

Of the 78 people on board, 41 were killed in the accident. The crash is still being investigated and no officials have commented on whether or not the Superjet-100 aircraft was struck by lightning. The black box, a record of flight data and conversations within the contact, remained intact and is being handled by the investigation team.

Russia’s national carrier reported that the aircraft landed in Moscow for “technical reasons”, though passengers and crew insist that lightning played a role in the accident.

Airport Fire Crews work to put out the blaze as passengers evacuate the Aeroflot jet via inflatable slides. Photo Courtesy of East2West.

The pilot at the time of the crash, Denis Yevdokimov, spoke with Russian media after the accident. He said that lightning disrupted his communication with air traffic controllers, leading him to engage in the emergency manual mode.

Dmitry Khlebushkin, a passenger, told reporters: “I’m alive only thanks to the stewardesses. The girls stood there in the smoke, it was dark, extremely hot, but they pulled people out and helped them get down the chutes”.

Modern planes are built to withstand lightning strikes as many commercial flights often experience lightning strikes during flight. These strikes rarely lead to crashes, however.

Upon landing, the plane was evacuated in under a minute. A stewardess on board the flight, Tatyana Kasatkina, told reporters from Russian media Lenta that people were trying to evacuate before the plane had even landed.

“It all happened really fast, in a matter of seconds… I was pushing passengers out. I grabbed each one by the collar, so that they wouldn’t delay the evacuation,” said Kasatkina.

Russian President Vladimir Putin shared his condolences with the families of the victims and the government of Murmansk, the region where the plane was headed, has announced a three-day period of mourning.

Texas Fire Department Receives New Fire Equipment Courtesy of Grant

Corsicana Fire Department, located just south of Dallas, Texas, has received a $3,000 fire prevention grant that will go towards new equipment for the entire department.

The grant is courtesy of FM Global, a massive commercial property insurer. The company has awarded millions of dollars in grants towards fire prevention to departments all over the world as part of its strategy to combat fire as the leading cause of property damage.

Fire Chief Paul Henley said the grant will go towards buying new iPads for each fire engine. The iPads will be used in fire safety surveys that will then be stored in a digital database, to ensure performance and safety standards are always up to snuff.

The grant will also go towards assisting the fire teams in charge of pre-fire planning. The teams hope to collect and track data on community infrastructure to help fire crews perform more efficiently and safely when future emergency situations arise.

“This is going to ensure we get out to local buildings,” said Fire Chief Henley. “They will be wonderful fire prevention tools.”

Product Post: Feniex Fusion Single Color Surface Mount Light

Looking for an intense warning light that can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle? Why not try the Feniex Fusion Single Color Surface Mount Light?

The Feniex Fusion Single Color Surface Mount Light provides intense lighting in a very compact housing. At under 1″ tall, this light offers serious warning capabilty for almost any part of the vehicle. The Single Color version has Six 4-watt Cree LEDs give this module an intensely bright warning signal. Your choice of either 40° optics for directional punch, or 180° optics for maximum light spread. Imagine the possibilities!

The Single Color version has 20 user selectable flash patterns make sure that this light attracts maximum attention. Combine all of these features in a ultra-rugged, weather-resistant, metal housing enclosure and a Feniex 5 Year Warranty.

Give us a call for pricing at 503-670-4700 or head on over to


  • 6 high power 4 Watt Cree LEDs.
  • Colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, White.
  • 20 flash patterns.
  • Available in 180° or 40° light spread optics.
  • Available brake, turn and steady on patterns.
  • Two programmable modes.
  • Ultra-rugged, weather-resistant, metal housing enclosure.
  • Includes surface mount bezel and protective, rubber mounting pad.

Syncs with:

  • Fusion 1X and 2X Deck/Dash Lights
  • Fusion Mirror Mount Lights
  • Fusion Spoiler Mount Lights
  • Fusion 200 Light Stick
  • Cannon Hide-A-Ways
  • T3 Perimeter Lights
  • Wide-Lux Perimeter Lights

Tech Specs:

  • Input voltage 12 VDC
  • Current Draw: 0.75 Amp
  • Cable Harness length: 10 Inches
  • Certifications SAE J595, California Title 13, SAE J1119
  • Dimensions 0.85″ H x 4.5″ L x 0.85″
  • Made in the USA

United Nations Praises India’s Cyclone Fani Preparations

When Cyclone Fani made landfall on the southeastern coast of India on Friday, it was the biggest cyclone the country had seen in 20 years. But due to the preparations made by India’s government and emergency services crews, it wasn’t the most devastating.

Cyclone Fani’s path of destruction included bringing down countless telephone poles, like these in Puri, Bhubaneswar. Photo Courtesy of Reuters

Before the tropical cyclone arrived, Indian officials evacuated more than a million people from the southeastern state of Odisha, which was expected to be hit the hardest by the storm.

The cyclone ripped through cities and towns on Friday, causing major damage to homes and infrastructure. It then moved towards Bangladesh, where it caused further destruction and took the lives of 34 people, according to Bangladeshi officials. The death toll could rise, as emergency crews struggle to communicate with survivors who are stranded in the parts of Bangladesh that have seen the most destruction.

“Because of [its] rarity, the tracking and prediction was very challenging. In fact, till 24 hours of landfall, one was not sure about the trajectory it was going to take because of the predictions of different agencies,” said Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in a statement.

India wasn’t the only country that suffered at the hands of Cyclone Fani: Bangladeshi people try to fix their homes after Fani tore through their towns over the weekend. Photo Courtesy of Munir Uz Zaman/AFP

“This led to one of the biggest human evacuations in history – a record 1.2 million people were evacuated in 24 hours.”

This is not the first time the state of Odisha has experienced major tropical cyclones. In 1999, the Indian state suffered through a 30-hour super-cyclone that wreaked havoc on buildings and roads and killed over 10,000 people.

Nearly 20 years later, Odisha has improved their evacuation drills, public awareness campaigns, and forecasting techniques and the number of deaths has decreased dramatically. 16 people were killed as a result of Friday’s storm and 160 people are reported to be injured.

The steps taken by Indian authorities was praised by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) for being “effective” and had “saved many lives”.

Other international experts applauded the swift action of India’s emergency crews and weather scientists. Josh Morgerman, a cyclone expert from the U.S. wrote “Credit goes to #India authorities for their aggressive pre-impact response, including massive evacuations.”

An Inside Look at Coachella Security

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, a once-a-year festival held in Indio, California, is one of the biggest and most well-known festivals in the United States. Coachella, as it’s commonly known as, typically draws up to 250,000 people and is held over two three-day weekends in the spring. Festival goers camp, listen to live performances, and do their best to manage the sweltering heat of the southern California sun.

But a festival of 250,000 people requires a lot of planning and management, particularly when you consider the security aspect of it.

Administrative Officer Ben Guitron works for the Indio Police Department, which teams up with festival planners to help staff security and manage festival-goers.

We spoke to Mr. Guitron about Indio PD’s involvement in Coachella security.

“For the last 20 years, we have been the lead law enforcement agency for these festivals in the city of Indio. We provide the law enforcement side of it, but the promoter has other services that help that are security related, like private security,” said Guitron.

Indio Police Department stay vigilant during a Coachella festival Weekend. Photo Courtesy of Christopher Victorio

Coachella and Stagecoach are not the only festivals that call Indio home. The city puts on many festivals, some small and some as big as Coachella, generating hundreds of thousands of people. This requires Indio PD to boost their numbers for festival days in order to keep the city and the event safe.

“Because of our security plan, we never disclose the amount of staffing,” said Guitron. “But because of the amount and volume of services that need to be done, we have to augment our services. So we contract with additional law enforcement services to assist us, which would be the California Highway Patrol and other municipal agencies in the Coachella Valley to help us provide police services. In every aspect the lead agency is Indio Police Department and then all the other agencies work under our direction.”

Coachella draws large numbers of festival goers every year, many of whom choose to camp on festival grounds. In addition to policing the grounds of the festival, Indio PD is also in charge of policing the camping areas and assisting in traffic control.

Photo Courtesy of KESQ

Festivals of this size are expensive but all of the funding for the festivals comes from the promoter and not from any of the city’s budget. And while the city isn’t footing the bill, Indio PD still dedicate a significant amount of time to planning the festival, and other events.

“All of the festivals that we do, depending on the size, as soon as the festival is done we’re already planning for the following year. Even though we have a plan, the plan is never done because we’re always adjusting and modifying. As we get closer to the festivals, we go into festival mode. The two to three weeks before the festival we start narrowing our plan into action.”

But if any Indio citizens are worried that the police are focusing too much on Coachella and not enough on regular law enforcement, they shouldn’t be. To Indio Police, the city of Indio is priority #1.

“Our number one obligation is, obviously, the city, which is almost 100,000 people,” said Guitron. “So we have to maintain the same level of services as if there was no festival. That is our responsibility. We run the city law enforcement service 24/7, 365 days a year and then we have a contingency of staff working with the other agencies for the festivals.”

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Photo Courtesy of NBC Los Angeles

So when Indio police are on festival duty, what is the most common offense that they deal with? The arrests are typically alcohol related offenses, false identification, and possession of drugs. This year’s festival had less arrests than the previous year.

“100,000 people attend the event and on our first weekend, April 11-14, and that event generated 99 arrests. But if you look at the volume of people that attend from around the world, it’s not much, especially when you have an attendance of over 100,000 people,” said Guitron.

And while the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been held in Indio for nearly twenty years, the Indio Police Department is committed to improving their security strategies and keeping the festival safe and fun for everyone.

“We’ve been doing this for over a decade. We learned a lot from our very first festival and we have changed quite a bit. We’ve learned to make changes as needed, we know that there’s never going be a final plan because things tend to change,” said Guitron.

“When something has gone wrong at a festival, we pay attention so we can improve. It’s no different than when there are natural disasters and everyone tries to be prepared. We’re doing the same thing because we want to make sure that the festivals are safe and that everybody enjoys themselves.”

Victim of UNC Shooting Rushed Shooter, Saving Lives

On April 30, a shooter opened fire in a classroom at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte killing two people and wounding four others.

Police arrested the suspect shortly after being informed of the violence, and the suspect remains in police custody.

While the police acted heroically, another hero to emerge from the tragedy was Riley Howell, a 21 year old student who tackled the shooter in an attempt to stop the violence and save lives.

Riley Howell was finishing his freshman year of college when a gunman stormed his classroom on the last day of the term. Howell tackled the gunman, losing his own life in the process. Photo Courtesy of CNN.

Howell was shot dead, as was 19-year-old Reed Parlier, though his bravery saved many other students.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Chief Kerr Putney said Howell’s actions helped police arrest the shooter sooner and saved lives in the process, and that tackling the shooter was the right thing to do in the situation.

“You’re either going to run, you’re going to hide and shield, or you’re going to take the fight to the assailant. Having no place to run or hide, [Howell] did the last,” said Chief Putney.

Before he lost his life saving others, Howell had dreams of entering the military or becoming a firefighter. He was the oldest of four children and always helped take care of his siblings, while growing up on his family’s farm in North Carolina.

“His faith was strong and he knew what he had to do when people needed him most,” said Howell’s family in a statement on Wednesday. “He was always the guy you could count on and he delivered.”

Howell was finishing up his freshman year of college when the shooting occurred.

The University of North Carolina, Charlotte has identified the wounded as Rami Al-Ramadhan, 20, of Saihat, Saudi Arabia; Sean DeHart, 20, and Drew Pescaro, 19, of Apex, North Carolina, and Emily Houpt, 23, of Charlotte.

Shooting at North Carolina Campus Leaves 2 Dead, 4 Injured

Two people were killed and four people were injured in a shooting at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte on April 30.

The shooting took place on the last day of classes and prompted faculty to announce a campus-wide lockdown until the shooter was apprehended by police.

Officers who were stationed on the scene for a campus concert rushed the suspect and arrested him after being alerted to the shooting happening in a nearby classroom building.

“Our officers’ actions definitely saved lives,” said Campus Police Chief Jeff Baker at a news conference.

A UNCC professor, Susan Harden was at home during the time of the shooting but headed to campus once she heard the news to volunteer at a staging area. Harden knew the location of the shooting well, as she had taught in that building before.

“It breaks my heart. We’re torn up about what’s happened,” Harden said. “Students should be able to learn in peace and in safety and professors ought to be able to do their jobs in safety.”

India Prepares for Worst Cyclone in 5 Years

100 million people are in the path of a cyclone heading towards India’s east coast, a cyclone that could be the worst India has faced in the last five years.

Officials have begun evacuating cities and neighborhoods in anticipation of the cyclone’s landfall, which is expected to hit India on Friday.

Cyclone Fani creeps closer to the eastern coast of India and is expected to make landfall on Friday afternoon. Photo Courtesy of CNN

The tropical cyclone, named Fani, exhibited winds of 130 mph and gusts of 160 mph on Thursday, qualifying it as a Category 4 storm.

Though the cyclone has not landed yet, the wind generated by it have already affected the state of Andhra Pradesh and is expected to impact coastal cities in the state of Odisha as well.

The Indian Navy and Coast Guard have begun preparations for the storm’s aftermath by deploying ships and helicopters to be used for search and rescue purposes, as well as delivering supplies to people in need. The Indian Army and Air Force are also preparing for the storm by placing several squads on standby in the states that are expected to be hit the worst by the tropical cyclone.

Nearly 900 shelters have been set up for people who have evacuated their homes ahead of the storm’s landfall, while teams from the National Disaster Response Force have been going door to door warning families of the danger of remaining at home and encouraging them to evacuate.

Fisherman have been urged to stay out of the ocean until it has been determined safe to sail.

Product Post: Able 2 Dual Head LED Mini LightBar

For today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at the Able 2 SHO-ME Dual Head LED Mini Lightbar.

The Missouri-based Able 2 team created the Dual Head LED Mini Lightbar to be extremely bright, aerodynamic, low-profile. It’s a single-level bar with an extruded aluminum base and a clear, UV-resistant polycarbonate dome with gasket.

Sleek and bright, you need this light!

What makes it so bright? The mini bar is fitted with two single color 360° LED beacon style lights with Six 3 Watt LEDs in each beacon. The lightbar also features a built-in flasher that has seven user-selectable flash patterns and there is a Diamond-shaped mirror that enhances each flash.

Permanent-mount models have a 15 foot power cable and mounting hardware. Magnetic-mount models have a 15 foot power cable, fused cigarette lighter plug with POWER & MODE switches, and four 90 lb. pull magnets.

Two single color 360° LED beacons per mini bar.
Exceptionally bright light from 12 – 3 Watt LEDs. (Six 3 Watt LEDs in each head.)
Available LED colors include: Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White.
Available Lens colors include: Amber, Blue, Green, Red and Clear.
Clear Lenses can be used with any color LEDs.
Amber beacons meet SAE J845 Class 2 standards.
Solid-state flasher has seven user-selectable flash patterns.
Diamond-shaped mirror enhances each flash.
Clear UV-resistant polycarbonate dome with gasket.
Extruded aluminum base.
Permanent-mount models have a 15 foot power cable and mounting hardware.
Magnetic-mount models have a 15 foot power cable, fused cigarette lighter plug with POWER & MODE switches, and four 90 lb. pull magnets.
Made in the U.S.A.

Flash Patterns:
1. Double Alternating
2. Quad Alternating
3. Quint Alternating
4. Double Simultaneous
5. Quad Simultaneous
6. MEGA Alternating
7. Random


Permanent Mount:
Voltage: 12 VDC
Amperage: 3 amps max
Dimensions: 2-1/4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 17-1/4″ L
Wiring: 15 foot power cable

Magnetic Mount:
Voltage: 12 VDC
Amperage: 3 amps max
Dimensions: 3-1/4″ H x 9-1/8″ W x 17-1/4″ L
Wiring: 15 foot power cable with fused cigarette lighter plug with POWER & MODE switches

Able 2 SHO-ME Five Year Warranty

WARNING: Under no circumstance should a magnetic mount light be used on a vehicle in motion. Doing so will violate all warranties and eliminate the possibility of returns or exchanges.

Whelen Renames Ceridian Lightbar to Cenator Lightbar

Whelen Engineering has changed the name of its Ceridian Lightbar Series to the Cenator Series but the lightbar remains the same: low profile design and a multitude of unique features and options for optimal versatility.

New name, same incredible lightbar!

The Cenator Series is available Amber, Blue, Red, and White and is also available in SOLO (single color), DUO (two color), and TRIO (three color) models.

You can also get these as Standard Current or WeCan models. Cenators are available with colored lenses and colored internal filters. The Cenator CP Series models features BroadBand Blue technology. Broadband Blue delivers a higher intensity, creates a larger optical image, and produces a more consistent color.

More information is available below, for pricing give us a call at 503-670-4700!


  • Available in 42 inch, 48 inch, and 54 inch models.
  • Available in SOLO (single color), DUO (two color), and TRIO (three color) models.
  • Available in Standard Current or WeCan models.
  • Multiple LED technologies are available for high performance versatility.
  • Lighthead modules mount in any position.
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, salt, sun, and road chemicals.
  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended operation.
  • Sleek newly designed mounting foot compliments lightbar design.
  • Clear outer domes with optional color tops.
  • Smoked domes are also available.
  • Optional Traffic Advisor and Red, Blue, or Amber internal filters.
  • Optional single LED precision focused take-down and alley lights.
  • CP Series models feature BroadBand Blue technology.


  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII when properly configured
  • Designed to meet IP65 standards
  • Meets SAE J1113/CISPR 25 and R10 standards


  • Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • Height & width: 2.5” (6.4cm) H, 12.1” (30.7cm) W.
  • Standard lengths: 42” (107cm), 48” (122cm), and 54” (137cm).

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Whelen Inner Edge FST

The newly designed, low-profile Inner Edge FST Series better utilizes vehicle contours, providing higher visibility and a custom fit. Whelen’s all-new, Proclera Silicone Optics increase clarity and have the power to punch through tints. The Inner Edge FST Series is available with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO technology.

The Inner Edge FST Series now features BroadBand Blue. BroadBand Blue delivers produces a more consistent color at a high intensity and creates a larger optical image, all while being easier on the eyes – especially at night. Backed by a Whelen 5 Year Warranty.

• Meets SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII specifications
• Mounts to visor anchor points
• Available as passenger side only or driver and passenger side
• 38 Scan-Lock flash patterns
• Available in Red, Amber, White, and NEW BroadBand Blue
• Low Current models are available with SOLO light modules
• WeCan models are fully programmable, providing individual control of each color, and are available with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO interleaved light modules
• NEW Proclera Optic Technology features 100% silicone internal optics
• Vehicle specific housing minimizes flashback to vehicle passengers
• 17′ cable included
• Ships fully assembled
• 12 VDC
• Five or six lamps (per side)
• Depth and height vary by vehicle model

Additional $1M Granted to Fund Body Armor for Ohio Police

The state of Ohio has granted an additional $1 million to fund body armor for Ohio law enforcement.

The attorney general and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation announced that the BWC would be granting the extra $1m in order to meet the high demand for body armor orders by law enforcement agencies. All agencies with pending applications or plans to apply for body armor are expected to benefit from the $1m pledge.

The program was created in 2018 and now has a total budget of $3.5 million.

Law enforcement agencies that pay BWC premiums are able to receive the funding; the BWC has said that 335 agencies have had funding approved so far.

The law enforcement agencies are eligible to receive $40,000, with a 25% match from local funding, to buy protective vests for their officers.

Drones Help Police Find Missing Man in Florida

Police were able to locate a 77 year old man with the help of six drones after the man went missing in Collier County, Florida.

The man, who has mental health problems, had been missing for two hours before police were contacted. Using department issued drones, the police were able to cover a greater area than if they had led the operation strictly on foot.

A picture of the drone used by Collier County PD to help find and rescue a 77 year old man who had gone missing from his home on April 17. Photo Courtesy of Collier County Sheriff’s Office

The Drones Operations Unit used six drones to scour the local area in search of the man. Drone Pilot Cpl. Harley Terrill was in charge of the drone that spotted the man walking under a canopy of trees.

Police officers then arrived at the scene and were able to locate the man and bring him home. He was unharmed.

This is the first time the drones had led a search and rescue effort by the Collier County police department.

Russian Police Rescue Abandoned Bear Cub

From the Moscow Times — Police in Russia’s Far East discovered a three-month-old Himalayan bear cub in a cardboard box by the side of the road, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Wednesday.

Russian police rescued this Himalayan bear cub who had been abandoned in a cardboard box by the side of the road. Photo Courtesy of the Moscow Times

The female cub now joins four other orphaned bear cubs who were brought to the “Tiger” wildlife rescue center in Primorye region in February and March.

Upon finding the cub on the roadside, police reported the discovery to local hunting surveillance, who brought her to the wildlife rehabilitation center.

After the rescue mission, the bear was given a full health check and her condition was determined to be “satisfactory.” The rescue center will now work to give the cub the correct nutrition it needs to grow and develop in a spacious outdoor enclosure with plenty of trees to climb and plants to smell.

In February, the rescue center brought in a Himalayan bear cub whose mother was killed by poachers. The center later brought in Miri and Bering, two siblings who were left without a mother; and in late March, a one and a half-month-old female cub came to the center.

Hawaiian Lawmakers Draft Bill to Protect Shorelines

Hawaiian landmark, Waikiki Beach, is in danger. The tourist hotspot and postcard-perfect beach and its surrounding neighborhood could be flooded as a result of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

Waikiki Beach, a Hawaiian landmark, could be in danger if lawmakers don’t take steps to prepare for flooding due to global warming. Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Travel Guide

Honolulu is expected to see flooding regularly, beginning in the next 15 to 20 years and state lawmakers are hoping to pass bills to protect Waikiki and other coastal areas from floods.

Already the area has experienced rising sea levels, with occasional flooding of Waikiki Beach and the roads surrounding it. The coasts aren’t the only areas in danger. Other parts of the Hawaiian islands face flooding, damage to infrastructure, and coastal erosion as global warming becomes more and more serious.

The push to preserve Hawaii’s beaches has two motivations. Hawaiians take great pride in their islands and want to protect the places they live in. There is also the motivation to protect beaches as that is the primary reason Hawaii receives so many tourists each year. Tourists are a major part of the Hawaiian economy and if the beaches that bring them in are underwater, the Hawaiian economy would suffer.

That’s why state Representative Chris Lee has drafted a bill to create a program to protect Hawaii’s coastlines.

“The latest data on sea level rise is quite scary and it’s accelerating faster than we ever thought possible,” said Lee in an interview with the Associated Press. The bill focuses on protecting Honolulu but if successful, could be implemented in other cities and on other islands.

Hawaii’s State Capitol, where lawmakers have approved a bill to begin a project to protect coastal areas from flooding and erosion. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Representative Lauren Matsumoto

Flooding is not Lee’s only concern. Hurricanes will become more common as global warming ramps up, and the damage caused by a major storm is estimated to cost somewhere in the realm of $40 billion.

“The loss of coastal property and infrastructure, increased cost for storm damage and insurance, and loss of life are inevitable if nothing is done, which will add a significant burden to local taxpayers, the state’s economy, and way of life,” says Rep. Lee’s bill.

In order to fund the protection project, Lee’s bill asks for $4 million from state funds and proposes a possible carbon tax, to be rolled out in the future, that would help to finance the coastal project while also cutting back on the use of fossil fuels in Hawaii.

So far, the legislation has found strong support among Hawaiian lawmakers. A version of Lee’s bill has been approved by both chambers of the state Legislature and is awaiting final approval from Hawaii’s governor, David Ige. If signed by Governor Ige, the bill will be passed into law and begin to take effect in the coming months.

This article was informed by reporting from the Associated Press.

Federal Signal MicroPulse C Series 6-LED Warning Light

If you were looking for a very small and very bright warning light, look no further. The Federal Signal MicroPulse C Series 6-LED Warning Light is about as good as they get, available in single color and split color models with 27 user selectable flash patterns.

When you buy a Federal Signal MicroPulse C Series 6-LED Warning Light, it also comes with black surface mount bezel for surface mounting, and stud mounting hardware for easy grille installation on the 2016-17 Ford Police Interceptor Utility to make mounting the light as easy as possible.

Backed by a Federal Signal 3 Year Warranty, you really don’t want to miss out on this small but powerful light!


  • Single-color models contain 6 LEDs
  • Split-color models contain 3 LEDs of each color (6 total)
  • 27 flash patterns including Steady and Random
  • Each model comes with black surface mount bezel and stud-mount
  • Stud mount included for easy grille installation on the 2016-17 Ford Police Interceptor Utility


  • Red = +12 VDC
  • Black = Chassis Ground
  • Yellow = Sync and pattern select


  • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current Draw = 0.7 Amps at 12 VDC
  • Operating Temperature is -40°C to +80°C
  • All models are IP67 rated

Optical Compliance:

  • MPSC-A: SAE J845 Class 1, SAE J595 Class 1, CA Title 13 Class B
  • MPSC-B: SAE J845 Class 2, SAE J595 Class 1, CA Title 13 Class B
  • MPSC-R: SAE J845 Class 1, SAE J595 Class 1, CA Title 13 Class B
  • MPSC-W: SAE J845 Class 2, SAE J595 Class 1, CA Title 13 (n/a)

CISPR 25 Compliance:

  • Radiated emissions = Class 5
  • Conducted emissions = Class 5


  • Surface Mount: 4.1″ L x 0.9″ W x 0.94″ D
  • Stud Mount: 3.3″ L x 0.7″ W x 0.94″ D

Federal Signal Three Year Warranty

California Environmental Regulations Slow Wildfire Prevention Programs

As California’s population grows and spreads, the tactics used to prevent wildfires are becoming more difficult to implement. Prescribed burns and removal of vegetation are two of the most common ways of preventing wildfires but these tools become more difficult to use when people start to build and move into areas that were once wild.

In this photo from late July 2018, a Cal Fire firefighter helps to set a back burn on Cloverdale Road near Redding, California. (Photo Courtesy of Hector Amezcua/The Sacramento Bee via AP)

The state and federal government is on board to help tackle the wildfire epidemic in California but many feel its not enough.

In March of 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom declared the upcoming wildfire season a state of emergency, hoping to push funds through for forest-thinning projects more quickly. His predecessor, former Governor Jerry Brown also saw wildfires as a major cause for concern. In May 2018, former Governor Brown requested that all the forest land being treated for wildfire prevention be doubled by the year 2023.

The budget for fighting wildfires has also increased. California state Legislature allowed $1bn to be used over five years in the prevention of wildfires. The funds to prevent wildfires came from money generated by California’s carbon trading program.

Additionally, the federal government has said it would like forests to be managed more aggressively.

California’s Board of Forestry, in partnership with Cal Fire, believe 23 million acres of California’s responsibility area would benefit from fuel reduction but the fuel reduction must happen every couple of years in order for it to work effectively.

So if everyone is on board for helping prevent wildfires, why is there a hold up?

California’s strict environmental regulations often slow wildfire prevention techniques. All forest projects must first receive approval under the California Environmental Quality Act, but this could take years and costs money. Calli-Jane DeAnda, the Executive Director for the Butte County Fire Safe Council said the review process eats up 10-15% of the funds received by local fire agencies for forest management programs.

State government has been notified of the bureaucratic hangups faced by fire agencies and is currently working on an EIR (environmental impact report) that is nearly a decade in the making. Since 2010, state officials have been crafting the report so that all vegetation treatments in California would be covered under one document. This would speed up the process for review significantly; projects that would typically take years to receive a green light would now receive an answer in a few weeks.

Lawmakers project that the document will be finished by the end of 2019.

But the men and women at Cal Fire aren’t sure this is the best route to take. Rick Halsey from the California Chaparral Institute said clearing vegetation isn’t the most effective solution.

“We have a home ignition problem,” said Halsey in an interview with the Associated Press, “not a vegetation control problem.”

Using a portion of the money for vegetation clearing and putting it towards building fire-resistant homes would be a better use of funds, in Halsey’s eyes.

“We’ve got to stop looking in different directions than where people are, and frankly Cal Fire is not doing a good job at that,” said Halsey. “The fundamental problem is that they’re a vegetation management agency … they’re not into the building thing. They have to look at the whole picture.”

This story was informed by reporting from the Associated Press.

Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead

The Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead (Model M6V2) is ahead of the curve in terms of shape, power, and reach.

Revolutionary in its shape and potential – the Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead.

The M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead marks a new generation of versatile, compact lightheads that implement Whelen’s Super-LED technology and act as two-in-one warning/perimeter lights.

Not only is it a dynamic shape and can do the work of two lights, this lighthead combines V-Series 180° warning with 6 White Super-LEDs for illumination.

This is a Special Order item. Special order items are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable. All sales for special order items are final.


  • Two-in-one warning/perimeter combination light.
  • Combines 12 Super-LEDs for 180° Warning with 6 White Super-LEDs for illumination.
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Red and White Warning LEDs.
  • 21 Scan-Lock flash patterns including synchronizable patterns.
  • Lens are available as Color-Clear or All Clear.
  • Hard coated lenses minimize environmental damage from the sun, salt and road chemicals.
  • Unique thermal plastic rubber grommet seals 1″ (24mm) wire entry.
  • Surface mount.


  • Amp Draw: M6V2: warning 1.5 amp peak/0.60 avg; perimeter light 0.77 amps.
  • Optional flange available in Chrome (M6FC) or Black (M6FB).
  • Size M6V2: 4-5/16″ (109mm) H x 2-1/4″ (57mm) D x 6-3/4″ (170mm) L.

Warning Certified To:

  • NFPA 1901 when properly configured.
  • ASTM / KKK 1822-F Upper and Lower.
  • NFPA 1917 2013 Edition Upper and Lower.
  • Table Optical Power Requirements Large Ambulance.
  • Table Optical Power Requirements Small Ambulance.
  • SAE J595.
  • SAE J845 Selective Coverage.
  • CAC Title 13.

Illumination Certified To:

  • AMD 024 Perimeter Illumination Spec.: Two lightheads on each side of the vehicle.
  • NFPA Ground Lighting: One lighthead mounted up to 6 feet.

Whelen Five Year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty

Hundreds Killed and More Injured in Bomb Attacks in Sri Lanka

A series of coordinated attacks at churches and prominent hotels on Easter Sunday has left 290 people dead and hundreds injured in Sri Lanka.

Officials comb through debris at St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, a city just north of the capital Colombo. St. Sebastian’s Church was one of three churches targeted by attackers. Photo courtesy of Stringer/Getty Images

Eight blast sites have been reported and the Sri Lankan government has shut down social media and established a curfew while it assesses the possibility for more attacks. The Sri Lankan army has been deployed to holy sites across the country as an extra measure of security.

The US State Department has issued a travel warning stating “terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Sri Lanka” and urging travelers to be careful. A six foot long pipe bomb was found near the Bandaranaike International Airport on Sunday night and was diffused safely.

The Kingsbury Hotel was targeted by a suicide bomber on Sunday, April 21 in Colombo. Photo courtesy of Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images

30 year old Akshat Saraf was a guest at Colombo’s Shangri-La Hotel when he heard two blasts go off. He led his wife and their infant daughter from their room on the 25th floor to the lobby to see what had happened, fearing the worst.

“First blast was very loud and our room started shaking. At first I thought it was a thunderstorm and I didn’t pay too much attention. It had been raining in Sri Lanka for some time,” said Saraf in an interview with CNN.

“It was the second blast when I sensed that something was not right. When we reached the 4th floor we saw blood on the stairs,” said Saraf. “When we evacuated that’s when we saw a lot of ambulances and hotel staffs helping the injured guests outside.”

A police officer surveys the damage at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo. Photo courtesy of Dinuka Liyanawatte/ReutersD

“It was a horrific sight. When I saw injured guests, they seemed very serious. Some of them [had] junks of glass stuck in their body. I could see some of the chefs in white aprons covered in blood.”

Armed officers and emergency crews were on the seen within minutes and began evacuating all guests to a nearby shelter.

Sri Lankan police have arrested 24 individuals but no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Indian Airline Jet Airways Suspends All Operations

The second biggest airline in India has grounded all of its planes after emergency funding from investors and lenders failed to cover the company’s $1.2 billon debt.

Jet Airways, India’s second biggest airlines, has grounded all planes after failing to secure emergency funding from investors. Photo courtesy of BusinessInsider

A rescue deal was agreed at the end of March but Jet Airways was denied a loan of $217 million from its investors, pushing the company further to the brink.

The emergency funding would have gone towards paying for fuel and other services crucial to keeping the airline running. With funding denied, the organization had no choice but to ground all planes.

A statement released by the airline said “Jet Airways is compelled to cancel all its international and domestic flights. The last flight will operate today,” a decision that would be effective “immediately”.

Jet Airways is the second largest airline company in India in terms of market share. It employs over 20,000 people and

The airline said it was forced to take the step as a consortium of lenders had turned down its request for emergency interim funding. 

Without the funding, the airline would not be able to pay for fuel or other critical services to keep operations going.

The company, which until November was India’s second-biggest airline by market share. It employs more than 20,000 people and at its height was running 600 flights a day. Now it owes massive debts to oil companies, pilots, lessors, and suppliers, debts which have only gotten worse in recent weeks.

Lessors have already begun repossessing Jet Airways aircraft in an attempt to reclaim the vehicles and lease them to other airlines.

As for the Jet Airways employees, things remain grim. Many haven’t been paid in months and are worried they never will see another paycheck.

Some are hopeful that their loyalty and many years of service will be rewarded eventually, though they may have to wait a little bit longer. Jet Airways is currently up for auction and the outcome will determine the fate of its employees and its future as an airline.

Far-right Demonstrations Shut Down in Copenhagen after Danish Police Find Grenade

An object resembling a hand grenade was found in the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen on Tuesday morning, leading police to shut down the far-right demonstrations planned for later that day.

Danish police cordoned off the area at Blågårds Plads on Sunday after a member of the public called in a tip about a possible hand grenade. Photo courtesy of: Philip Davali/Ritzau Scanpix

A member of the public tipped off Copenhagen police. The police assembled the EOD, the bomb disposal unit of the Danish military, who swept the area and confirmed the neighborhood safe on Tuesday morning.

The object is now being investigated by local police. The location of the supposed grenade was also the site of a demonstration that occurred Sunday evening, when a far-right agitator by the name of Rasmus Paludan, attempted to burn a Quran in public.

Paludan has a history with police for breaking Denmark’s anti-racism laws, and was carried off by officers on Sunday evening. Soon after, his crowd of supporters grew rowdy and began antagonizing police. Several people were arrested.

Paludan had planned another demonstration for Tuesday but once the grenade was found, Copenhagen police withdrew permission for the protest to be held.

A tweet from the Copenhagen police justified the cancellation of the protest due to concerns for public safety.

“Our assessment is that (such) a demonstration would present a threat to public peace,” the tweet read.

A follow up statement issued by police also included a ban on demonstrations by Rasmus Paludan until April 23rd. The ban remain in effect and only lifted “as soon as there is no longer a risk to public order.”

Canadian Police Seize Weapons after Spotting Stash on Hidden on a Roof

Winnipeg police responded to a call Sunday night in St. John’s neighborhood after neighbors complained of gunshots and yelling.

Photo courtesy of Winnipeg Free Press

Initially unable to establish where the weapons were being stashed, police officers in a helicopter spotted a suspect hiding firearms on the roof of a two story house.

The suspect removed the guns from the home and stored them on the roof, only to return shortly thereafter and pull the guns back inside again.

The police entered the home and seized one semi-automatic rifle and two sawed-off shotguns. They also recovered a compound bow and ammunition.

Five people now face multiple counts of weapon possession. including a 19 year old man and 17 year old boy.

Three women, aged 16 years old, 22 years old, and 45 years old were also arrested but have been freed after promising to appear in court.

Whelen L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons

Whelen’s done it again!

The Whelen L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons are brighter than the older models but with lower amp draw. How? The L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons use Whelen’s New Broadband Energy Radiator Technology. And the Super-LED light source has a rated life that exceeds that of comparable strobe tubes by more than 50:1!

Size is 6 3/8” wide and 5” high for low domes, 6 1/2” for high domes.

Additional features and specifications can be found below. Whelen also offers a 5 Year Warranty but remember: Under no circumstance should a magnetic mount light be used on a vehicle in motion. Doing so will violate all warranties and eliminate the possibility of returns or exchanges


  • SmartLED beacon design offers 75 SignalAlert flashes per minute standard.
  • 25 Total Scan-Lock alternating and simultaneous flash patterns built-in.
  • Synchronize with up to 7 more L21 permanent mount beacons.
  • Choice of Low Polycarbonate Dome (Permanent or Magnetic Mount), or High Polycarbonate Dome (Permanent Only).
  • Black polycarbonate base.
  • Virtually no EMI radiation.
  • Permanent mount is supplied with 6” pigtail.
  • Permanent mount methods: Pipe/screws/J-hook.
  • Magnetic Mount includes 10 foot cord and cigar plug with On/Off and Flash Pattern switches, and an 80 lb magnet.


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: 1.5 Amps (peak), 0.6 Amps (average).
  • Certified SAE Class J845 Class 1 360° (Amber).
  • 50,000 hour rated life.

Optional Branch Guards and Brackets are available for Low Domes and High Domes.

More than 200 Arrested at Climate Protests in London

The second day of protests organized by a group called Extinction Rebellion ended with more than 200 people being arrested in Central London on Tuesday.

Extinction Rebellion is a group of climate change activists hoping to bring attention to their cause by organizing demonstrations in major cities around the world. Photo courtesy of the Independent.

The climate activists were hoping to shut down roads in the UK capital in order to draw attention to their cause. The protesters camped overnight at Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, and popular tourist spot Oxford Circus.

Police said more than half a million people were affected by the protests as 55 bus routes had to be diverted; as of noon on Tuesday, 209 people had been arrested and all are currently still in custody.

More than 200 protestors have been arrested in London as of Tuesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

Most of the charges against the protestors were suspicion of public order offenses, though 5 of the arrested activists have been held on suspicion of criminal damage at the Shell gasoline headquarters in London.

Police have asked the protestors to contain their protest to the Marble Arch area of London.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that while he understands the activists’ anger and “shared the passion” of the protestors, he was “extremely concerned” after hearing of plans by protestors to disrupt London Underground services on Wednesday.

The activists plan to continue protesting until April 29th and have organized demonstrations in more than 80 cities in 33 countries. Edinburgh has seen one of the biggest protests with 150 activists blocking one of the main roads into the Scottish city’s downtown area.

Notre Dame Cathedral Sustains Major Damage in Fire

Notre Dame, a Paris landmark that brings in millions of tourists every year was badly damaged in a fire that broke out in the evening on Monday.

Parisian landmark Notre Dame is engulfed in flames on Monday, April 15th. Photo courtesy of François Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

Firefighters struggled to control the blaze which damaged the iconic spire and bell towers of the cathedral. The fire is believed to have started accidentally, and may have been caused by building work on the cathedral.

“Everything is burning,” said a spokesperson for the cathedral, André Finot, to French press. “Nothing will remain from the frame.”

Huge plumes of smoke filled the air around the city of Paris and many of the surrounding buildings were evacuated. No injuries or deaths have been reported at this time.

Not only were fire crews trying to contain the blaze, they were also working to save some of the priceless art housed in the cathedral.

Plumes of smoke filled Parisian skies as the fire tore through the centuries old historic cathedral. Photo courtesy of CNN

“There are a lot of art works inside…it’s a real tragedy,” said Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo to reporters on the scene.

Tourists and Parisians alike were visibly moved by the catastrophic damage. Marie-Anna Ecorchard travelled from Brittany to visit her children who were living in Paris and saw the smoke rising from the cathedral while sitting at a nearby cafe.

“It’s dreadful,” Ecorchard said in an interview with the Guardian. “We’ve seen people sobbing, tears pouring down their faces. This is part of the heritage of Paris, not just of Paris but of all France. It’s just terrible to see such a magnificent building go up in flames. You feel it almost physically.”

Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light

Featuring 4 color combinations, 11 flash patterns, and 12 high intensity LEDs (6 per color), the Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light (CD3766-VDL) is a great option for a warning light.

It’s a low profile two color LED light for interior applications. The Dual Color Directional LED Warning Light can be programmed to flash either color individually or alternately. Featuring linear optics and individual control of each LED color and an aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics, the CD3766-VDL is an extremely bright, versatile and robust warning light.

Available Color Combinations:

  • CD3766AW-VDL  (6) Amber and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766BW-VDL  (6) Blue and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766RB-VDL  (6) Red and (6) Blue LEDs
  • CD3766RW-VDL  (6) Red and (6) White LEDs


  • 12 high intensity LEDs (6 LEDs of each color).
  • Each LED color can be controlled independently.
  • 69 flash patterns.
  • Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens.
  • Encapsulated electronics.
  • Deck/Dash Mount: 4 suction cups or 2 “L” brackets.
  • 9 foot long cable 2 switch plug.


  • Voltage:12/24 Volt
  • Current: 0.9 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)
  • Meets SAE J595 Class I, California Title 13, R65, and R10 when properly configured.
  • Dimensions: 2.25″ H x 7.75″ W x 4.50″ D (57 mm x 197 mm x 114 mm).

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

For quotes and additional information, check out

UK Police Try New Technology to Catch Drivers Using Cell Phones

New technology will help UK police find drivers who use their phones while behind the wheel. Mobile phone detectors will be used by the Thames Valley and Hampshire police forces in an effort to reduce the number of deaths and accidents caused by distracted drivers on cell phones.

The new signs will flash to warn drivers using their mobile phones to put the device down. Photo courtesy of Norfolk County Council

The technology features a sign that can detect there is a phone being used in the car, and will flash a signal telling the driver to pay attention and get off the phone. The only problem is the detector isn’t able to tell whether the phone is being used by the driver or a passenger.

Police hope the sign encourage motorists to put the phone down and that it will lead them to areas where phone use is most common. The sign will not be used as an “enforcement tool”.

The sign cannot record drivers, but it does pick up 2G, 3G, and 4G signals and will flash at drivers to remind them to put their phones down. While the police admit it isn’t a perfect solution, they hope it will increase awareness about the dangers of mobile phone use and lead to less accidents in the future.

Gas Explosion in North Carolina Kills 1, Injures 17

An explosion at a building in Durham, North Carolina has killed one person and injured 17 others, according to officials.

An explosion caused by a gas leak killed one person and injured 17 others in Durham, North Carolina on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Julie Wall/The News & Observer via AP

After reports of a gas leak were made, North Carolina firefighters showed up to a building Wednesday and began to evacuate the occupants. The building exploded during the evacuation, killing one person and injuring several others.

Durham’s Fire Chief Robert Zoldos reported the blast occurred at 10:07 a.m. and affected five buildings on the block, one of which suffered major damaged.

Once the fire had been contained, rescue crews began their work looking for anyone left behind in the explosion. Fire chief Zoldos said no one is unaccounted for but search and rescue teams will use listening devices as well as dogs to ensure no one is trapped inside.

Of the 17 people injured, one has been sent to a burn center and six are in critical condition. A firefighter who had responded to the gas leak call was also seriously injured and in surgery but is expected to recover.

The police department confirmed that the explosion was caused by a contractor boring under a sidewalk who accidentally hit a 2-inch gas line.

The explosion caused the windows of a nearby office building to blow out. Jim Rogalski, 58, was working in that building when the blast went off and did not suffer any injuries but admitted the explosion was “terrifying”.

“There was lots of screaming. …” Rogalski said in an interview with the Associated Press. “It was pretty frantic there for a little bit until help showed up.”

Four people working in Rogalski’s office who were seated at near the windows sustained bloody head wounds, deep cuts, and other injuries.

“It was terrifying,” Rogalski said. “The whole building shook. Things started falling — ceiling tiles, and structure and glass and debris. Lots and lots of dust. It was tough to see beyond 20 feet or so.”

In a press release on Wednesday, Dominion Energy said that subsidiary company PSNC Energy had been made aware of “third-party” damage to a natural gas line in Durham. A PSNC Energy worker was dispatched to the scene, and the explosion “occurred shortly thereafter.” Dominion Energy said the gas was shut off completely when more crews arrived to deal with the explosion.

Dominion said its “thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by this tragic event as well as their families.”

Product Post: ECCO 3410 Series 8 Module Safety Director

For Wednesday’s Product Post, the Sirennet Team is taking a look at the ECCO 3410 Series 8 Module Safety Director.

This item is a high-intensity warning system designed to direct traffic approaching from the rear of a stationary vehicle. The light is able to be mounted on the interior or exterior of the vehicle, and is compact enough that it won’t block vision or stick out. It can be mounted either flush to the vehicle or using the provided mounting brackets.

The 3410 Safety Director has eight warning modules and each warning module has 6 high-intensity LEDs to ensure a strong warning signal to approaching traffic. It is controlled by a modern, soft touch remote that provides fingertip control of the 3410’s nine built-in flash patterns. It also features an LED display that mimics the selected pattern in real time. Includes signal bar, controller and 15 foot cable (Also available in 35 foot and 55 foot lengths).

ECCO offers a 3 Year Warranty with this product. More features and specifications are included below. Head to our website for pricing and additional information!


  • Eight reflective modules with six LEDs.
  • 9 Flash Patterns: 2 Left, 2 Right, 2 for Center Out, 3 for Warning.
  • 5 Soft touch buttons.
  • Extruded aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens.
  • Auxillary (ALT) button controls a separate circuit.


  • LED Color: Amber Only
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: 1.6 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F
  • Approval: SAE J595 Class I, CE, R10
  • Dimensions: 48.1″ (1222mm) L x 1.9″ (48mm) H x 2.5″ (63mm)

Firefighters Rescue Seattle Couple Trapped by Power Lines

Linda and Tom Cook were driving down a Seattle street on Friday when dozens of power lines and a wooden public utility pole collapsed on their SUV. The couple managed to escape their crushed SUV with the help of firefighters and say they’re lucky to be alive.

Power lines and a wooden utility pole fell without warning on Linda and Tom Cook’s SUV while the couple out for a drive in Seattle on Friday. Both passengers are safe with minor injuries. Photo Courtesy of Ellen M. Banner/The Seattle Times via AP

In an interview with KOMO-TV, Tom Cook said the crash could have had a tragic ending if the pole had fallen a different way. “If it had hit the glass rather than the roof, it would have just come through,” said Cook. “And the firefighters said the same thing, had it hit to the left or the right, it would have come down on one of us.”

Live wires lay in the road, making the area hazardous for other drivers and emergency crews and it took emergency crews close to an hour to turn off the power lines and safely extract the couple from their SUV. The Cooks were then taken to a nearby medical center where Tom was given five stitches. They were cleared to go home with minor injuries.

But looking at the photos of the crash, you wouldn’t think anyone in the car had survived, said Tom.

“Seeing the photos of the vehicle, if I had seen those photos as a bystander or after the fact and I looked at the photos, I would have said somebody died in the car,” said Cook.

Seattle City Light said that while the poles had been inspected in the last three years, the company is investigating what went wrong.

Linda and Tom Cook, married 31 years, at home after surviving a highway utility pole crashing onto their car Friday, said they hurt “everywhere” but are happy to be alive, Sunday, April 7, 2019 in SeaTac. Just after the pole hit Linda joked to Tom, “I don’t think we’re going to trade this in.” She added, “It’s amazing, a couple inches either way and this would have been dramatically different.” Caption Courtesy of AP / Photo Courtesy of Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times via AP

Houston Voted To Pay Firefighters More, Costing 400 Firefighters Their Jobs

Houston, we have a problem. In March, the Houston Mayor’s office called for 400 firefighters to be laid off in order to fund pay raises that voters had called for in the last election. The city of Houston estimates the pay raise to be 29%.

Houston firefighters protested layoffs that will fund pay raises by marching on City Hall on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, in Houston. 400 firefighters are expected to lose their jobs, according to the Mayor’s office. Photo courtesy of Brett Coomer from the Houston Chronicle

In the November elections 59% of voters cast their ballots in favor of giving firefighters the same pay as police officers of the same rank. Back pay will also be issued in the beginning of May, costing the city of Houston $30 million.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and his administration estimate the cumulative cost of increasing pay would be close to $307 million from fiscal year 2019 to fiscal year 2023.

A couple of weeks after the layoffs were announced, Houston firefighters took to the streets in protest. But unfortunately, their complaints have done little to stop the layoffs from going forward. On Thursday, 66 cadets were sent letters notifying them of their dismissal.

Video courtesy of ABC13 Houston

First Nations Elder Makes Beaded Name Tags for Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Shirley Kakfwi, an elder of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, loves to bead. Her community lives in one of the most remote parts of the Canadian Yukon territory, in a town called Old Crow, and Kakfwi has made them famous by supplying the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with head-beaded name tags.

Shirley Kakfwi poses with a few of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers she has made name tags for. Photo Courtesy of

In a phone interview with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, Shirley explained how she got connected with the RCMP, though she had to put down her bead work to take the call.

“They want it, I guess. That’s why I do it,” said Kakfwi. An officer stationed in Old Crow became good friends with Kakfwi and requested a name tag. The rest is history.

“One day, she just said, ‘Do you sew?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, lots.’ She said, ‘Make me a name tag with beads, using the RCMP colours,” Kakfwi told CBC.

“Then she wanted some more for her friends, and then she wanted some more for her workers, and it just went on from there.”

The name tags are small, and feature blue white and yellow beads. They’re inconspicuous enough that the officers are allowed to wear them on their uniform, and they do so with pride.

The name tags have become fairly famous among the RCMP and are worn with pride. Photo courtesy of

“That’s going to be lasting,” said Cpl. Pat Russell to CBC. “That’s a keepsake I’ll have for the rest of my career.”

ICE Arrest 280 Undocumented Workers in Biggest Raid in a Decade

ICE descended upon a technology company in Allen, Texas on Thursday in what is estimated to be the biggest workplace raid in a decade.

CVE Technology Group Inc. employees were targeted by homeland security investigations officers for violating administrative immigration laws and working in the United States unlawfully.

ICE agents raided Texas technology firm CVE Technology Group Inc. after receiving tips that the company had knowingly hired undocumented workers. Photo courtesy of Charles Reed / ICE/HSI

ICE was tipped off by sources complaining that the company had knowingly hired workers who were undocumented or in possession of fake identification papers.

While CVE Technology Group Inc. has yet to make a statement, Katrina W. Berger, an ICE agent that runs the branch’s Homeland Security Investigations unit in Dallas, said “As far as immigration-related arrests, this is the largest ICE worksite operation at one site in the last 10 years.”

Berger was unable to make further comments on the investigation as it is ongoing but said “the numbers of the administrative arrests we made today hint at the significant scope of this investigation.”

For the relatives of family members detained by ICE, the situation seems unjust. In an interview with NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the daughter of a detained worker, Anel Perez, said “It’s not fair. It’s really sad and it makes a lot of people really angry and frustrated,”

The detained workers will await their fate as ICE processes them and completes the appropriate steps to determining whether or not to send them back to their birth countries or keep them in the United States if they are legal citizens.

Legalization of Hemp Causes Problems for U.S. Police

Congress legalized hemp in 2018 with very little fanfare. The plant is thought to be a health supplement and has grown in popularity with the rise of CBD oils. But now, it’s being mistaken for marijuana and causing issues for police searching inter-state vehicles during drug busts.

Hemp and marijuana are nearly identical, except when it comes to the chemical THC. Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

The only way to determine whether a package of the plant is hemp or marijuana is to test its THC levels, and that is a procedure most police aren’t able to do on the spot. Drug-sniffing dogs also don’t have the ability to distinguish between hemp and marijuana, and so will bark at both.

The THC levels are important. There is enough THC in marijuana to get users high, while hemp has almost no THC at all in it. It’s also the reason hemp has been federally legalized while marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Police officers have been trying to carry out some tests in the field of devices to measure THC levels, but in late March the Drug Enforcement Administration issued an open request for businesses with technologies sensitive enough to determine THC levels of marijuana and hemp to come forward and work together with their officers.

In a statement DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno said: “Nobody wants to see someone in jail for a month for the wrong thing. To enable us to do our job, we have to have something that can help us distinguish.”

As the hemp industry grows, the need for THC determining technology is becoming more urgent. Oregon and Kentucky are two of the biggest hemp-growing states but most of the hemp is sent from them to processing plants in Colorado. The trucks criss-crossing state lines carrying processed and unprocessed hemp are the ones causing all the headaches for DEA officers and police.

And in the states where hemp hasn’t been legalized, like Idaho, the headaches are even bigger.

“It’s the greatest example of the cart being put before the horse that I’ve ever thought of,” said Grant Loebs in an interview with the Associated Press. Loebs is on the board of directors of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association, which has demanded better testing. “You’re trying to make hemp legal so farmers can grow it, but you haven’t put into place anything that’s going to keep marijuana dealers from taking advantage of a huge loophole.”

This story was first reported by by Gillian Flaccus of the Associated Press with help from AP writer Michael R. Blood in Los Angeles.

Naked policeman arrests man in Swedish sauna

By Chris Baynes of The Independent

A wanted criminal’s life on the lam came to end after he was spotted by a police officer while they were both naked in a sauna.

The officer was enjoying the steam room on his day off when he noticed through the haze that the man sweating beside him was a fugitive who had gone on the run after he was convicted of drug offences and attempted assault.

Swedish police officer arrested a wanted criminal after recognizing him in the sauna. Image Courtesy of Good News Network

“By a coincidence, and rather amusingly, they both recognised each other in the sauna,” Christoffer Bohman, deputy police chief in the Stockholm district of Rinkeby, told Swedish state broadcaster SVT

He added: “It’s easier to take action when you have your colleagues with you, and all your tools and equipment. This was as stripped-down as it gets  – in more ways than one.” 

Mr Bohman praised his junior colleague for keeping “his head cool even when it was hot in a potentially dangerous situation”. 

In a Facebook post, he said the fugitive had been “hunted for a long time” after failing to turn up to be sentenced for his crimes, which included an attempted attack on a public servant.

The post on Rinkeby police’s page was headlined “Naked Arrest”. 

It was signed off: “We are everywhere. Even if you do not see us, we are there.”

Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren

Whelen’s done it again! Today we’re looking at the HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren for 3 reasons: it features innovative technology, it’s been redesigned to be even more durable than its predecessors, and it’s one of the best customizable sirens on the market today.

Fully customizable, easy to handle, and durable. Get yourself a Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren today!

This cutting-edge HHS Series Hand Held Programmable Siren uses Windows-based programming software for full customization and configuration of all functions.

Whelen completely redesigned the molded amplifier housing of this model, so it won’t show wear and tear as easily as other models. It features standard switching and includes the CANCTL5 Hand-Held controller standard. Operates one or two 100 watt speakers. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer.

This siren has all the tones you’ll need: 37 of them to be specific. Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard. Tones also include mechanical tones and California Yelp. Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output allow the user to control most or all of the other equipment installed on the vehicle.


  • Windows based programming software for full customization and configuration of all functions.
  • Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard.
  • 37 total tones, including mechanical tones and California Yelp are built-in.
  • Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output.
  • Includes the CANCTL5 Hand-Held controller standard.
  • Includes 20’ interconnect cable.
  • Compatible with low current or high current products, or any light with a built-in flasher.
  • Operates one or two 100 watt speakers.
  • Durable Black molded housing.


  • Voltage: 12.8 VDC
  • Siren Input Current: 16 Amps Max.
  • Power Outputs: Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output.
  • Dimensions: 7.46” (18.95cm) H, 8.49” (21.56cm) W, 2.35” (5.97cm) D
  • Certifications: Meets Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822, and California Title XIII when paired with one Whelen 100 watt speaker.

Whelen Two Year Warranty

Federal Signal LED Traffic Clearing Light

Want to ensure that your fire apparatus or ambulance is seen from a distance so that you can arrive quickly and safely at a scene? The Federal Signal LED Traffic Clearing Light helps to alert drivers faster to the presence of an emergency service vehicle with a unique sequence of flash patterns and strong LED TCL optics.

Check out that brightness! They’ll see you coming for miles.

The flash patterns on this product direct light to the driver’s rear-view mirror warning them of the emergency vehicle, while the LED TCL and perimeter warning lights work together to help warn roadway traffic. A

The Traffic Clearing Light features perimeter lights that provide 360-degree of warning light around the emergency vehicle, in addition to the LED TCL which produces 250+ feet of directional light to the front of the emergency vehicle.


  • Current Draw 3.0 A/1.5 A (6×4) – 7.0 A (9×7)
  • Input Voltage 12/24 VDC (6×4) – 12 VDC (9×7)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40˚C to 80˚C
  • Physical Specs. (HxWxD) 6×4 – 4.15 in (10.5 cm) x 6.56 (16.7 cm) x 1.67 in (4.2 cm)
  • 9×7 – 7.15 in (18.1 cm) x 9.16 (23.3 cm) x 1.66 in (4.2 cm)
  • Ship Weight 6×4 – 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • 9×7 – 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg)

Interested in purchasing one of these models? Head to for more details and pricing.

Pregnant Firefighters Reinstated by Department in Ghana

In June 2013, Thelma Hammond was fired from the Ghana National Fire Service for violating an archaic rule forbidding female firefighters from becoming pregnant during their first three years of employment. In September 2014, her colleague Grace Fosu was fired for the same offense.

Grace Fosu, ready for action in her full fire gear. Photo Courtesy of CNN

Now, they’ve been reinstated after winning their lawsuit against the organization that fired them. The victory is symbolic on many levels. It challenges an antiquated law, takes a stand against gender inequality, and is the first successful gender discrimination court case in the West African country.

Less than a year after the case began, in April 2018, Justice Anthony Yeboah declared the regulation “discriminatory in effect, unjustifiable, illegitimate and illegal.”

Justice Yeboah called the dismissal of Fosu and Hammond “[an] unwarranted, institutional onslaught on their fundamental human rights — right to work and freedom from discrimination.”

He ordered the Ghana National Fire Service to reinstate the two women, as well as pay them all of the salaries and bonuses they should have collected had they not been fired.

Thelma Hammond poses with her mother after her graduation from fire service training school. Photo Courtesy of CNN

Justice Yeboah also recommended the GNFS offer the women approximately $9,000 each as compensation “for the trauma and inevitable inconvenience of the wrongful dismissal.”

Despite the historic court victory, Hammond and Fosu had still not been reinstated. Until now.

The law that caused Hammond and Fosu’s dismissal has since been removed and the women are back on the job after nearly five years away from it.

In a phone interview with CNN, both of the women expressed excitement and gratitude at the opportunity to rejoin the fire service.

“To me it is a great joy. I am too excited … My first day is really great and I thank God,” Hammond said.

“I thank God for what he has done for us,” Fosu agreed.

This story was informed by reporting from Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu for CNN.

Police Granted More Stop and Search Power as Knife Crime Grows

Police in England and Wales have been granted greater power in conducting stop and search investigations of suspicious persons in areas of high violence.

Knife crime is on the rise in the United Kingdom, with the number of fatal stabbings reaching record numbers last year to 285 deaths. Home Secretary Sajid Javid hopes the new measures will keep people safe and stop knife crime before it occurs.

To others, however, the stop and search policy is seen as ineffective and “disappointing and regressive”.

Stop and search has often been seen as disproportionately targeting people of color and can be viewed as an abuse of power by police. Regardless, Home Secretary Javid believes the measures are necessary to keep the country safe from knife crime.

“The police are on the front line in the battle against serious violence and it’s vital we give them the right tools to do their jobs,” he said.

Seven police forces in areas where knife crime is at its highest will be given the power of “section 60” checks. In the areas of London, the West Midlands, Merseyside, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Wales and Greater Manchester, police will be able to stop and frisk anyone in a given area they deem suspicious.

Police won’t have to prove that crime “will” occur in order to stop and search someone, only that a crime “may” occur.

For Katrina Ffrench, the chief executive of StopWatch, an organization that campaigns against the excessive use of stop and search, the new policies are upsetting. “This decision is a disappointing and regressive move, which is about politics not saving lives.”

Ffrench believes that allowing police officers a lower threshold for conducting stop and searches “will not only exacerbate the racial disparity, but has the potential to further damage the relationship between the black community and the police,” she said.

Only time will tell whether or not the new measures will be an effective method to deter knife crime.

UK to Adopt New EU Law on Automatic Speed Limiters to be Fitted on New Vehicles

From Emergency-Services News:

New automated speed limiting technology is set to become mandatory on all new vehicles which are sold in Europe from 2022 after new rules were provisionally agreed by the EU.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport has confirmed that the system would be implemented in the UK, regardless of Brexit.

Road safety campaigners have welcomed the move citing the fact that the lower speeds would help to save thousands of lives each year.

‘Brake’ called the ruling a “landmark day” but motoring organisation the ‘AA” has said that “a little speed” helped motorists when overtaking on motorways.

The safety measures announced by the European Commission included lane-keeping technology, advanced automated emergency braking and intelligent speed assistance.

Motor manufacturers such as Tesla already have the hardware and software needed in order to comply with the rules in its range of vehicles.

A spokesperson for the EU has said that the ruling could help to prevent 140,000 serious injuries by 2038 and added that the new regulations could stop all road deaths by 2050.

The automated technology would prevent motorists from driving at excess speed and will prevent people from intentionally exceeding the speed limit, such as the male who filmed himself driving at 170 mph in his Audi S3

EU Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said:

“Every year, 25,000 people lose their lives on our roads. The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error.

“With the new advanced safety features that will become mandatory, we can have the same kind of impact as when safety belts were first introduced.”

The technology will utilise GPS with automated mapping meaning that the vehicles fitted with the technology will ‘know’ what the speed limit is at any given point on the road network.

Fewer road casualties will also mean less of a strain on the emergency services and NHS when dealing with accidents which have been caused or exacerbated by speed.

The technology could also mean an end to high-speed pursuits as individuals who are intent on running from the law will not be able to exceed posted speed limits in their attempts to get away from the police.

This story was originally published by Emergency Services News and can be found here:

2 Dead in Shooting in Seattle

Two people were killed and two more seriously injured in a shooting in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday.

Two people have been killed and two more injured in a shooting in the northern part of Seattle, Washington on Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Reuters

The unidentified gunman shot a female motorist, injuring her, then walked into the street and shot at a nearby bus. The driver was injured but no one inside the bus was harmed.

The gunman then shot a nearby driver, killing him, and stole the man’s car to drive it into another nearby car, killing that driver.

The suspect is in police custody but the motive behind the act is unclear. Deputy Police Chief Marc Garth Green said in a press conference the shootings were a “random, senseless act”, as per a report by the Seattle Times.

The suspect was later taken into police custody and is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Code 3 Portable LED Worklight

Sometimes you want a light that isn’t too flashy, that isn’t too fancy, but that gets the job done. The Code 3 Portable LED Worklight is that light.

The Code 3 Portable LED Worklight

The LED Worklight is magnetic so it can be mounted anywhere on the outside of a vehicle to light up a work area or scene quickly and easily. It’s got a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 3-4 hours (depending on what mode you’re using) and it’s got a 600 high intensity lumens flood beam that can easily light up even the darkest areas.

This LED Worklight comes with 5 modes: 100% steady-burn White, 30% steady-burn White, 100% steady-burn Red, quad flash Red, and double flash Red. It comes with a Code 3 One Year Warranty and features aluminum heatsink housing in black and a polycarbonate lens.

Light it up!

Five White 3-watt LEDs and Five Red 3-watt LEDs.
Rechargeable Lithium Battery with charge time less than 7 hours.
Run time on battery is 3 to 4 hours depending on mode setting.
Cigarette Plug (CW4003) and AC Plug Charger (CW4002-NA) Included.
Stainless steel mounting bracket.

650 Raw Lumens, 600 Effective Lumens.
IP Rating 67
CE rated
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.5” W x 9.1” H x 3.9” D (115 mm x 230 mm x 100 mm)

Stranded Norwegian Cruise Ship Makes It To Port

When passengers boarded the Viking Sky ship traveling between the Norwegian cities of Tromso and Stavanger, they were hoping for a relaxing and luxurious cruise free from stress and worry. That’s not what they got.

At around 2 p.m. local time on Saturday, the ship “experienced a loss of engine power off the coast of Norway near Molde” causing it to send out a mayday for help, according to the Viking Ocean cruises website.

The loss of engine power happened during a fierce storm at sea, which led the crew to decide to evacuate as many passengers from the ship as possible via helicopter while the engines were fixed.

Of the 1,300 people on board, 479 were airlifted securely from the cruise ship while the remaining crew and passengers waited nearly 20 hours for the engines to be fixed. On Sunday morning, the engines regained power and the Viking Sky sailed into the closest port with the assistance of one tug assist vessel and two supply ships.

Passengers rescued from the Viking Sky cruise ship are helped from a helicopter in Hustadvika, Norway, Saturday March 23, 2019. A cruise ship with engine problems sent a mayday call off Norway’s western coast on Saturday, then began evacuating its 1,300 passengers and crew amid stormy seas and heavy winds in a high-risk helicopter rescue operation. (Odd Roar Lange/NTB Scanpix via AP) Caption Courtesy of AP

American Jan Terbruegen was one of the passengers who had to wait out the storm while the engine was being fixed. In an interview with CNN affliate Dagbladet, he explained his harrowing experience. “Furniture would slide across the room, slide back and with it came people and glass. It was a very dangerous situation frankly.”

“We were trying to stay lower in the ship towards the center just because it was a recipe for seasickness. And then they called muster stations and within half an hour we figured out that we’re getting off here,” said Terbruegen.

“We could see that we were getting blown in towards some rocks. That was the most frightening thing I think. But luckily that wasn’t our destiny.”

Approximately twenty people had sustained injuries and were being treated at medical facilities in Norway. The Viking Sky said it has cancelled its next cruise on March 27 from Scandinavia to the Kiel Canal.

Cyclone Idai Strikes Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, Killing Hundreds and Displacing 100,000 People

Cyclone Idai has killed an estimated 750 people in the countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique while managing to displace thousands more in the southern African region.

A flooded street in Buzi, central Mozambique, is nearly impossible to cross after major flooding caused by Cyclone Idai.
Photo Courtesy of AFP/Getty Images

The storm landed in Mozambique on March 15 and that country has seen the most damage so far: the coastal city of Beira has been almost completely wiped out and an inland ocean has formed that measures 80 miles long and 15 miles wide.

Massive amounts of rain caused major flooding and parts of Mozambique saw floods of up to 19 feet deep. An estimated 2 million people have been affected by Cyclone Idai, which the United Nations called “one of the worst weather-related disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere”.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

As more rainfall is expected in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, rescue workers worry that sending aid to survivors and rescuing those in need will become increasingly more difficult.

“We are looking at a severe humanitarian emergency here that is affecting thousands and thousands of people. It’s so much more severe than we were expecting,” said International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies spokesperson Caroline Haga in an interview. “These people are now trapped in trees and on rooftops of buildings.”

Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

If you were looking to buy a beacon, wouldn’t you want it to be the brightest beacon on the market? The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360°Beacon is just that. It’s as powerful as a strobe light but maintains the sharpness of an LED.

The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

It’s heavy-duty and features a built-in flasher that comes with selectable Scan-Lock flash patterns, Hi/Low intensity, built-in Cruise Light and synchronization feature. The 360°Beacon also comes with 4 intensity levels that can be selected by momentarily activating the Cruise Light wire.

As the name suggests, this beacon gives 360° of warning and is certified to meet SAE J845 360°, Class I (amber) and CA Title XIII Table 4 360°(amber).

Check out other features and specifications below, or head to to learn more.


  • This new beacon has been designed from the ground up based upon Generation 3.5 LED technology.
  • State-of-the-art optical design delivers the brightest LED beacon on the market.
  • Smart-LED design requires no external flasher; includes 28 built-in Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Able to alternately or simultaneously flash multiple patterns with multiple L360 beacons.
  • 4 simulated rotating patterns.
  • Hi/Low intensity feature.
  • Cruise Light.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated die-cast base.
  • Flat permanent mounting standard.
  • Optional pipe mount (1” NPT) kit available.
  • Optional perm/pipe mount (1” NPT) kit with branch guard available.


  • 12 VDC.
  • 3.8 Amp (peak), 1.5 Amp (average).
  • Size: 4-1/64” (102mm) H x 7-11/64” (182mm) Dia.

Available Models:

  • L31HAF – Amber Permanent Mount
  • L31HRF – Red Permanent Mount

Whelen 5 Year Warranty

As Brexit Looms, What Would a No-Deal Scenario Mean for Police?

As Prime Minister Theresa May appeals to Brussels for a short delay in the Brexit negotiations, people everywhere are wondering how a no-deal outcome would affect them. One police chief said it could create problems for British police wanting to detaining foreign suspects and for police trying to bring British criminals living as fugitives in Europe back to the UK for trials.

In an interview with Vikram Dodd of the Guardian in February, Deputy assistant commissioner Richard Martin said “Criminals are entrepreneurs of crime … if there is a gap to exploit I’m sure some of them probably would.”

Martin is heading up preparations for national police to deal with whatever Brexit scenario comes to pass, though any kind of exit from the EU is sure to have a significant impact in how the British national police do their job.

As Theresa May requests an extension of Brexit, a no-deal is looking like one of the most likely outcomes, which would lead to the loss of access to the SIS-2 database, a log of outstanding suspects and convictions that police across Europe rely on. The British police used this database 539 million times last year. “If we exit the EU without a deal that gets switched off overnight,” said Martin.

Police would also lose the ability to arrest foreign suspects through the European arrest warrant. This warrant allows a quicker extradition process and gives police the chance to arrest a suspect if they suspect another country has put out a warrant for them.

If British police do spot a suspect they believe is wanted for crimes in France, for example, they would be unable to detain that person even if there was an international warrant via Interpol out for their arrest.

“We could not arrest that person in front of us, while with an EAW (European Arrest Warrant) we can do it instantaneously,” Martin said in the interview. “The officer has to go to a magistrates court to get a warrant under the 1957 convention of extradition.”

That extradition process could take up to 66 days. Any kind of added bureaucracy or procedures would stall action on behalf of the police and have impacts on their ability to make arrests. And while Martin doesn’t think criminals will flock to the UK should a no-deal Brexit happen, he does think that the lack of support from the EU will have implications for his officers.

“If something takes two or three times as long as when you were doing it before, that’s probably another couple of hours maybe you are not back on the streets … It will have an impact on the frontline.”

This story was originally reported by Vikram Dodd of the Guardian.

Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

Looking for something that will work in your undercover vehicle but won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light.

The Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

It’s lightweight and only 1 inch thick, but don’t think that means it isn’t bright. The item itself will fit snugly on the visor without anyone noticing it, but once you turn it on… well, let’s just say you won’t be able to miss it.

It’s easy to operate and plugs into a cigarette lighter. It also meets all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.

Check out that light output!


  • 26 Flash Patterns
  • Each side has its own Flash Pattern button
  • Red or Blue LEDs
  • Colored or Clear Outer Lenses
  • Black Polycarbonate Housing
  • 9 Foot Cord with Lighter Plug and On/Off Switch
  • Mounts using Two Velcro Straps


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current (Red): .85 Amp per module
  • Current (Blue): 1.0 Amp per module
  • Certifications: SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 3/8″ H x 11″ W x 1″ D.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Police Apprehend Suspect in Utrecht Shooting

A shooting on a busy tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday led to three people dead and five seriously wounded. Now, the Utrecht police have arrested the alleged gunman.

The motive of the gunman is unclear at this point.

Dutch police and counter-terrorism units worked together to apprehend the suspect several hours after he allegedly opened fire into a crowded tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Photo Courtesy of BBC.

The incident, which happened around 10:45AM local time, caused schools to be closed and increased police presence at airports and mosques.

The gunman, according to eyewitnesses, “started shooting wildly” as passengers aboard the tram scattered to safety.

“I looked behind me and saw someone lying there behind the tram,” said an eyewitness in an interview with Dutch public broadcaster NOS. “People got out of their cars… and they started to lift her up.

“I helped to pull her out and then I saw a gunman run towards us, with his gun raised,” he said. “I heard people yell ‘Shooter! Shooter!’ and I started to run.”

The gunman then fled the scene, causing a manhunt that lasted nearly all of Monday as police tried to locate him.

The incident caused Utrecht’s threat level to raise to the highest it has ever been, but has since been lowered now that the suspect has been arrested.

Product Post: Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar

When we were choosing which product to discuss with you all today, the Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar seemed like an obvious choice. It’s suitable for many types of vehicles and purposes, it’s sturdy and won’t require much maintenance, and it’s got a low current draw. When it comes to lightbars we love, it’s right at the top.

The Pursuit Lightbar has a sleek, inconspicuous shape but don’t think that will impact it’s light output. This is a powerful, super bright light with two unique levels of lighting (in a 3” high lightbar!) and the upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity.

The Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar. Isn’t she something!

Set on an aluminium chassis and encased in clear, weatherproof, polycarbonate lenses along with encapsulated electronic control modules, this item is strong, durable and protected against the environment. There are numerous options and lengths available and lightbar can either be mounted permanently to the vehicle or mounted using the vehicle roof gutters. It also utilizes individual top lenses for easy internal access with a provision to disconnect the lightbar cable to allow easy removal of the lightbar.

Here are some other unique features that set the Code 3 Pursuit apart from all other lightbars on the market today:

  • Two Unique Levels of Lighting in a 3” High Lightbar (as mentioned above)
  • The upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity. (as mentioned above)
  • The lower level contains multiple types of functionality such as takedowns, alley lights, traffic director and optional scene lights.
  • New optics technology provides exceptional LED brightness for takedown and alley lighting.
  • Powerful Lower Level LEDs for use as Takedowns, Alley, Rear Arrowstik, Flashing & Intersection Lights in White or Amber.

Cutting Edge Programming and Configuration

  • All new PC programming software interface (C3 Pro) allows the user to program every level, every head, and every flash pattern to their needs. 
  • Never before seen flash pattern combinations, intersection, dim, and cruise options, that allow the user to create the lightbar for their specific mission.
  • Corner Intersection Sweeping Flash Pattern for Lower Level Lights.
  • The best part is the user can preview all of it before installing it on their light bar.
  • A serial network control system allows for easy control over settings, configurations, flash patterns, and more while still allowing the user to utilize existing control or switching systems.

Unlimited Flash Patterns

  • Each lighthead can be assigned an individual flash pattern providing almost unlimited flash pattern options.
  • Flash red/blue on the upper level, a NarrowStik on the bottom rear and a full Takedown on the lower front – all at the same time!
  • An exceptional Code 3 Sweeping Intersection light pattern for the lower level can be selected.
  • 2 levels of Auto Dimming can be programmed per light head and per level.
  • The Pursuit allows you to choose from a high or low “Cruise” intensity, and a high or low “Flicker Cruise” intensity.

Impressive Integrated LED Takedown lights

  • Optional powerful lower level white LED scene lights provide up to 360º of illumination.
  • Lower level LEDs are individually switchable (left, right, front, and back) for use as alley lights, takedown lights, work lights and intersection lights.

Designed to survive in the harshest of working environments

  • Revolutionary new internal layout and design, making maintenance and troubleshooting a snap!
  • An integrated lens sealing system and Encapsulated Control Electronics in conjunction with membrane vents protect the Pursuit from vibration, moisture, dirt, and dust.
  • Wiring channels and connector retaining clips along with a specifically designed cable gland keep all internal wiring neat, organized, and secure.
  • A unique top protection system mounted beneath the lightbar lenses secures internal components from damaging UV sunlight while helping the lightbar run cooler and more efficiently.
  • A curved form factor that allows the lightbar to match the curved roofs of today’s emergency vehicles.

Easy to Install and Troubleshoot

  • The light bar has one small cable with a hot, ground, and two serial wires making routing and installation of the cable a breeze.
  • Indicator lights for each lighthead on the circuit board show if it is receiving a signal, making troubleshooting at the board level much faster.
  • One-to-one plug ratio on internal wiring harness allows easy replacement of a single bad wire as opposed to having to replace a whole harness.
  • Each lighthead is labeled with a color coded grommet plus a label indicating color/date of manufacture. This makes identifying the LED type and warranty date extremely easy!

Easy to Maintain

  • Aluminum plates under the top lenses prevent UV degradation.
  • Uniquely molded grommet system, at entry point of lightbar cable, prevents water ingress or cable wear.
  • Organized internal locating system contains wiring tracks for routing all wiring and connections, keeping all internals neat and eliminating pinched wires.
  • Brass inserts are molded into the polycarbonate base to prevent screw stripping or cracking when the top lens screws are tightened.
  • The tough polycarbonate exterior lenses are fixed to a solid alloy chassis with stainless steel fittings. 
  • The cable gland in the base of the lightbar seals around the ultra-thin 0.40” power and data cable.


  • Auto Dimming with Photocell
  • Lower Level Traffic Director
  • Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear
  • Internal Illuminated Sign Module*


  • Available Lengths (inches): 24”, 30”, 36”, 41”, 47”*, 53”, 59”*, 65”, 71”, 77”, 83”.
  • Available Lengths (metric): 604mm, 754mm, 904mm, 1054mm, 1204mm*, 1354mm, 1504mm*, 1654mm, 1804mm, 1954mm, 2104mm.
  • Width and Height (common): 13.45” W x 3” H (343 mm x 76mm).
  • Multi-voltage (10–30V) Operation with Class-leading EMC Performance
  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1, California Title 13 , when properly configured. Also meets R10, IP65, CISPR 25.

*Illuminated Sign Available only in 47” & 59” L.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty on LED Modules and Central Controller

Give us a call or visit our website to learn more!

Late Winter Frost Causes Issues for Colorado and the Midwest

A blizzard that descended on Colorado and Wyoming last week is now moving east to wreak havoc on the Midwestern United States.

Western Nebraska saw a major snowstorm leading to white-out conditions while other parts of the state saw major rainfall, causing some towns to be evacuated due to the risk of flooding.

City of Scottsbluff, Neb. plows work to clear snow from Broadway on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Evacuations forced by flooding have occurred in several eastern Nebraska communities, as western Nebraska residents struggled with blizzard-like conditions. (Photo and Caption Courtesy of Spike Jordan/The Star-Herald via AP)

Emergency service workers helped to rescue a vehicle that was swept off of a road in Norfolk, Nebraska and that incident, coupled with rising water levels along the Elkhorn River, initiated the evacuation of nearly 24,000 people in the area. The driver of the vehicle has not yet been located.

Other towns in Nebraska, as well as one town in Iowa, have also been evacuated.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem began preparing a state of emergency declaration after she closed all state offices Thursday. Shortly after closing state offices, Governor Noem ordered the state’s Emergency Operations Center to open, as the Red Cross opened shelters in the cities of Sioux Falls and Yankton.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds also signed a state of emergency order on Thursday and opened the state emergency operations center, as record setting levels of rain fell on Sioux City, Iowa.

Colorado was the first victim of this late-winter storm and saw major power outages, travel delays, and grounded planes across the state last week.

Tornadoes in New Mexico and Kentucky have also been linked to this spurt of bad weather.

This story was first reported by By Blake Nicholson and Nelson Lampe of the Associated Press.

Multiple Attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand Leave 40 Dead and Many Wounded

40 people have been killed and as many as 20 have been wounded in two attacks on two mosques in the center of Christchurch.

The attacks began just before 2pm on Friday afternoon. Three men and one woman have been arrested in relation to the violence. One of the attacks may have been livestreamed on social media, but apps like Twitter and Facebook are working to locate the video and have it removed immediately from the sites.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gives a statement regarding Friday’s attacks. Video courtesy of The Guardian

Little is known about the attackers at this point, but at least one has been confirmed as an Australian citizen. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the attackers were not on watch lists.

An 87 page manifesto spouting anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric justifying violence towards these communities was posted on social media shortly before the attacks began, though news outlets have been unable to confirm if that document is directly linked to the attackers.

Ardern has called the tragedies a terrorist attack and warned that the “extremist views” held by the terrorists will not be tolerated in New Zealand. Ardern went on to call the attacks “one of New Zealand’s darkest days.”

“For now my thoughts and I’m sure the thoughts of all New Zealanders are with those who have been affected their families,” she said.

20 Charged in Greek Wildfire that Killed 100 People

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities have charged 20 people with negligence in connection with the country’s deadliest wildfire in decades, which killed 100 and devastated the seaside town of Mati near Athens last year.

Court officials say the suspects include the greater Athens regional authority chief, two local mayors, the former civil protection head, and fire service officials.

In this Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018 file photo people swim at a beach in Rafina, east of Athens, ten days after the Greece’s deadliest wildfire in decades that killed 100 people. Three migrant fishermen have been awarded Greek citizenship after rescuing scores of people forced into the sea by a major wildfire outside Athens that left 100 people dead last summer. Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos hosted the ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019 for Gani Xheka from Albania and Egyptians Emad El Khaimi and Mahmoud Ibrahim Musa. (AP Photo Courtesy of Thanassis Stavrakis, Caption Courtesy of AP)

Among the 20 charged Tuesday was a 65-year-old resident of an area near Mati, who had allegedly been burning garden waste on open ground from which the fire started.

The charges include manslaughter, causing grievous bodily harm through negligence and arson through negligence. They carry a maximum five-year prison sentence.

The wildfire broke out on July 23, and quickly swept through Mati to the sea.

All contents © copyright 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Product Post: Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbars

Wednesday’s Product Post is here and today’s item is the Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbar.

The Ceridian Series Super-LED lightbar continues Whelen’s legacy of innovative and versatile products. This lightbar sports a brand new low profile design and comes in Amber, Blue, Red, and White. It can also be ordered in SOLO (one color), DUO (two colors), or TRIO (three colors) variations. These items also are available as Standard Current or WeCan models.

The Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbar

The Ceridian Series can be ordered with colored lenses and colored internal filters. Still not impressed? This lightbar features Broadband Blue technology, which allows for a super intense and consistently colored light, with a big optical image.

Check out our social media (@sirennet_tv on Instagram) for a video of this light in action!


  • Available in 42 inch, 48 inch, and 54 inch models.
  • Available in SOLO (single color), DUO (two color), and TRIO (three color) models.
  • Available in Standard Current or WeCan models.
  • Multiple LED technologies are available for high performance versatility.
  • Lighthead modules mount in any position.
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, salt, sun, and road chemicals.
  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended operation.
  • Sleek newly designed mounting foot compliments lightbar design.
  • Clear outer domes with optional color tops.
  • Smoked domes are also available.
  • Optional Traffic Advisor and Red, Blue, or Amber internal filters.
  • Optional single LED precision focused take-down and alley lights.
  • CP Series models feature BroadBand Blue technology.


  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII when properly configured
  • Designed to meet IP65 standards
  • Meets SAE J1113/CISPR 25 and R10 standards


  • Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • Height & width: 2.5” (6.4cm) H, 12.1” (30.7cm) W.
  • Standard lengths: 42” (107cm), 48” (122cm), and 54” (137cm).

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Winter Storm Gareth Strikes UK as Brexit Looms

As if the UK didn’t already have enough to worry about, winter storm “Gareth” has struck parts of Scotland and the west coast of the country this week.

Parts of Scotland have experienced flooding as gale force winds of up to 75mph have disrupted traffic, leading to long delays in that part of the country, as well as cancelled ferries and trains causing further commuter frustration.

According to BBC Weather, wave heights could reach 32ft in some parts of the Scottish western coastline.

Winter storm Gareth has caused flooding in Scottish town of Dumfries. Photo Courtesy of the BBC

As parts of the country deal with strong winds and heavy rain, London faces its own kind of storm as Parliament debates the looming Brexit date and whether or not to leave the EU without a deal in place.

Tuesday night saw Prime Minister Theresa May and her plan for leaving the EU defeated by a margin of 149 votes. This has led to another vote which will happen Wednesday evening for members of Parliament to decide to leave the EU on March 29th with no deal or to delay Brexit past the March 29th date.

If the motion to delay Brexit passes, another vote will be held on Thursday evening in which Theresa May will either go to the EU and ask for an extension on Brexit or to leave the European Union without a deal on March 29th.

Should Thursday’s vote lead to an extension, the UK will have 7 options to choose from regarding their exit from the European Union, one of which is no Brexit.

Regardless of which way the vote on Wednesday and the possible Thursday vote goes, the outcomes will be historic for the United Kingdom as well as for the rest of the world.

New EMS Cleanup Policy Puts Responsibility on Detroit Fire and EMS Personnel

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A new Bodily Fluid Aftermath Cleanup policy went into effect this week in Detroit for firefighters. It places responsibility for cleaning up tragedies on the first responders.

“Violent scenes. blood. bodily fluids. body parts. it gets very graphic,” said Detroit Fire Fighters Association President Mike Nevin. “Its a complete deviation from anything we’ve ever done. It’s… beyond words.”

Nevin wasted no time pushing back by filing a complaint with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

“Because we haven’t been trained and it’s a safety hazard not only to people that do the cleanup but public as well,” Nevin said.

This story was first published by WXYZ Detroit and reposted by

Product Post: Whelen Avenger II TRIO Combo Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light

From our good buddies at Whelen comes the Avenger II TRIO Combination Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light.

Like many of our favorite lights, this model is compact and inconspicuous and can be transferred to different vehicles with ease. The newly designed combination Linear/TIR optics provide high intensity warning and illumination while the smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility.

Like its predecessor, the Avenger II continues this product’s reputation for excellent functionality and efficiency.

Some of its features include multiple flash patterns, a SAE Class 1 certification, and 18 Super-LEDs total with 6 TIR and 12 Linear.

The TRIO model includes two recessed buttons in the housing: 1 ScanLock button for flash pattern selection and 1 Mode button for color combination selection.

More information on the Whelen Avenger II TRIO Combo Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light is below.


  • 18 Super-LEDs total: 6 TIR and 12 Linear.
  • TRIO color combinations include:
  • Multiple flash patterns (See PDF flyer).
  • SAE Class 1 Certified.
  • Hardcoated lenses minimize UV damage and resist scratches.
  • Universal swivel bracket with three suction cups will fit the contour of any windshield or can be used for permanent mount.
  • Black polycarbonate housing.
  • Includes 10 foot straight cord with cigar plug featuring two switches for On/Off and steady-burn override.


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Certifications: Class 1, SAE J595, California Title 13 (Red Only).
  • Single unit: 1-3/4” (44mm) H x 4-1/2” (114mm) D x 6-1/2” (165mm) L.
  • Height with adjustable mounting bracket for all models: 1-3/5” (41mm) to 2-9/10” (74mm).

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes Minutes After Takeoff, Killing All Onboard

157 people were on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight bound for Nairobi, Kenya, when the Boeing 737 plane crashed just six minutes after takeoff.

This marks the second time in 5 months a plane with the 737 Max 8 engine has crashed. In October of 2018, a Lion Air flight crashed minutes after takeoff from Jakarta airport in Indonesia. All 189 people on board were killed.

As a result of these accidents, many airlines have decided to ground all planes featuring the 737 Max 8 engine, though experts warn it is not clear that the engine is the main cause of the latest tragedy.

A model of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 that crashed on Sunday. Photo Courtesy of the BBC and Jonathan Druion

Ethiopian Airlines pilots reported difficulty with the 737 Max 8 engine, a new model by Boeing that according to Jakarta-based aviation analyst Gerry Soejatman, is slightly different to the older version of the vehicle. In an interview with the BBC, Soejatman said the 737 Max’s “engine is a bit further forward and a bit higher in relation to the wing, compared to the previous version of the plane. That affects the balance of the plane”.

After the crash in Jakarta last year, investigators looking into the problems around the accident said the pilots of that flight had apparently struggled with the system designed to keep the plane from stalling. This feature is one of the new attributes of the 737 Max 8.

This new anti-stall feature forced the nose of the Lion Air flight down, while pilots grappled to correct the trajectory of the plane and point the nose upward. The anti-stall system continued to force the nose down, which findings by investigators suggest led to the crash of the Indonesian flight.

“It’s highly suspicious,” Mary Schiavo, the former Inspector General of the US Transportation Department, told CNN in an interview.

“Here we have a brand-new aircraft that’s gone down twice in a year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry, because that just doesn’t happen.”

According to Reuters, Boeing is expected to release a correction to the system by way of a software patch.

Three Explosive Devices Found in London, Counterterror Police Investigate

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s counterterrorism police are investigating after three padded mailing bags containing small explosive devices were found near major transport hubs in London.

Police said smaller bags inside the mailers enclosed the devices that “appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened.”

Officials say the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command “is treating the incidents as a linked series.”

One mailer was found near Heathrow Airport. A building was evacuated as a precaution after the package was opened and part of it burned.

FILE - In this file photo dated Tuesday, June 5, 2018, a plane takes off over a road sign near Heathrow Airport in London. Britain’s counter-terrorism police are investigating after three suspicious packages were found in London, including one near City Airport and one near Heathrow Airport. Police said Tuesday, March 5, 2019 all three write postal bags contained yellow bags thought by specialist police to be small improvised explosive devices. Police say the devices “appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened.” (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, file)
In this file photo dated Tuesday, June 5, 2018, a plane takes off over a road sign near Heathrow Airport in London. Photo and Caption Courtesy of AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Officials say the building is not at the airport and flights at Britain’s busiest airport were not affected. There were no injuries.

Another mailer turned up near London’s City Airport, a much smaller airport, and the third in the mail room at busy Waterloo Station, a major rail and Underground hub. Those packages were not opened.

Waterloo Station was not evacuated, but a small cordon was put in place outside the station.

Officials say train services to City Airport were suspended as a precaution but have been restored and the building where the package was found was evacuated. Flights were not affected.

Police have advised all transport stations throughout Britain to “be vigilant” and to report any suspicious packages to police.

No arrests have been made and no individual or group has claimed responsibility.

The official terrorism threat level throughout Britain is set at “severe,” indicating that intelligence analysts believe an attack is highly likely.

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Today’s Product Post: SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar

For today’s product post we’re looking at the SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar. This lightbar really is in a league of its own. It’s only 1″ thick, which is 50% thinner than its leading competitors and it provides 50% more LEDS within its inboard modules than its competitors. Talk about a standout model!

The inboard modules are available in single color with 6 or 8 LEDs, dual color with 12 LEDs, or tricolor with 18 LEDS. Corner modules are offered in single color with 8 or 16 LEDs, dual color with 16 LEDs, or tricolor with 24 LEDs.

The SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar in all her blue glory!

If you thought we were done revealing all of the special features of the mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar, you were wrong.

The team over at SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning® to develop Clear Duty® optical module design. The Clear Duty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses: a smaller footprint with maximized candela output, greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking, improved sealing to prevent water from entering light, and higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.

It’s some pretty cutting-edge stuff.

The mPower lightbars with multi-color modules (dual or tricolor) that include white LEDs are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting. Takedowns can be configured as single, dual or tricolor for maximum functionality. Alley lights can be configured as single, dual or tricolor to maximize intersection awareness. Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality.

So thin! So bright! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind lightbar.

With a SoundOff Five Year Warranty (Ten Year on UV lens discoloration), you won’t want to miss out on this high-tech and incredibly powerful SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar. Check out the features and specifications below, or give us a call at our offices at 888-959-0911 (8AM – 4:30PM PST.) and let our staff assist you with a custom configuration built to meet your needs.


  • At only 1” thick, mpower is 50% thinner than its leading competitors.
  • The 48” lightbar model provides 50% more LEDs within its inboard modules than comparable competitive models.
  • SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning® to develop Clear Duty® optical module design.
  • Clear Duty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses:
    • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output.
    • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking.
    • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light.
    • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.
    • Inboard modules are available in single color with 6 or 8 LEDs, dual color with 12 LEDs, or tricolor with 18 LEDS.
    • Corner modules are offered in single color with 8 or 16 LEDs, dual color with 16 LEDs, or tricolor with 24 LEDs.
  • Inboard and corner modules are were designed to be continuous in order to eliminate lighting gaps.
  • Lightbars with multi-color modules (dual or tricolor) that include white LEDs are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting.
  • Takedowns can be configured as single, dual or tricolor for maximum functionality.
  • Alley lights can be configured as single, dual or tricolor to maximize intersection awareness.
  • Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality.
  • Windows based PC application simplifies programming and enhances configurability and control.
  • Use of PC application in conjunction with SoundOff Signal sirens simplifies install with “plug and play” RJ45 capability; save configuration time and enhance configurability by directly mapping siren buttons to lightbar functions.
  • Other user configurable options include: cruise mode, front/rear/corner cutoff inputs, nighttime manual dimming, multiple flash patterns, steady burn and stop/tail/turn.
  • Auto-dimming 
  • Ten-year warranty on UV lens discoloration.




  • Inboard Warning Module: < 5.9 Watts
  • Corner Module (2-3″ mPower modules): < 11.6 Watts
  • Alley: < 5.9 Watts


  • Inboard Warning Module: < 1 Amp
  • Corner Module (2 3″ mPower modules): < 1.9 Amps
  • Alley: < 1 Amp


  • Warning: 66, Takedown/Alley: 25 and Arrow L/C/R: 11

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° C to + 65° C / -40° F to +149° F


Length – 8 Module Lightbar: 44.2″ (112 cm)
Length – 9 Module Lightbar: 48.2″ (122 cm)
Length – 10 Module Lightbar: 52.7″ (134 cm)

Height – All Modules: 1.1″ (2.7 cm)

Depth – All Modules: 10.6″ (27 cm)


SAE J845 Class 1 certified (red, blue, amber or white)
SAE J595 Class 1 certified (red, blue, amber or white)
CA Title 13 Class B certified (red, blue or amber)

Newly formed Mental Health Crisis Team to Help Residents of Northern Ireland

The Police Service of Northern Ireland receive 400 calls relating to mental health every week.

From suicide to self harm to psychosis, the range of issues people have is wide and often complex.

Now the police, ambulance service and South Eastern Trust have joined forces to handle some of these calls differently.M

The idea is to provide on the spot mental health treatment where the crisis is developing rather than a lengthy wait in a hospital Emergency Department.

‘Prevent more distress’

“The difficulty arises when police officers arrive at someone’s home, if they’re in crisis the last thing they want to see is a police officer,” explained Insp Mark Cavanagh, who heads up the project for the police.

Insp Mark Cavanagh
Inspector Mark Cavanagh is the lead police officer on the project. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

“Very often, if the crisis can’t be averted the police then have to accompany the person to an emergency department, adding to the stigma the patient feels, and very often it’s a very time-consuming use of police time.”

Don Bradley, who is in charge of mental health services for the South Eastern Trust, said it was often better for the person going through that distress if they could be treated where the emergency was arising.

“It could help defuse the situation and prevent a lot more distress or even further trauma, so that’s why we all came together,” he said.

‘High risk’

The pilot currently operates in North Down and Lisburn at weekends.

The Multi-Agency Triage Team (MATT) briefs officers going on shift reminding them that they’re available and can be contacted directly to assist people with a mental health vulnerability.

The team can then talk to the person on the phone and travel to see them with a paramedic and an ambulance on hand.

Paramedics have a range of skills to deal with people they assess but are limited in terms of mental health issues, said the Ambulance Service’s Ciaran McKenna.

The Multi-Agency Triage Team, or MATT, briefing officers before their shift
The Multi-Agency Triage Team briefs officers ahead of their shift. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

On one Saturday night in February, the first call was about a 38-year-old patient on a mental health ward who had left the hospital. He was deemed as “high-risk”.

Insp Cavanagh explained: “We find that there is information on the health systems that we simply wouldn’t have access to and whenever someone is high-risk that’s where we join forces and try to locate that person and ensure their safety.”

Karen McMillan, a Psychiatric Nurse on the team, said their database has access to the patient’s full history.

“We would also have most likely up-to-date contact numbers and we would in the first attempt try to locate this person,” she said.

“We’ve been successful in the past where a missing person will take our call because we’re from mental health and we’ve been able to keep that person on the line and engage that person to the extent that they will say where they are.

“Then we continue to talk to them on the phone while the police find them.”

‘Face-to face’

At 02:00 GMT another call came in about from the family of a 30-year-old man who was threatening to take his own life.

Local police officers were already at the man’s house, but so far he has remained in a highly distressed state, causing a major concern to his family.

Ms McMillan talked to him on the phone and within minutes he started opening up about his concerns.

Karen McMillan answering telephone
Psychiatric nurse Karen McMillan responds to many of the calls. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

He hadn’t had any previous help from mental health services but had been at his local emergency department earlier in the day; he became agitated by the waiting time and left.

Ms McMillan asked him if he’d be willing to speak to a mental health nurse face-to-face, and he agreed.

“He is looking for help,” she explained. “He has a lot of problems, he is struggling but he is seeking help.”

“He feels that no one wants to help him and to break that down took a bit of time.”

The team set off to his home and treated him in his own environment.

Insp Cavanagh driving a police car
Inspector Mark Cavanagh says it is important to have the help of other emergency services as some callers can be hesitant to see police officers at their homes. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

This is what makes this pilot scheme so unique.

“To have a mental health nurse sitting in someone’s living room at 02:30 to offer that level of comfort and support to an individual in crisis,” said Insp Cavanagh.

Forty minutes later, the mental health team had helped the patient and his family.

“Mental health problems impact on the whole family and we were able to offer them support too,” said Ms McMillan.

‘Enhance each other’s service’

Returning to police headquarters, Insp Cavanagh said that call epitomises everything the services are trying to do.

“We got someone who was in crisis who had contacted the police the help and support they needed at 02:30, and that says it all,” he said.

“Ordinarily we couldn’t have offered that level of support, so we have to be eternally grateful for our partners the Ambulance Service and the South Eastern Trust for being there when we need them most.”

Ms McMillan agreed, saying the services work well as a team.

“We’ve developed a very good working relationship,” she said. “We enhance each other’s service – this patient got a specialist service and we also got to give advice to his family.”

It’s hoped that the pilot scheme will eventually be rolled out across Northern Ireland.

This story was originally reported by Tara Mills of the BBC News of Northern Ireland.

Death Toll Rises to 23 as Result of Tornadoes in Alabama

The death toll has risen to 23 after multiple tornadoes ripped through Lee County in eastern Alabama. Among the victims are an eight year old child, while authorities are still working to identify the bodies.

The damage to homes and the surrounding areas has been described as “catastrophic” by County Sheriff Jay Jones. More bodies are expected to be found as rescue crews work through the destruction.

Damage to a house in Beauregard, Alabama. Photo courtesy of Scott Fillmer and the BBC

According to the National Weather Service, the winds classified as “EF-3” meaning speeds of up to 165 mph. The National Weather Service also reminded people to “stay out of damaged areas so first responders could do their job”.

The tornadoes first touched down at 2pm on Sunday about 60 miles east of Montgomery, the state capital, in a town called Beauregard. The winds brought down telephone poles, ripped roofs off of houses, and destroyed local businesses.

A local resident, Scott Fillmer, was interviewed by the BBC and said: “Everything just kind of went dark, when it was almost like night outside. And it’s that old cliché that it sounds like a freight train coming, well that’s what it sounded like.”

Tornado warnings were also issued for South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Tornadoes caused some damage in Talbotton, a town about 80 miles south of Atlanta while tornadoes were also reported in Walton County and Cairo in northern Florida.

Tornadoes also hit parts of Georgia, as pictured here at Warner Robins. Photo courtesy of Keith Irwin, Reuters, and BBC.

Tornado season typically begins in April and continues to June, making this event an unusual occurrence for the area.

Monday’s Product Post: SoundOff LED3 Mini Light

For today’s product post we’re looking at a small but mighty light: the SoundOff LED3 Mini Light. It’s versatile, easy to mount and use, and long lasting.

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light in Amber

This little guy has 3 GEN3 LEDs making its light output very strong. The LEDs have a low amp draw so they won’t burn out for a long time. The LED3 Mini Light features Light Sync Technology which allows the user to synchronize up to 4 LED3 Mini Lights at a time.

This light can be mounted to the grille, mirror, around the license plate, and even on the bumper making perfect for any type of vehicle or application. It even works with motorcycle boxes and engine fairings!

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light in White

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light comes in Red, Amber, and Blue all of which meet SAE Specs with one light. Red and Blue meet CA Title 13 Spec with one light and Amber meets CA Spec with two lights.

Did we mention this light features 33 built in flash patterns? Coupled with a SoundOff 5 Year No Hassle Warranty, this is not an item you’ll want to pass up. Check out an extended list of features below!


  • The LED3 Mini Light offers a smaller size with even brighter light output.
  • Features 3 brilliant Gen3 LEDs.
  • Long lasting LEDs have a very low amp draw.
  • 33 built-in flash patterns.
  • Light Sync Technology allows you to synchronize up to 4 lights to flash alternating or simultaneously.
  • Extended polycarbonate lens gives great off angle visibility.
  • Weatherproof design for external or internal use.
  • Light includes 18″ of 3-wire shielded cable.
  • Available in 5 safety colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White.
  • Size: 2.52″ W x 1.33″ H x .90″ D.

Rescue Teams Use Excavator to Save Trapped Gold Miners in Indonesia

When a gold mine in a remote part of Indonesia collapsed early last week, over twenty people were trapped inside and running out of oxygen. Rescue teams had little success freeing the trapped workers, until an excavator was brought in with the hope of speeding up the rescue operation.

Eight people have died as a result of the mine collapse so far, while 20 people have been rescued said local disaster official Abdul Muin Paputungan on Friday. The mine collapsed on Tuesday, February 26th and close to three dozen people are still thought to be trapped under the rubble.

Rescue teams work long hours trying to free the remaining miners. Photo courtesy of NBC News.

The mine, in North Sulawesi’s Bolaang Mongondow district, is unlicensed.

Abdul Muin Paputungan said all of the emergency service workers helping to rescue the miners “never stop praying that all those still trapped in the mine are able to survive until we can rescue them.”

Food and water have been passed to the miners but rescue workers are concerned about the amount of oxygen available to those still trapped under the rubble.

The mine collapse was due to mining holes and shifting soil, and while it was an unlicensed operation, this kind of business is not unusual in Indonesia. The informal mines provide jobs for local residents, albeit at very high safety risks.

Over 200 emergency service workers from different organizations have been on the ground working since the collapse. They have been using any and every resource available to them, including tree branches and twine to construct stretchers.

Because the mine is in such a remote location, it has been difficult for rescue crews to receive the help and tools needed to free the miners, frustrating the rescue teams and families of the miners’ while also prolonging the rescue process. There is also the possibility of inducing a landslide, further trapping the miners and endangering the lives of the rescue workers.

As the number of people working in informal mining operations increases, events like the collapsed mine in Indonesia may become more frequent. The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development published a study estimating that more than 40 million people work in unlicensed mines, an increase from 30 million people in 2014 and 6 million people in 1993.

This news was initially published by the Associated Press.

Wildfires Blaze in Forest Made Famous by Winnie the Pooh

LONDON (AP) — Unseasonably warm and dry weather have fueled fires in Britain, with blazes at Ashdown Forest — made famous by the “Winnie the Pooh” books — as well as West Yorkshire’s Saddleworth Moor and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

Crews extinguished two wildfires in East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest, the inspiration for the fictional Hundred Acre Wood in the classic books by A.A. Milne. Ashdown Forest Rangers were not available for comment Wednesday to discuss the extent of the damage.

Fires blaze through East Sussex’s Ashdown Forest. Photo Courtesy of The Independent

Firefighters are expected to bring the moor fire and the Arthur’s Seat fires under control Wednesday.

Britain saw its hottest winter day on record on Tuesday when the mercury hit 21.2 Celsius (69.4 Fahrenheit) in London.

Wet and windy conditions are predicted for the coming days.

All contents © copyright 2019 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

New York City Could Switch Sirens to European-style Models

NEW YORK (AP) — If two New York City lawmakers get their way, the long, droning siren from police cars, fire trucks and ambulances that has been part of the city’s soundtrack for generations — WAAAAAhhhhhhh — would be replaced by a high-low wail similar to what’s heard on the streets of London and Paris — WEE-oww-WEE-oww-WEE-oww.

Their reasons for the switch: The European-style siren is less shrill and annoying and contributes less to noise pollution.

“I’ve been hearing from constituents complaining that the current sirens in New York are a high-pitched, continuous noise — a nuisance,” says Helen Rosenthal, an Upper West Side Democrat and one of the sponsors of the proposal.

Noise is consistently among the most frequent complaints to the city’s hotline, with many calls about the loud sirens that blare 24/7, wake people from their slumber and cause dogs to howl in unison.

“Europeanizing” New York sirens would not change the decibel level — still topping out at roughly 118 — but would lower the frequency and thus make the sirens less shrill but still ear-catching enough to grab attention.

“The alternating high-low siren required by this legislation is not as piercing,” adds co-sponsor Carlina Rivera, a Manhattan Democrat.

If approved in a council vote —which has yet to be scheduled— the legislation would require sirens on all emergency vehicles to transition within a two-year period.

Buzz about the bill even made it to last week’s NBC “Saturday Night Live,” where a “Weekend Update” anchor joked that with the European-style siren, “You can spend your ride in the ambulance pretending you have universal health care.”

City council members are looking closely at the experience of the city’s Mount Sinai Health System, which already uses the two-tone siren in its 25 ambulances that make about 100,000 trips a year. The switch was made last year after decades of complaints from residents of the Upper East Side home of the hospital complex.

At community board meetings, Mount Sinai’s Emergency Medical Services Director Joseph Davis played various siren options to find out which one locals preferred.

“People hated them all,” Davis said, “but the ‘high-low’ was least intrusive. It didn’t have that piercing sound.”

Davis, a 40-year EMS veteran who suffers from hearing damage that he blames on repeated exposure to sirens, said the change was simple and cost effective: All it took was reprogramming the electronic box in each vehicle, which comes preloaded with seven different sounds with names such as “Wail,” ”Yelp” and “Piercer.”

In fact, many ambulances, fire trucks and police cars are equipped with alternate sirens and horns that they can employ in certain situations, such as in traffic when cars and pedestrians just won’t get out of the way. They include short blips and the “Rumbler” low-frequency, vibrating siren aimed at motorists who may otherwise be unable to hear higher frequencies.

For some Manhattanites, any change in the city’s daily siren song would be welcomed.

“I always have to cover my ears with my hands when a siren-blaring ambulance passes,” says Louise Belulovich, a Manhattan attorney. “If I’m carrying packages and unable to, then what is an annoying experience becomes a painful one.”

But Linda Sachs, a longtime resident of Manhattan’s Upper West Side who lives near one of the Mount Sinai hospitals that uses the new European siren, doesn’t think the change is for the good. She prefers the old New York standard.

“The old sirens never woke me up, but these make me shudder,” Sachs says, adding that she understands city lawmakers are attempting to do something about noise pollution. “But the old sound wasn’t as obnoxious.”

This story was initially published by Verena Dobnik at the Associated Press.

All contents © copyright 2019 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Amtrak Train Stranded in Oregon Finally Freed

An Amtrak train carrying 183 passengers from Seattle to Los Angeles was stranded on the tracks from Sunday to Tuesday due to fallen trees and inclement weather.

The train halted progress just outside of Oakridge, a town in the Cascade Mountain range and waited for 36 hours while crews from Union Pacific cleared the track. Union Pacific owns the stretch of rail line which the Amtrak train was traveling on before it was stranded.

Heavy snowfall and downed trees forced a Los Angeles-bound Amtrak train to be stranded for 36 hours. Photo Courtesy of Carl Bigby and CTV News

Union Pacific spokesman Tim McMahan spoke with CNN in an email. “The train had been inoperable due to weather conditions and downed trees,” wrote McMahan. “UP crews worked overnight to clear the tracks.”

Passengers were kept on the train as snow fell heavily and temperatures dropped, making the option of leaving more dangerous than staying on board. The nearby town of Oakridge had also experienced a power outage.

A Union Pacific locomotive was sent to pull the train the rest of the journey from Oakridge to its next stop in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene marked the first time many passengers were able to disembark and stretch their legs since boarding the train initially.

Passengers wait patiently to be rescued. Photo Courtesy of

“We really wanted for nothing except for maybe someplace comfortable to lie down and a shower,” said passenger Marcia Trujillo in an interview with CNN affiliate KOIN.

After receiving some maintenance, the train carried on from Eugene and after making a brief stop in Portland, Oregon, the train is now on its way back north to Seattle.

In a statement issued yesterday, Amtrak Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Scot Naparstek said Amtrak will be compensating passengers by providing refunds and “other compensation as appropriate.”

Today’s Product Post: Able 2 SHO-ME PAR36 Handheld LED Spotlight

For today’s product post we’re looking at the Able 2 SHO-ME PAR36 Handheld LED Spotlight. It features nine CREE 3 watt LEDs plus an inner lens that helps to focus the beam, as well as 2000 lumens of light and an out lens for protection purposes.

The Able 2 SHO-ME PAR36 Handheld LED Spotlight

The spotlight also features pistol grip housing making it super user-friendly. It is available in 2 versions: the 06.0600.CLP which comes with a 3 foot coiled cord that can be extended a total of 6 feet with a cigarette lighter plug, or the 06.0625.LIB, which comes with a Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery featuring both AC wall chargers and DC car chargers. 1 Year Warranty guarantee on both models.

Wow, that is bright!

This product is powerful, sharp, and easy to use. And it’s made right here, in the United States of America. What’s not to love?

Details on both models are posted below. Check out this product and more at

Features common to both models:

  • Nine CREE 3 watt LEDs
  • Powerful 2,000 Lumen output.
  • Inner lens creates a tightly focused beam.
  • Polycarbonate outer lens protects the inner lens and LEDs.
  • Pushbutton On/Off switch.
  • Contoured handle ensures a comfortable grip.
  • Black ABS housing.
  • Includes a drawstring bag for storage.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • 06.0600.CLP: 2.5 Amps / 27 Watts
  • 06.0625.LIB: Lithium Ion Battery 7.4 VDC, 2600mAh
  • 06.0625.LIB: 1 hour runtime, 8-10 hour charge time, 500 charge cycles.
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ Diameter, 6-1/2″ long, 4-1/4″ Handle.

New Video Starring the Whelen Inner Edge FST!

Hey Sirennet fans! Looking for something to do this Tuesday morning? Why not check out our new in-depth look at the Whelen Inner Edge FST?

Chris and Stuart walk us through the brand-new, low-profile Inner Edge FST that now features Whelen’s all-new, Proclera Silicone Optics and an option to order the light in Broadband Blue.

Check out that Broadband Blue!

The Inner Edge FST is available as a custom fit with SOLO, DUO, or TRIO technology. The new Proclera Silicone Optics are ideal for customers looking for powerful lighting that will penetrate tints. This light is super sharp and super clear, and with the new Broadband Blue color way available, it can deliver a larger optical image without hurting your eyes. Did we mention how sharp this light is?

The Inner Edge FST can be mounted to visor anchor points on passenger side only or on both driver and passenger sides. It also comes with 38 Scan-Lock patterns and meets SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII specifications and comes with a Whelen backed 5 year warranty.

The WeCan models are even fully programmable which allows the user control each color individually. And it even ships fully assembled!!

Want to know more? Check out the video below or visit our website at

European Countries to Back New Programs Protecting People from Health Crises

A meeting between ministers of health and other high-level government officials in Istanbul resulted in an agreement between European countries to invest in learning, support, and monitoring of health in order to increase current levels of health emergency preparedness in the World Health Organization European Region.

Over 150 European representatives attended the meeting on 12–14 February 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. Together, the delegates from the European countries agreed to speed up coordinated action in order to protect people from any kind of health-related emergencies in the form of an Action plan.

“This meeting shows that we have unprecedented momentum to translate our political commitments into action,” said Dr Nedret Emiroglu, Director of Programme Management and Director of the Division of Health Emergencies and Communicable Diseases at WHO/Europe.

“No single organization, no single sector and no single country can do it alone; we need everybody on board for joint action and accountability, and we need to make sure that all sectors and all parts of society, including communities, are part of the solution,” she said.

Recent outbreaks of Zika and Ebola viruses show how easily disease can spread across borders, causing countries and regions to become involved in an epidemics. Even the countries who do not see any cases of the virus may find themselves in the position of giving aid to countries with health crises, or may find themselves locked down to quarantine any appearance of the virus.

So far, it appears that European health systems are capable of dealing with these kinds of threats. But offering health care to new arrivals can be beneficial in preventing future outbreaks, and the partnership between Turkey and WHO indicates how successful health care offered to migrants and refugees can be at preventing epidemics and panic.

West Nile virus and measles are still concerns to the European region, as well as antimicrobial resistance, natural disasters, infections from contaminated food and water, conflicts, and terrorist attacks.

The Action Plan signed by the European health delegates hopes to tackle these issues prematurely so that if a flood does happen or an outbreak of measles occurs, countries will be prepared to handle it effectively and efficiently before the damage spreads. This will save lives, protect populations, and strengthen health systems.

#ProductPost Monday: The Whelen L53 Class 3 LED Beacon

Today’s product post highlights a classic of Whelen Engineering brilliance: the Whelen L53 Class 3 LED Beacon.

The Whelen L53 Class 3 LED Beacon

Want a light that’s powerful, inconspicuous, and won’t burn out quickly, causing you to purchase a pricey replacement? Look no further than the Whelen L53 Class 3 LED Beacon. With a has an LED light source featuring a rated life exceeding that of comparable flash tubes by more than 100:1, this beacon isn’t burning out any time soon. Not to mention the broadband radiator technology that keeps this beacon shining as bright as its strobe light cousins but without the high amp draw. It’s SAE Class 3 certified and comes with an 8 foot cord, with the classic cigar plug and On/Off switch with LED “On” indicator.

It’s polycarbonate base and dome make it durable and compact and it is available as a magnetic mount only. A Five Year Whelen-guaranteed Warranty and 15 flash patterns (two of which are SignalAlert 75 and 150!) round out this stellar Beacon. Check it out on our social media, or on our website for more information and photos.

Other Features:

  • Compact size, universal application.
  • SAE Class 3 Certified intensity from a single Super-LED.
  • 15 flash patterns, including SignalAlert 75 and 150.
  • 100,000 hour rated life.
  • 12 VDC with low current draw (0.15 Amp avg. @ 12.8 VDC).
  • Supplied with 8 foot cord with cigar plug and On/Off switch with LED “On” indicator.
  • Magnetic mount.
  • Polycarbonate base and dome.
  • Size: 3-3/4” (95mm) H x 5” (127mm) Dia.

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Police Look To Hire Non-Citizens as Recruiting Numbers Drop

Those without American citizenship but who reside in the country legally are able to serve in the military and now police stations are looking at relaxing the rules so that this group can work as police officers, too.

With recruiting numbers dropping, police are looking to remove obstacles that prevent non-citizens from joining the force.

Tom Manger, police chief in Montgomery County, Maryland spoke with USA Today about his thoughts on hiring non-citizens. Manger is part of a task force working across the country to change laws allowing non-citizens to apply for police positions.

“I don’t think someone’s citizenship is indicative in any way of someone’s suitability to be a police officer,” he said.

There are other laws that have frustrated officers and influenced recruiting numbers, some of which seem unusually harsh. For instance, in Massachusetts, a police officer or someone wishing to work in the force, could be denied a position if caught smoking cigarettes, even if they’re doing so off the clock.

But people like Manger are working to change laws like these which discourage many from applying to work as police. In the United States more and more law enforcement agencies are now allowing applicants to apply for positions even if they have committed minor offenses in the past, or have admitted to using drugs.

But will these officers seeking to open the doors to a wider pool of applicants succeed? A report published by the US Justice Department shows that over 40 states have legislation in the books that makes hiring non-citizens difficult, if not impossible.

Regardless, Manger and his colleagues at the Law Enforcement Immigration Task force plan to continue their work to make non-citizens eligible for police positions, starting with legal immigrants who previously served in the US Military.

“If you criticize these individuals, then you are criticizing someone who has military service,” he said.

This story was first reported by Simone Weichselbaum for USA Today.

British Columbia to Increase Wildfire Response Budget as Natural Disaster Becomes More Common

As wildfires become more common in B.C. Canada, the government is taking steps to ensure enough money is allocated to the response teams who fight the fires.

The 2019 B.C. Budget was published this week and included a funding increase of nearly $37 million per year “in recognition of increased wildfire activity.”

Some feel that the budget increase is not enough like Andrew Weaver, the leader of the B.C. Green Party. Weaver believes a policy change is necessary in combatting the climate change that has been causing the uptick in wildfires.

In an interview with Global News, Weaver spoke about the need to improve the response to wildfires.

“I’m pleased to see there is some money in the base budget for responding to threats but we need to push on the policy side to retake a look at some of our forest management practices so we don’t create mono-cultured stands of forest all the same age which, when the age is ripe, can lead to catastrophic forest fires,” Weaver said.

Weaver suggested cutting back on the use of herbicides in forests used for timber and encouraging logging companies to clean up the debris from their operations by offering financial incentives.

Weaver is not the only citizen with concerns about the future of wildfires in B.C.

University of British Columbia, Okanagan economics professor Julien Picault spoke with Global News about his views on the budget increase. He doesn’t think the $37 million increase is enough, as past wildfires have cost more than what the new budget recommends.

“It’s basically the bare minimum that the government is allocating for wildfire response but it’s not enough if fires were as strong as they were in the past,” Picault said.

“The government cannot predict everything that will happen next year so the government needs to have ways to respond to any problem that could not be foreseen at the same.”

The 2019 Budget also includes a $13 million dollar over three year forest restoration plan and a sum of $60 million to go towards fuel management.

During 2018, the B.C. government went over their firefighting and other emergency services related to natural disasters budget by more than $850 million.

Perhaps this small increase in spending won’t help put out the financial fires related to forest blazes after all.

This story was first reported by Shelby Thom at

Want to be a PDX Firefighter?

Want to get paid to be a hero? Want to be part of a team? Want to save lives and homes? Apply now for the entry level firefighter position at Portland Fire and Rescue!

PDF&R is the largest fire and emergency services provider in Oregon and is made up of 30 stations around the Portland area featuring 28 engine companies, nine truck companies, two fireboats, a rescue, and three squad units, including two specialized units for Chemical and Biological, Radiological/Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) response, and a specialized unit for Hazardous Materials (HazMat).

Their team is 750 employees strong but they’re always looking for new talent and dedicated recruits.

Applications for Portland Fire and Rescue entry level firefighter positions open at 12:00 am on February 25th and close March 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

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