First Female Captain Hired at Fort Smith Fire Department in Arkansas

Lisa Johnson was promoted to fire captain of the City of Fort Smith Fire Department last week, making her the force’s first ever female captain.

Johnson has worked at Fort Smith since 2003, and made history as the squad’s first female driver and second female to be hired by the department.

“Actually I had never thought about being a firefighter, I was on a different path going to college, and it was suggested to me, and the more I learned about it, the more I found out about it, the more I thought, that’s something I want to do, and I am extremely glad that I did,” Johnson said in an interview with local station 5NEWS.

Lisa Johnson is sworn in as fire captain, making her the first female captain at Fort Smith Fire Department. Photo Courtesy of the Southwest Times Record

“If maybe there is a young woman out there that hasn’t thought of it like I hadn’t thought of it, it might be an option for her,” said Johnson.