Drones Help Police Find Missing Man in Florida

Police were able to locate a 77 year old man with the help of six drones after the man went missing in Collier County, Florida.

The man, who has mental health problems, had been missing for two hours before police were contacted. Using department issued drones, the police were able to cover a greater area than if they had led the operation strictly on foot.

A picture of the drone used by Collier County PD to help find and rescue a 77 year old man who had gone missing from his home on April 17. Photo Courtesy of Collier County Sheriff’s Office

The Drones Operations Unit used six drones to scour the local area in search of the man. Drone Pilot Cpl. Harley Terrill was in charge of the drone that spotted the man walking under a canopy of trees.

Police officers then arrived at the scene and were able to locate the man and bring him home. He was unharmed.

This is the first time the drones had led a search and rescue effort by the Collier County police department.