Product Post: Code 3 4-Pack MultiColor Hide-A-Blast Lights

All you undercover and low-profile police out there, these Code 3 4-Pack MultiColor Hide-A-Blast Lights are for you!

The easily mounted, flush to vehicle shape of the Hide-A-Blast lights make them perfect for undercover or low-profile vehicles.

The Code 3 4-Pack MultiColor Hide-A-Blast Lights are ultra-slim, low profile and flush mount units perfect for covert applications. If you’ve got a vehicle that needs to transform from a undercover rig to a high-impact police cruiser, you need to get your hands on this product.

From undercover to highly visible in a flash!

The MultiColor Hide-A-Blasts are available in 2 color combinations of Red, Blue, White, and Amber. Ideal for external vehicle applications when additional warning light is needed to transform your low profile vehicle into a high impact police cruiser. Weather and vibration proof the HB4PAK lights are easy to install, and come with 14 pre-loaded flash patterns to help you warn drivers and pedestrians. Synchronize with multiple units for increased impact.

Note: These lights are sold as a single pair. This is not a 4 pack of lights.

A blue Hide-A-Blast light, also available in Red, White, and Amber.


  • 6 LEDs (3 of each color) behind a Polycarbonate Lens.
  • Available in 2 color combinations of Red, Blue, White, and Amber.
  • Both lightheads will have the same combination of colors.
  • 25 Flash Patterns and 1 Steady, Simultaneous or Alternating.
  • 8 inch cable with connector on each lighthead.
  • 32 inch cable from flasher to end with Y connectors.
  • 70 inch cable from flasher to control switches.
  • 80 inch extender for lighthead included.
  • Rubber gaskets eliminates water access.
  • Flush mount with supplied grommet.
  • L-shaped bracket mount available.
  • Dimming Capability.
  • Synchronous Capability.


  • Voltage: 12 or 24 Volt
  • Lighthead dimensions: 1.575″ H x 1.045″ D (40mm x 26.5mm)
  • Controller module: 1.075″ W x 5.39″ L x .593″ H (27.3mm x 136.9mm x 15mm)
  • Meets SAE J595 Class 1 when properly configured.
  • California Title 13 requirements in Red and Blue conbinations when properly configured.
  • Meets ECE R65 in Blue and Amber when properly configured.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty on LEDs