Product Post: Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbars

Wednesday’s Product Post is here and today’s item is the Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbar.

The Ceridian Series Super-LED lightbar continues Whelen’s legacy of innovative and versatile products. This lightbar sports a brand new low profile design and comes in Amber, Blue, Red, and White. It can also be ordered in SOLO (one color), DUO (two colors), or TRIO (three colors) variations. These items also are available as Standard Current or WeCan models.

The Whelen Ceridian Series Super-LED Lightbar

The Ceridian Series can be ordered with colored lenses and colored internal filters. Still not impressed? This lightbar features Broadband Blue technology, which allows for a super intense and consistently colored light, with a big optical image.

Check out our social media (@sirennet_tv on Instagram) for a video of this light in action!


  • Available in 42 inch, 48 inch, and 54 inch models.
  • Available in SOLO (single color), DUO (two color), and TRIO (three color) models.
  • Available in Standard Current or WeCan models.
  • Multiple LED technologies are available for high performance versatility.
  • Lighthead modules mount in any position.
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, salt, sun, and road chemicals.
  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended operation.
  • Sleek newly designed mounting foot compliments lightbar design.
  • Clear outer domes with optional color tops.
  • Smoked domes are also available.
  • Optional Traffic Advisor and Red, Blue, or Amber internal filters.
  • Optional single LED precision focused take-down and alley lights.
  • CP Series models feature BroadBand Blue technology.


  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII when properly configured
  • Designed to meet IP65 standards
  • Meets SAE J1113/CISPR 25 and R10 standards


  • Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC
  • Height & width: 2.5” (6.4cm) H, 12.1” (30.7cm) W.
  • Standard lengths: 42” (107cm), 48” (122cm), and 54” (137cm).

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Winter Storm Gareth Strikes UK as Brexit Looms

As if the UK didn’t already have enough to worry about, winter storm “Gareth” has struck parts of Scotland and the west coast of the country this week.

Parts of Scotland have experienced flooding as gale force winds of up to 75mph have disrupted traffic, leading to long delays in that part of the country, as well as cancelled ferries and trains causing further commuter frustration.

According to BBC Weather, wave heights could reach 32ft in some parts of the Scottish western coastline.

Winter storm Gareth has caused flooding in Scottish town of Dumfries. Photo Courtesy of the BBC

As parts of the country deal with strong winds and heavy rain, London faces its own kind of storm as Parliament debates the looming Brexit date and whether or not to leave the EU without a deal in place.

Tuesday night saw Prime Minister Theresa May and her plan for leaving the EU defeated by a margin of 149 votes. This has led to another vote which will happen Wednesday evening for members of Parliament to decide to leave the EU on March 29th with no deal or to delay Brexit past the March 29th date.

If the motion to delay Brexit passes, another vote will be held on Thursday evening in which Theresa May will either go to the EU and ask for an extension on Brexit or to leave the European Union without a deal on March 29th.

Should Thursday’s vote lead to an extension, the UK will have 7 options to choose from regarding their exit from the European Union, one of which is no Brexit.

Regardless of which way the vote on Wednesday and the possible Thursday vote goes, the outcomes will be historic for the United Kingdom as well as for the rest of the world.

New EMS Cleanup Policy Puts Responsibility on Detroit Fire and EMS Personnel

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A new Bodily Fluid Aftermath Cleanup policy went into effect this week in Detroit for firefighters. It places responsibility for cleaning up tragedies on the first responders.

“Violent scenes. blood. bodily fluids. body parts. it gets very graphic,” said Detroit Fire Fighters Association President Mike Nevin. “Its a complete deviation from anything we’ve ever done. It’s… beyond words.”

Nevin wasted no time pushing back by filing a complaint with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA).

“Because we haven’t been trained and it’s a safety hazard not only to people that do the cleanup but public as well,” Nevin said.

This story was first published by WXYZ Detroit and reposted by

Product Post: Whelen Avenger II TRIO Combo Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light

From our good buddies at Whelen comes the Avenger II TRIO Combination Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light.

Like many of our favorite lights, this model is compact and inconspicuous and can be transferred to different vehicles with ease. The newly designed combination Linear/TIR optics provide high intensity warning and illumination while the smaller profile maximizes space for optimal versatility.

Like its predecessor, the Avenger II continues this product’s reputation for excellent functionality and efficiency.

Some of its features include multiple flash patterns, a SAE Class 1 certification, and 18 Super-LEDs total with 6 TIR and 12 Linear.

The TRIO model includes two recessed buttons in the housing: 1 ScanLock button for flash pattern selection and 1 Mode button for color combination selection.

More information on the Whelen Avenger II TRIO Combo Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light is below.


  • 18 Super-LEDs total: 6 TIR and 12 Linear.
  • TRIO color combinations include:
  • Multiple flash patterns (See PDF flyer).
  • SAE Class 1 Certified.
  • Hardcoated lenses minimize UV damage and resist scratches.
  • Universal swivel bracket with three suction cups will fit the contour of any windshield or can be used for permanent mount.
  • Black polycarbonate housing.
  • Includes 10 foot straight cord with cigar plug featuring two switches for On/Off and steady-burn override.


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Certifications: Class 1, SAE J595, California Title 13 (Red Only).
  • Single unit: 1-3/4” (44mm) H x 4-1/2” (114mm) D x 6-1/2” (165mm) L.
  • Height with adjustable mounting bracket for all models: 1-3/5” (41mm) to 2-9/10” (74mm).

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Crashes Minutes After Takeoff, Killing All Onboard

157 people were on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight bound for Nairobi, Kenya, when the Boeing 737 plane crashed just six minutes after takeoff.

This marks the second time in 5 months a plane with the 737 Max 8 engine has crashed. In October of 2018, a Lion Air flight crashed minutes after takeoff from Jakarta airport in Indonesia. All 189 people on board were killed.

As a result of these accidents, many airlines have decided to ground all planes featuring the 737 Max 8 engine, though experts warn it is not clear that the engine is the main cause of the latest tragedy.

A model of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 that crashed on Sunday. Photo Courtesy of the BBC and Jonathan Druion

Ethiopian Airlines pilots reported difficulty with the 737 Max 8 engine, a new model by Boeing that according to Jakarta-based aviation analyst Gerry Soejatman, is slightly different to the older version of the vehicle. In an interview with the BBC, Soejatman said the 737 Max’s “engine is a bit further forward and a bit higher in relation to the wing, compared to the previous version of the plane. That affects the balance of the plane”.

After the crash in Jakarta last year, investigators looking into the problems around the accident said the pilots of that flight had apparently struggled with the system designed to keep the plane from stalling. This feature is one of the new attributes of the 737 Max 8.

This new anti-stall feature forced the nose of the Lion Air flight down, while pilots grappled to correct the trajectory of the plane and point the nose upward. The anti-stall system continued to force the nose down, which findings by investigators suggest led to the crash of the Indonesian flight.

“It’s highly suspicious,” Mary Schiavo, the former Inspector General of the US Transportation Department, told CNN in an interview.

“Here we have a brand-new aircraft that’s gone down twice in a year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry, because that just doesn’t happen.”

According to Reuters, Boeing is expected to release a correction to the system by way of a software patch.

Three Explosive Devices Found in London, Counterterror Police Investigate

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s counterterrorism police are investigating after three padded mailing bags containing small explosive devices were found near major transport hubs in London.

Police said smaller bags inside the mailers enclosed the devices that “appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened.”

Officials say the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command “is treating the incidents as a linked series.”

One mailer was found near Heathrow Airport. A building was evacuated as a precaution after the package was opened and part of it burned.

FILE - In this file photo dated Tuesday, June 5, 2018, a plane takes off over a road sign near Heathrow Airport in London. Britain’s counter-terrorism police are investigating after three suspicious packages were found in London, including one near City Airport and one near Heathrow Airport. Police said Tuesday, March 5, 2019 all three write postal bags contained yellow bags thought by specialist police to be small improvised explosive devices. Police say the devices “appear capable of igniting an initially small fire when opened.” (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, file)
In this file photo dated Tuesday, June 5, 2018, a plane takes off over a road sign near Heathrow Airport in London. Photo and Caption Courtesy of AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Officials say the building is not at the airport and flights at Britain’s busiest airport were not affected. There were no injuries.

Another mailer turned up near London’s City Airport, a much smaller airport, and the third in the mail room at busy Waterloo Station, a major rail and Underground hub. Those packages were not opened.

Waterloo Station was not evacuated, but a small cordon was put in place outside the station.

Officials say train services to City Airport were suspended as a precaution but have been restored and the building where the package was found was evacuated. Flights were not affected.

Police have advised all transport stations throughout Britain to “be vigilant” and to report any suspicious packages to police.

No arrests have been made and no individual or group has claimed responsibility.

The official terrorism threat level throughout Britain is set at “severe,” indicating that intelligence analysts believe an attack is highly likely.

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Today’s Product Post: SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar

For today’s product post we’re looking at the SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar. This lightbar really is in a league of its own. It’s only 1″ thick, which is 50% thinner than its leading competitors and it provides 50% more LEDS within its inboard modules than its competitors. Talk about a standout model!

The inboard modules are available in single color with 6 or 8 LEDs, dual color with 12 LEDs, or tricolor with 18 LEDS. Corner modules are offered in single color with 8 or 16 LEDs, dual color with 16 LEDs, or tricolor with 24 LEDs.

The SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar in all her blue glory!

If you thought we were done revealing all of the special features of the mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar, you were wrong.

The team over at SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning® to develop Clear Duty® optical module design. The Clear Duty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses: a smaller footprint with maximized candela output, greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking, improved sealing to prevent water from entering light, and higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.

It’s some pretty cutting-edge stuff.

The mPower lightbars with multi-color modules (dual or tricolor) that include white LEDs are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting. Takedowns can be configured as single, dual or tricolor for maximum functionality. Alley lights can be configured as single, dual or tricolor to maximize intersection awareness. Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality.

So thin! So bright! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind lightbar.

With a SoundOff Five Year Warranty (Ten Year on UV lens discoloration), you won’t want to miss out on this high-tech and incredibly powerful SoundOff mPower Exterior Full Size Lightbar. Check out the features and specifications below, or give us a call at our offices at 888-959-0911 (8AM – 4:30PM PST.) and let our staff assist you with a custom configuration built to meet your needs.


  • At only 1” thick, mpower is 50% thinner than its leading competitors.
  • The 48” lightbar model provides 50% more LEDs within its inboard modules than comparable competitive models.
  • SoundOff Signal collaborated with Dow Corning® to develop Clear Duty® optical module design.
  • Clear Duty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses:
    • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output.
    • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking.
    • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light.
    • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time.
    • Inboard modules are available in single color with 6 or 8 LEDs, dual color with 12 LEDs, or tricolor with 18 LEDS.
    • Corner modules are offered in single color with 8 or 16 LEDs, dual color with 16 LEDs, or tricolor with 24 LEDs.
  • Inboard and corner modules are were designed to be continuous in order to eliminate lighting gaps.
  • Lightbars with multi-color modules (dual or tricolor) that include white LEDs are capable of providing a full 360 degrees of intense scene lighting.
  • Takedowns can be configured as single, dual or tricolor for maximum functionality.
  • Alley lights can be configured as single, dual or tricolor to maximize intersection awareness.
  • Discrete rear-arrow control modules can be combined with warning colors for maximum functionality.
  • Windows based PC application simplifies programming and enhances configurability and control.
  • Use of PC application in conjunction with SoundOff Signal sirens simplifies install with “plug and play” RJ45 capability; save configuration time and enhance configurability by directly mapping siren buttons to lightbar functions.
  • Other user configurable options include: cruise mode, front/rear/corner cutoff inputs, nighttime manual dimming, multiple flash patterns, steady burn and stop/tail/turn.
  • Auto-dimming 
  • Ten-year warranty on UV lens discoloration.




  • Inboard Warning Module: < 5.9 Watts
  • Corner Module (2-3″ mPower modules): < 11.6 Watts
  • Alley: < 5.9 Watts


  • Inboard Warning Module: < 1 Amp
  • Corner Module (2 3″ mPower modules): < 1.9 Amps
  • Alley: < 1 Amp


  • Warning: 66, Takedown/Alley: 25 and Arrow L/C/R: 11

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° C to + 65° C / -40° F to +149° F


Length – 8 Module Lightbar: 44.2″ (112 cm)
Length – 9 Module Lightbar: 48.2″ (122 cm)
Length – 10 Module Lightbar: 52.7″ (134 cm)

Height – All Modules: 1.1″ (2.7 cm)

Depth – All Modules: 10.6″ (27 cm)


SAE J845 Class 1 certified (red, blue, amber or white)
SAE J595 Class 1 certified (red, blue, amber or white)
CA Title 13 Class B certified (red, blue or amber)

Newly formed Mental Health Crisis Team to Help Residents of Northern Ireland

The Police Service of Northern Ireland receive 400 calls relating to mental health every week.

From suicide to self harm to psychosis, the range of issues people have is wide and often complex.

Now the police, ambulance service and South Eastern Trust have joined forces to handle some of these calls differently.M

The idea is to provide on the spot mental health treatment where the crisis is developing rather than a lengthy wait in a hospital Emergency Department.

‘Prevent more distress’

“The difficulty arises when police officers arrive at someone’s home, if they’re in crisis the last thing they want to see is a police officer,” explained Insp Mark Cavanagh, who heads up the project for the police.

Insp Mark Cavanagh
Inspector Mark Cavanagh is the lead police officer on the project. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

“Very often, if the crisis can’t be averted the police then have to accompany the person to an emergency department, adding to the stigma the patient feels, and very often it’s a very time-consuming use of police time.”

Don Bradley, who is in charge of mental health services for the South Eastern Trust, said it was often better for the person going through that distress if they could be treated where the emergency was arising.

“It could help defuse the situation and prevent a lot more distress or even further trauma, so that’s why we all came together,” he said.

‘High risk’

The pilot currently operates in North Down and Lisburn at weekends.

The Multi-Agency Triage Team (MATT) briefs officers going on shift reminding them that they’re available and can be contacted directly to assist people with a mental health vulnerability.

The team can then talk to the person on the phone and travel to see them with a paramedic and an ambulance on hand.

Paramedics have a range of skills to deal with people they assess but are limited in terms of mental health issues, said the Ambulance Service’s Ciaran McKenna.

The Multi-Agency Triage Team, or MATT, briefing officers before their shift
The Multi-Agency Triage Team briefs officers ahead of their shift. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

On one Saturday night in February, the first call was about a 38-year-old patient on a mental health ward who had left the hospital. He was deemed as “high-risk”.

Insp Cavanagh explained: “We find that there is information on the health systems that we simply wouldn’t have access to and whenever someone is high-risk that’s where we join forces and try to locate that person and ensure their safety.”

Karen McMillan, a Psychiatric Nurse on the team, said their database has access to the patient’s full history.

“We would also have most likely up-to-date contact numbers and we would in the first attempt try to locate this person,” she said.

“We’ve been successful in the past where a missing person will take our call because we’re from mental health and we’ve been able to keep that person on the line and engage that person to the extent that they will say where they are.

“Then we continue to talk to them on the phone while the police find them.”

‘Face-to face’

At 02:00 GMT another call came in about from the family of a 30-year-old man who was threatening to take his own life.

Local police officers were already at the man’s house, but so far he has remained in a highly distressed state, causing a major concern to his family.

Ms McMillan talked to him on the phone and within minutes he started opening up about his concerns.

Karen McMillan answering telephone
Psychiatric nurse Karen McMillan responds to many of the calls. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

He hadn’t had any previous help from mental health services but had been at his local emergency department earlier in the day; he became agitated by the waiting time and left.

Ms McMillan asked him if he’d be willing to speak to a mental health nurse face-to-face, and he agreed.

“He is looking for help,” she explained. “He has a lot of problems, he is struggling but he is seeking help.”

“He feels that no one wants to help him and to break that down took a bit of time.”

The team set off to his home and treated him in his own environment.

Insp Cavanagh driving a police car
Inspector Mark Cavanagh says it is important to have the help of other emergency services as some callers can be hesitant to see police officers at their homes. Photo and Caption Courtesy of BBC NI

This is what makes this pilot scheme so unique.

“To have a mental health nurse sitting in someone’s living room at 02:30 to offer that level of comfort and support to an individual in crisis,” said Insp Cavanagh.

Forty minutes later, the mental health team had helped the patient and his family.

“Mental health problems impact on the whole family and we were able to offer them support too,” said Ms McMillan.

‘Enhance each other’s service’

Returning to police headquarters, Insp Cavanagh said that call epitomises everything the services are trying to do.

“We got someone who was in crisis who had contacted the police the help and support they needed at 02:30, and that says it all,” he said.

“Ordinarily we couldn’t have offered that level of support, so we have to be eternally grateful for our partners the Ambulance Service and the South Eastern Trust for being there when we need them most.”

Ms McMillan agreed, saying the services work well as a team.

“We’ve developed a very good working relationship,” she said. “We enhance each other’s service – this patient got a specialist service and we also got to give advice to his family.”

It’s hoped that the pilot scheme will eventually be rolled out across Northern Ireland.

This story was originally reported by Tara Mills of the BBC News of Northern Ireland.

Death Toll Rises to 23 as Result of Tornadoes in Alabama

The death toll has risen to 23 after multiple tornadoes ripped through Lee County in eastern Alabama. Among the victims are an eight year old child, while authorities are still working to identify the bodies.

The damage to homes and the surrounding areas has been described as “catastrophic” by County Sheriff Jay Jones. More bodies are expected to be found as rescue crews work through the destruction.

Damage to a house in Beauregard, Alabama. Photo courtesy of Scott Fillmer and the BBC

According to the National Weather Service, the winds classified as “EF-3” meaning speeds of up to 165 mph. The National Weather Service also reminded people to “stay out of damaged areas so first responders could do their job”.

The tornadoes first touched down at 2pm on Sunday about 60 miles east of Montgomery, the state capital, in a town called Beauregard. The winds brought down telephone poles, ripped roofs off of houses, and destroyed local businesses.

A local resident, Scott Fillmer, was interviewed by the BBC and said: “Everything just kind of went dark, when it was almost like night outside. And it’s that old cliché that it sounds like a freight train coming, well that’s what it sounded like.”

Tornado warnings were also issued for South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Tornadoes caused some damage in Talbotton, a town about 80 miles south of Atlanta while tornadoes were also reported in Walton County and Cairo in northern Florida.

Tornadoes also hit parts of Georgia, as pictured here at Warner Robins. Photo courtesy of Keith Irwin, Reuters, and BBC.

Tornado season typically begins in April and continues to June, making this event an unusual occurrence for the area.

Monday’s Product Post: SoundOff LED3 Mini Light

For today’s product post we’re looking at a small but mighty light: the SoundOff LED3 Mini Light. It’s versatile, easy to mount and use, and long lasting.

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light in Amber

This little guy has 3 GEN3 LEDs making its light output very strong. The LEDs have a low amp draw so they won’t burn out for a long time. The LED3 Mini Light features Light Sync Technology which allows the user to synchronize up to 4 LED3 Mini Lights at a time.

This light can be mounted to the grille, mirror, around the license plate, and even on the bumper making perfect for any type of vehicle or application. It even works with motorcycle boxes and engine fairings!

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light in White

The SoundOff LED3 Mini Light comes in Red, Amber, and Blue all of which meet SAE Specs with one light. Red and Blue meet CA Title 13 Spec with one light and Amber meets CA Spec with two lights.

Did we mention this light features 33 built in flash patterns? Coupled with a SoundOff 5 Year No Hassle Warranty, this is not an item you’ll want to pass up. Check out an extended list of features below!


  • The LED3 Mini Light offers a smaller size with even brighter light output.
  • Features 3 brilliant Gen3 LEDs.
  • Long lasting LEDs have a very low amp draw.
  • 33 built-in flash patterns.
  • Light Sync Technology allows you to synchronize up to 4 lights to flash alternating or simultaneously.
  • Extended polycarbonate lens gives great off angle visibility.
  • Weatherproof design for external or internal use.
  • Light includes 18″ of 3-wire shielded cable.
  • Available in 5 safety colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White.
  • Size: 2.52″ W x 1.33″ H x .90″ D.