Code 3 Micro Reflex Mini Bar

Code 3’s most reliable Micro Reflex Mini Bar offers high intensity light coverage using Four TIR modules located in the center of the light bar—producing super focused long distance beams in front and behind the vehicle. It’s 360 degree coverage is courtesy of the Four Reflective modules in the corners of the light bar which ensure wide angled beams to light up the corners of the vehicle. With 18 user selectable flash patterns and the option of a Permanent or Vacuum-Magnet mount, this light bar is extremely versatile and easy to install and use. If you decide to purchase the light bar with the Vacuum-Magnet Mount model you’ll even get a cigarette plug with on/off and a flash pattern selection switch.

Firefighters Respond to Floods in Northern Italy

Italy’s national fire service, Vigili del Fuoco, said it carried out water rescues on Saturday, February 2, as widespread flooding in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna left people stranded in vehicles and buildings. The fire service shared footage on Saturday said to show one of their helicopters working to airlift three people at Castel Maggiore, north of Bologna, where the River Reno had flooded. The rescue was executed with the help of the Carabinieri, one of Italy’s major law enforcement agencies, which said a woman with motor function difficulties was among the three people who were rescued. On Sunday, the fire service released aerial footage showing the extent of the floods in the same area.

Credit: Vigili del Fuoco via Storyful

Italian firefighters use planks of wood to rescue people from floods in Northern Italy
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Alaskan State Troopers Wanted!

Alaska is remote, sparsely populated, and the largest state in the nation, presenting profound challenges for public safety. Our troopers overcome incredible challenges every day to serve our citizens. Alaska State Troopers are a special breed, trained to meet incredible challenges. The department is currently hiring new troopers and no experience is needed. If you are currently certified as a police officer, the department offers generous pay for the experience you bring with you. Successful applicants from outside Alaska are eligible for up to $10,000 in move reimbursement. Find out more at

Photo courtesy of Lieutenant Derek DeGraaf

Cold Front in Midwest Presents Problems for Firefighters

As temperatures continue to drop in parts of the Midwestern United States, firefighters are faced with mechanical and technical issues due to icy vehicles and frozen hoses, as well as higher rates of house fires.

Eight people have died as a result of the Polar Vortex and many states have declared a State of Emergency with limited services taking place until the freeze begins to thaw.

In an interview with ABC Nebraska, fire chief of Grand Island Fire Department Scott Kuehl said “We do have an uptick in fires this time of year because of space heaters being used. Things like appliances and heaters malfunctioning because of such strenuous use and the cold weather here. So yes, we do see an uptick in those types of fires.”

Not only are instances of fire more common in winter, they can also be more difficult for fire crews to put out, especially when temperatures drop as low as -24 Fahrenheit, as they did in Des Moines, Iowa this week. reported that firefighters in Des Moines, Iowa working through the night to put out a house fire had to take extra precautions to avoid slippery surfaces and to keep their gear from freezing while they worked.

Fire crews help with a 24-vehicle pileup in Ottawa County, Michigan during snowy conditions

And in Madison, Wisconsin, fire crews who responded to a late night blaze had to take turns putting out the flames so that no one was put at risk of frostbite or other weather-related injuries.

Speaking with local television station WKOW, Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis said the emergency was during one of the coldest nights he’s ever worked in his three decades at the fire department. The thermometer read -21 degrees, but with the windchill it felt more like -46 degrees.

“Our people just did a phenomenal job. We asked a lot of them,” Davis said. “To do those 10-minute rotations in this cold was a big ask of anybody and our people just performed phenomenally.”

The shifts prevented any firefighters from sustaining a serious injury during the emergency but there were reports of hoses, hydrants, and even breathing masks that froze in the time the crew showed up on the scene and put out the fire.

Scott Kuehl says another big challenge for firefighters, apart from freezing gear, is freezing water. When we are spraying water, the water tends to freeze before it actually runs off the structure. The structure is already being compromised because of the fire so it could lead to a catastrophic failure of the roofs or walls because the water weighs eight pounds a gallon, and our trucks pump 500 gallons a minute.”

Please check with state and local emergency services in your area to follow the safety precautions recommended by them.

Calling all Street Reporters!

Sirennet is looking for photos of emergency vehicles to post on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we want you to help us!

You might have noticed we’ve started sharing some photographs of different emergency vehicles from around the world, and maybe you’ve see our new hashtag: #StreetReporterSeries or #SirennetStreetReporters.

It’s all part of our brand new social media project #StreetReporterSeries that we created to help us connect and engage with lights and sirens fans all over the world. We know you’re out there, and we want to see your hometown emergency vehicles!

Have a cool photo or video of an ambulance, fire truck, police car, or any other kind of emergency vehicle? Send it to or message us through any of our social media platforms with the picture/video and the location of where it was taken. You could be featured in our #SirennetStreetReporterSeries!

Coming Soon: The Sirennet Breakfast Show

Here at Sirennet, we’ve got a big announcement to make!

We will be launching a brand new series of videos discussing all things lights and sirens. We’ll be talking about your favorite products, showing you our best selling equipment, giving you an exclusive look at up-and-coming items, and teaching installation techniques so that you too, can trick out your vehicle.

Our very first Breakfast Show will air on February 5th and we’ll be focusing on a range of Whelen products that are easy to install and fun to use.

Not an advanced lights and sirens user? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about these Whelen LED beacons and other brands’ emergency equipment through our Breakfast Show series.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our online web shop at and follow us on YouTube for more installation and product breakdown videos.

The Code 3 LSS222 Two Level LED Beacon

The Code 3 LSS222 Two Level LED Beacon has two levels of unique LED reflectors provide a focused signal for superior brightness. Lens construction provides an excellent horizontal spread for easy identification of signal. 39 flash patterns including 4 simulated rotating patterns provide plenty of signal options. Low amp draw and bright output provide the ideal beacon for everyday use.

Only the Blue beacons are ECE65 compliant for use on international emergency vehicles. ECE65 regulates Special Warning Lamps for color, light output/angle and weatherproofing.


  • Two Levels of 8 LEDs Each.
  • Available with Amber, Blue, and Red LEDs.
  • Clear, Amber, Red, and Blue Polycarbonate Lenses.
  • 39 Built-in User Selectable Flash Patterns, Including 4 Simulated Rotating Patterns.
  • Provides 360° of Coverage.
  • Waterproof, ShockResistant, Potted Circuit Board.
  • Pipe/Permanent Mount Standard.
  • Available with Suction/Magnetic Mount with 9 foot Straight Cord.
  • Black Powder Coated Die-Cast Base


  • Pipe/Permanent Mount: 4.57” H x 5.75” Base Diameter (116.1 mm x 146 mm).
  • Magnetic Mount: 4.84” H x 6.38” Base Diameter (122.8 mm x 162 mm).
  • Lens Diameter: 4.29” (109 mm)
  • 10-30 Volt DC
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • 0.85 Amps Average
  • SAE J845, Class 1
  • California Title 13 Compliant in Red, Blue and Amber
  • Meets ECE65 in Blue Only

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Whelen Justice LED Lightbars at Sirennet

The Whelen Justice Competitor Series offers front, rear and all bar operation control, Scan-Lock flash patterns, pattern override feature, alley lights, take-downs, and low power operation. This lightbar uses standard CON3 lighthead modules with removable optic spreading filters and the corner modules have 6 Super-LEDs each. Comes with LR11 LED Take-Downs and Alley Lights. This lightbar is very service oriented. To change colors, upgrade or service lightbar in the field, simply remove four screws to access any section of the lightbar. Replace any lighthead by removing one screw and single connector. Black polycarbonate base on an extruded aluminum platform. 12 inches wide and only 2 1/4 inches high (without mounting feet). Clear outer lens standard with a moisture resistance compression fit gasket. Standard passenger side cable.

This is a Special Order item. Special order items are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable. All sales for special order items are final.


  • 4 – 6 Super-LED Corner Modules.
  • 12 – CON3 Super-LED Inboard Modules.
  • 2 – LR11 LED Take-Downs.
  • 2 – LR11 LED Alley Lights.
  • 2 Standard Flash Patterns.
  • Pattern Override.
  • Low Power Operation.

Available Color Configurations:

  • All Amber
  • All Blue
  • All Red
  • Red/Blue

Whelen Five Year HDP (Heavy-Duty Professional) Warranty on LEDs.

Code 3 Chase TriColor 18 LED Light

The Code 3 Chase TriColor 18 LED Light (Part# CD3766xxx) is a low profile two color LED light for Interior and Exterior surface mount applications. This TriColor directional LED warning light that can be programmed to flash 1, 2, or 3 colors individually or alternately. Available in various color combinations, the CD3766 Directional LED is a surface mount, dual color warning light that is ideal for a wide variety of auxiliary warning applications. Featuring linear optics, 18 high intensity LEDs (6 per color), 16 flash patterns, synchronization capability and an aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics, the CD3766 is an extremely bright, versatile and robust warning light. Each LED color can be controlled independently.

Available Color Combinations:

  • CD3766RBW – (6) Red, (6) Blue, and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766RBA – (6) Red, (6) Blue, and (6) Amber LEDs
  • CD3766BAW – (6) Blue, (6) Amber, and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766RAW – (6) Red, (6) Amber, and (6) White LEDs


  • 18 high intensity LEDs (6 LEDs of each color)
  • Each LED color can be controlled independently
  • 16 TriColor flash patterns
  • Synchronizable in some modes
  • Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Surface Mount


  • Voltage:12/24 Volt
  • Current: 0.9 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)
  • Meets SAE J595 Class I, California Title 13, R65, and R10 when properly configured.
  • Dimensions: 1.446" H x 6.417" W x 1.186" D (36.74 mm x 163 mm x 30.14 mm).
  • Distance between mounting holes (center-to-center): 6-9/16”.

Code 3 Three Year Warranty

Sirennet Red LED Safety Baton

The Sirennet Red LED Safety Baton is a useful tool for anyone who directs traffic – Day or Night. Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Personnel, Construction Workers, Crosswalk and Parking Attendants, will all benefit from the performance of this baton. This lightweight and durable LED baton operates for over 300 hours on 2 “C” cell batteries (not included). You control the the flash pattern by switching between steady burn or rapid flash. Stores conveniently under the seat or in the trunk.


  • Steady burning or 120 Rapid-Fire Flashes per minute.
  • Bright Red flash over the entire length off the light tube.
  • All LED display, over 300 hour run time on 2 “C” cell Batteries.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Total Length: 21″.
  • Light Tube Length: 13″.
  • Light Tube Diameter: 1.25″.
  • Handle Length: 8″.
  • Handle Diameter: 1.625″.

Sirennet Two Year Warranty Part Number(s):  SNLEDSBR