Everett PD in Washington State Offering $20K Bonus To New Officers

Everett Police Department in Washington State is hoping a monetary bonus will help bring in new recruits. Starting in June, an additional $20,000 bonus will be given to new lateral officers who complete training and join the force.

Photo Courtesy of Everett Police Department

For those considering the offer, the money will be paid in installments. The first payment will come on the officer’s hire date and the last payment will arrive after the officer completes probation.

Everett PD is hoping to recruit officers from within Washington State as relocating out-of-state recruits takes time and the agency is hoping to speed up the training process and get officers out and serving the community.

There are five vacant officer positions open with more positions expected to open up as several officers plan to retire before the summer is over. Everett PD hopes that with the additional bonus of $20,000, they’ll have a full team, trained and ready to serve their community, within the next six to 12 months.

If interested, head to https://everettwa.gov/552/Careers