Chilean Fire Department Orders 8 New Trucks From Spartan Emergency Response

The Spartan Emergency Response group, which is a business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc., is excited to announce a big order from the National Fire Departments Association (Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos) in Chile. The Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos has placed an order for eight new trucks, built on the custom Spartan chassis, to complete its fleet, which already features 114 Spartan models including 10 units that were delivered as recently as 2018.

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The partnership between the Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos and Spartan is strong. Since 2012, Spartan has been supplying the department with customized products and vehicles that have been designed with Chile’s geography in mind. The Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos uses their Spartan-made rigs for many different types of operations such as fire extinguishing missions and rescue operations, as well as salvage, overhaul, and ventilation calls.

“In the midst of serving communities around the world faced with natural disasters and dense populations across diverse geographies, first responder safety remains our top priority,” said Todd Fierro, President of Spartan Emergency Response. “Our universal impact starts with the men and women who put trust in our team and our products.   Our earned reputation as having a safe, reliable, and consistent product, regardless of the level of customization, goes beyond borders.”

The eight new trucks on order will be built to the specifications of the Junta Nacional de Cuerpos de Bomberos with help from their Chile-located Spartan dealer, Pesco S.A.

The rigs will feature C7 and C8 ladder tender designs: the C7 helps to maximize the space for other ground ladders and personnel in the cab of the truck, while the C8 maximize space in addition to carrying firefighters on the apparatus. The C8 also comes with exposed side-mounted ladders which help with quick access and deployment.