2 men killed in gun attack in Polish city of Poznan, police say

From the Associated Press

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Two men have died in a shooting in a downtown restaurant in the Polish city of Poznan, local police said Sunday.A spokesman for Poznan police, Andrzej Borowiak, said the incident took place in the hotel restaurant garden on St. Martin street, in Poznan Old Town, an area popular with tourists.

Borowiak said one of the two men was killed on the spot while the other died in hospital. The men were Poznan residents, aged 30 and 31.

He said police are “sure” that one of the men was responsible for the incident and are trying to find out what was the connection between the two.

Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper reported witnesses saying the one man shot the other and then shot himself. The daily did not identify the witnesses.

Police and the prosecutors are investigating.