Skyfire, Darley and DroneSense Team Up to Give Away Drone Program to Oklahoma City Fire Department

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Oklahoma City, OK — Representatives from Skyfire – the country’s premier public safety UAS consulting company – were on hand with partners WS Darley and DroneSense Tuesday, to award Oklahoma City Fire Department with a full drone program.

The donation was the result of the companies’ Spring 2019 contest giveaway, which includes two days of on-site training, a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual aircraft, FAA consulting, and a year-long subscription to DroneSense.

Skyfire, Darley and DroneSense Team Up to Give Away Drone Program to Oklahoma City Fire Department

“We are incredibly excited to be helping Oklahoma City Fire with its program, both for its strategic location among many flood-prone jurisdictions, as well as its proximity to the FAA’s major center of operations in the city,” said Matt Sloane, CEO of Skyfire.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent training new drone operators within the department to fly their new aircraft, and to help set up a program that will meet or exceed all of the FAA’s requirements for a public safety agency to operate unmanned aircraft.

“It is imperative that any agency that is looking to start a drone program not just go out and purchase a drone,” said Sloane. “They must get proper training and proper FAA authorization to ensure they’re operating safely.”

In addition to the consulting services being offered by Skyfire, WS Darley has provided the department with a thermal-imaging drone, which features attachments such as a bright spotlight and a loudspeaker.

“We are excited to be helping Oklahoma City start a robust drone program, and to bring this life-saving technology into the region,” said Mike Mocerino, director of robotics at WS Darley.

DroneSense, the leading public safety drone software company on the market, has also donated a year of software service, which will allow the department track all of its flights, and live stream video from the drone to multiple command centers around the city.

“We built the DroneSense platform to help leading public safety organizations, like Oklahoma City Fire Department, manage life-saving drone programs simply, securely, and reliably,” said Chris Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense. “We look forward to working with this team to enable a comprehensive drone program that leads to countless successful missions and a safer community.”

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