Product Post: Code 3 M180 Intersection/Takedown/ Puddle Light

The M180 combines 3 lights into one compact form – Intersection Light, a Takedown Light, and a Puddle Light – making it one of the most versatile lights ever offered by Code 3.

Design Features
• Single Color Center Section LEDs: Blue, Red, Amber, White, Green
• 3 Distinct Functions: 180 Degree Warning, Takedown, and Puddle Light
• Can be mounted anywhere an MR6 can
• Uses the same bezel and rear mounting holes as the MR6 light. Any
brackets designed to fit the MR6 will also work with the M180
• Brackets for all pursuit vehicles are available: under the side mirror,
front of side mirror, and side window mounting
• 29 Single Color Flash Patterns
• Grommet Mount Optional
• Syncs with Chase, MR6, and Mega Thin LEDs

• 12/24 VDC
• 0.9 Amps @ 12 VDC
• 10.8 Watts
• -40°C to 77°C
• California Title 13 light output
• SAE J845 and J595 Class 1, E/Reg. 65, R10, IP67
• 0.9” H x 4.5” L x 1.5” W (22.86 mm x 114.3 mm x 38.1 mm)
• 5-Year Warranty