ICE Arrest 280 Undocumented Workers in Biggest Raid in a Decade

ICE descended upon a technology company in Allen, Texas on Thursday in what is estimated to be the biggest workplace raid in a decade.

CVE Technology Group Inc. employees were targeted by homeland security investigations officers for violating administrative immigration laws and working in the United States unlawfully.

ICE agents raided Texas technology firm CVE Technology Group Inc. after receiving tips that the company had knowingly hired undocumented workers. Photo courtesy of Charles Reed / ICE/HSI

ICE was tipped off by sources complaining that the company had knowingly hired workers who were undocumented or in possession of fake identification papers.

While CVE Technology Group Inc. has yet to make a statement, Katrina W. Berger, an ICE agent that runs the branch’s Homeland Security Investigations unit in Dallas, said “As far as immigration-related arrests, this is the largest ICE worksite operation at one site in the last 10 years.”

Berger was unable to make further comments on the investigation as it is ongoing but said “the numbers of the administrative arrests we made today hint at the significant scope of this investigation.”

For the relatives of family members detained by ICE, the situation seems unjust. In an interview with NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the daughter of a detained worker, Anel Perez, said “It’s not fair. It’s really sad and it makes a lot of people really angry and frustrated,”

The detained workers will await their fate as ICE processes them and completes the appropriate steps to determining whether or not to send them back to their birth countries or keep them in the United States if they are legal citizens.