South African Premier Forgoes New Car, Instead Buys Ambulances for Province

Zamani Saul is on a mission to cut down on costs and improve conditions in the Northern Cape, the South African province he was elected to govern over.

Saul tweeted his administration would not be buying any new cars for Members of his Executive Council, or MECs as they’re commonly referred to. The money would instead go to buying 63 new ambulance vans that will be used throughout the Northern Cape province.

Zamani Saul, newly elected Premier of the Northern Cape province, receives 63 new ambulance vans to serve communities throughout the province. Photo Courtesy of Zamani Saul/Twitter

Saul’s determination to improve living conditions for communities in his province is noble, but he refuses to be glorified for it. He made the decision not to have any photos taken of himself or his staff of MECs to be hung around the government offices in the province, a custom that is typical when a new government is elected.

On May 29, Saul tweeted “No pictures of me or any of the MECs Will be mounted on walls of government departments in the Northern Cape Province. Our task is to serve and not to be glorified. CONGRATS TO THE NEWLY APPOINTED MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. I have full confidence in your capabilities.”

It seems the new premier is taking steps in the right direction to cut government spending and many have applauded him for it, but others are unsure if it will be enough in the long run. Only time will tell.