Product Post: Whelen M6 Linear Super-LED Lighthead

The Whelen M6 Linear Super-LED Lighthead is a mid-sized member of the M Series family of lightheads, and that makes it special for a number of reasons. Did you know the M Series is the only Patented Linear-LED lighthead series? It’s designed to stand-up to the harsh environments and standards of the industry while providing top of the line performance. We love Whelen’s bold approach to designing for the future of fire, ambulance and rescue truck emergency lighting.

We’ve included some of the features and specs of this product below, but give us a call at 503-670-4700 for pricing! Our sales team would be happy to offer a quote and answer any of your questions.


  • Surface mounted via two screws.
  • Super-LEDs provide unmatched high intensity warning, low current consumption.
  • Unique lens shape is completely illuminated with patented Linear-LED designed reflector assembly.
  • Lens and reflector are a sealed assembly.
  • Available with color (same as LEDs) or clear lens.
  • Mounting screws are located outside of the sealed lens/reflector assembly eliminating water infiltration.
  • Replaceable light engine is accessed from the rear of the lens/reflector assembly.
  • Rear gasket ensures that the lighthead and optional flange does not touch the vehicle’s surface.
  • Updated design allows for faster and easier installation.
  • M6 lightheads have 164 Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Choose from Solid, Left/Right, Top/Bottom, In/Out, or Diagonal sequencing.
  • Meets KKK 1822F, NFPA 1901, SAE and EC65 specifications.
  • 82 flash patterns meet California Title XIII compliant.
  • Hi/Low intensity function included (Violet wire).
  • Hard coating on lens resists scratches, chemical and corrosive damage.
  • Current Draw @ 12.8 VDC: 2.25 (Peak*), 0.9 (Average). * in steady on mode
  • Dimensions (approximate): 4-5/16″ (109mm) H x 6-3/4″ (170mm) W x 1-3/8″ (35mm) D.

Whelen 5 Year Warranty