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Product Post: Code 3 Defender QuadCore LED Lightbar

The Code 3 Defender QuadCore LED Lightbar is the latest edition of the Defender series lightbar. The QuadCore Technology uses a patented micro-optic diffuser and low-profile faceted optic shape to provide a more uniform spread of light. The QuadCore modules have 3 sub-optics for each LED to capture light efficiently for superior light concentration, providing high color intensity in either daytime or low light situations. The QuadCore lightheads utilize a streamlined design that uses less parts and a new, more efficient heat sink that allows for outstanding heat dissipation. Along with the new lightheads, a new central controller board opens up a whole new world of flash pattern options. With the new central controller board, you can synchronize individual banks of lightheads giving you the ultimate in flash pattern customizability.

NOTE: Light bars come with clear outer domes unless otherwise specified.

QuadCore Technology Benefits

  • Patented micro-optic diffuser and low-profile faceted optic shape provides a more uniform spread of light.
  • 3 sub-optics for each LED capture light efficiently for superior light concentration, providing high color intensity in either daytime or low light situations.
  • QuadCore lightheads require lower amp draw, reducing strain on a vehicle’s electrical system.
  • A new heat sink provides better heat transfer to the frame keeping the lightheads and interior of the bar cool.
  • A redesigned interface between the lower lens and mounting plate provides an improved sealing system.
  • QuadCore lightheads utilize less parts for maintenance free operation.
  • Each lighthead is internally grounded therefore less wires are required for the lighthead to function.
  • A locating tab allows for quicker replacement of lightheads.
  • Redesigned connectors eliminate pinch points.

Design Features

  • Single and MultiColor in Red, Blue, Amber, White, or Red/Blue, Red/White, Blue/White, Red/Amber, Amber/White.
  • 3” Single Color (6 LED) and MultiColor (12 LED) Lightheads Available.
  • 6” Single Color (12 LED) and MultiColor (24 LED) Lightheads Available.
  • Alley Lights and Scene Lights.
  • New Central Controller Board allows for a multitude of new flash patterns.
  • Provides the capability to synchronize banks of lights.
  • New Flash Pattern Software (1000 Single/1050 MultiColor).
  • One Touch Setting/Changing of Flash Patterns.
  • Flasher/Steady Burn Feature for Work Lights and Scene Lights.
  • Dimming Feature.
  • Built-In NarrowStik Function.

Standard Options

  • Serial Interface.
  • Opticom 795H Infrared LED Emitter (E795LP).
  • NASCC ArrrowStik Controller Shows Emulation Patterns.
  • Quick Disconnect Switch.
  • Auto Dimming with Photo Cell.
  • Solar Panel with Battery Charger.
  • Black Intermolded Solar Barrier is Standard – Red, Blue or Amber optional.


  • Standard Lengths: 23′, 35′, 36′, 44′, 47′, 48′, 52′, 58′, 70′, 82′, 94′ L x 13.5” D x 2.25” H.
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Meets applicable SAE, J845, NFPA, California Title 13 and ECE65 specifications when properly configured.

Code 3 One Year Warranty on the entire lightbar and Five Year Warranty on LED modules

Forest Grove, Ore. PD offering free vests to cyclists

A great example of local law enforcement looking out for their fellow citizens.

From Forest Grove Police:

“In all this dark, foggy, and all around yucky winter weather, the Forest Grove Police Department would like to offer a free reflector vest to pedestrians/cyclists who might want/need one! Just come on by the station Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and we’ll get you one!

They are brand new, adult one-size fits all, bright orange with reflective stripes. No kids sizes, unfortunately… But as you can see, they work!

Special shout out to our friends at Forest Grove UnCorked, Life Safety Corporation, and several generous members of our community for donating vests for the program!

Product Post: ECCO Vantage LED Exterior Lightbar

The ECCO Vantage LED Exterior Lightbar is designed to offer excellent value in terms of cost, performance, durability, flexibility of configuration and of course, easy installation and use. Suitable for a wide variety of applications where width of vehicle warning is required, the Vantage lightbar is available in 8 configurations to suit most needs. Call us for custom configurations.

NOTE: Light bars come with clear outer domes unless otherwise specified.

This price is for All Amber Warning Modules Only. For all Blue, Red, Green, and White needs call for a quote.

The Vantage (12 Series) lightbar is now available Dual Color modules. Please call for a quote.

Part#: Length – Configuration

  • 12-20001-E: 48′ – 16 LED Warning Modules
  • 12-20004-E: 48′ – 16 LED Warning Modules, Add Alleys and Worklights
  • 12-20002-E: 54′ – 16 LED Warning Modules
  • 12-20005-E: 54′ – 16 LED Warning Modules, Add Alleys, Worklights and STT
  • 12-20003-E: 60′ – 16 LED Warning Modules
  • 12-20006-E: 60′ – 16 LED Warning Modules, Add Alleys, Worklights and STT


  • 48 flash patterns.
  • Five color options: Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Red.
  • 16 Wide-angle Warning LED modules.
  • Three length options: 48”, 54” and 60”.
  • Aluminum chassis, polycarbonate base and lens.
  • All lenses and domes are clear.
  • Optional 5 Function Controller (See in side-bar).
  • Range of strap mounting accessory kits (See in side-bar).
  • Optional LED Modules: Worklights, Alley Lights and Stop-Tail-Turn.
  • Customizable configuration available (Call for custom configurations).


  • Voltage: 12-24 VDC
  • Current: 7.2 Amps
  • Flash Patterns: 48
  • Height: 2.5”
  • Width: 11”
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F (-30°C to +50°C)
  • Approval: SAE J845 Class I, California Title 13, CE, R10

ECCO 3 Years Warranty

More than 50 injured after Delta jet dumps fuel on L.A. schools during midair emergency

By Doha Madani at NBC

Scores of people were exposed to jet fuel or fumes on Tuesday when a Delta flight was forced to dump fuel over a Los Angeles schoolyard and school buildings during an emergency shortly after departing Los Angeles International Airport.

At least 20 children were treated for minor injuries after being exposed to the jet fuel, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The department said a total of 60 people were treated from six schools in the area.

Delta Flight 89, on its way to China, Shanghai, experienced an engine issue that required it to return to LAX shortly after takeoff, the company said in a statement. The plane landed safely after the fuel release, which the airline said was required as part of the procedure.

“We are in touch with Los Angeles World Airports and the L.A. County Fire Department and share concerns regarding reported minor injuries to adults and children at a school in the area,” Delta said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was looking into the reports that school children were being treated for fuel exposure.

The FAA also said that there are special fuel-dumping procedures for any aircraft operating from any major U.S. airport: “These procedures call for fuel to be dumped over designated unpopulated areas, typically at higher altitudes so the fuel atomizes and disperses before it reaches the ground.”

LAX confirmed that it was aware of the Delta flight reporting a mechanical issue and conducting an “emergency fuel release” before returning.

“We are concerned about reports of impacts on the ground from the fuel release, and are in close communication with Delta and first responders as their investigations continue,” the airport said on its Twitter account.

Rosenbauer delivers the 2,000th PANTHER to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), Florida

From FireFighterNation

Two brand new Rosenbauer PANTHER 6×6 HRET aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles were put into service on January 13 at the Broward County, Florida, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) in an event featuring a traditional push-back ceremony. In the future, these vehicles will act as the flagships of the airport fire brigade. The performance, safety, and ergonomics of the high-end devices exceed the NFPA and FAA requirements.

The PANTHER is the premier class among Rosenbauer fire engines, an ARFF vehicle with outstanding performance values executed with a breathtaking design. The PANTHER 6×6, which is the variant in use at FLL, is powered by a 700-hp Volvo Penta D-16 engine (Tier IV final), which accelerates the 39-ton vehicle from 0 to 50 mph in less than 34 seconds and allows it to achieve a top speed of 72 mph. The all-wheel chassis, together with a low center of gravity and its proven rigid axle system, give the PANTHER stability and safe driving characteristics. The crew is optimally protected during the drive by the certified cabin, which is crash-tested according to ECE R29-3 requirements.

The extinguishing technology is at the heart of the PANTHER and has been the core competence of the Rosenbauer Group for more than a century. The vehicles for FLL provide a system output of 2,100 gpm, whereby the water and foam admixture can be simultaneously discharged. The fully integrated extinguishing technology includes two high-performance turrets, one of which is mounted on the extinguishing arm (HRET), and a high-volume low-attack (HVLA) turret on the front of the vehicle. Up to 1,200 gpm of extinguishing agent (water or water/foam mixture) can be applied via the HRET and/or HVLA monitor. Throw reaches from both monitors of approximately 85 m enable firefighters to work from a safe distance while covering the entire length of any aircraft fuselage. The extinguishing arm can be raised up to 16.5 m and enables targeted firefighting from an elevated position.

The extinguishing arm is also equipped with a piercing tool, the spike of which can be pushed through the shell of the aircraft in order to deliver extinguishing agents to an aircraft’s interior cabin or cargo compartments. For self-protection, such as when jet fuel may flow beneath the vehicle, it is equipped with under truck nozzles that allow the operator to apply a foam blanet under the truck.

The PANTHER at FLL has 3,170 gallons of water, 396 gallons of foaming agent, and 250 kg each of extinguishing powder and extinguishing gas (Halotron) on board. Powder and either water or a water/foam mixture can be applied simultaneously via a twin-agent hose reel or the HVLA bumper turret. The extinguishing gas (Halotron) is either applied via its own rapid attack unit (including reel) or via the piercing tool located at the tip of the extinguishing arm.

All of the PANTHERs’ firefighting equipment can be controlled from the cabin. The displays and controls in the cockpits are ergonomically optimized and arranged so that they can be operated and viewed by both the driver and the front passenger. The extinguishing arms and turrets are controlled by means of joysticks, which record the movements of the human hand very precisely and transmit them in an equally precise and targeted manner.

For more information, visit

Product Post: Federal Signal LEDTCL97 Traffic Clearing Light

Alert Drivers Faster
Federal Signal’s LED Traffic Clearing Light (TCL) is designed to bring attention to drivers as a fire apparatus or ambulanceis approaching from the rear of their vehicle. The LED TCL’s optics and unique sequence of flash patterns direct light to the driver’s rear-view mirror warning them of the emergency vehicle.

LED TCL and perimeter warning lights work together to help warn roadway traffic. While perimeter lights provide 360-degree of warning light around the emergency vehicle, the LED TCL produces 250+ feet of directional light to the front of the emergency vehicle.


  • Current Draw 3.0 A/1.5 A (6×4) – 7.0 A (9×7)
  • Input Voltage 12/24 VDC (6×4) – 12 VDC (9×7)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40˚C to 80˚C
  • Physical Specs. (HxWxD) 6×4 – 4.15 in (10.5 cm) x 6.56 (16.7 cm) x 1.67 in (4.2 cm)
  • 9×7 – 7.15 in (18.1 cm) x 9.16 (23.3 cm) x 1.66 in (4.2 cm)
  • Ship Weight 6×4 – 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • 9×7 – 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg)

Product Post: Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light

The Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light (CD3766-VDL) is a low profile two color LED light for interior applications. This Dual Color Directional LED Warning Light that can be programmed to flash either color individually or alternately. Available in 4 color combinations, the CD3766-VDL is a deck/dash dual color warning light that is ideal for a wide variety of auxiliary warning applications. Featuring linear optics, 12 high intensity LEDs (6 per color), 11 flash patterns, individual control of each LED color and an aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics. The CD3766-VDL is an extremely bright, versatile and robust warning light. 

Available Color Combinations:

  • CD3766AW-VDL  (6) Amber and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766BW-VDL  (6) Blue and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766RB-VDL  (6) Red and (6) Blue LEDs
  • CD3766RW-VDL  (6) Red and (6) White LEDs


  • 12 high intensity LEDs (6 LEDs of each color).
  • Each LED color can be controlled independently.
  • 69 flash patterns.
  • Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens.
  • Encapsulated electronics.
  • Deck/Dash Mount: 4 suction cups or 2 ‘L’ brackets.
  • 9 foot long cable 2 switch plug.


  • Voltage:12/24 Volt
  • Current: 0.9 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)
  • Meets SAE J595 Class I, California Title 13, R65, and R10 when properly configured.
  • Dimensions: 2.25′ H x 7.75′ W x 4.50′ D (57 mm x 197 mm x 114 mm).

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Product Post: The Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light

The Vertex Super-LED Hide-A-Way Light (VTX609) is an ultra small, self-contained, hemispheric LED light, for surface mount or internal mount within composite head lamps, cornering lamps and tail light assemblies. This self-contained unit uses an in-line combination lamp driver/flasher which means a simple installation with no separate lamp drivers, flashers, ballast or power supplies to install. The VTX609’s lens technology enhances light distribution for optimum dispersion and intensity of the warning signal at critical angles. Includes pre-wired and sealed 8 foot neoprene cable to the lighthead and lamp driver, with 4-22 gauge power, pattern and synchronize pigtail wires. Only 7/8″ in height, this small hemispheric LED lighthead is perfect for most applications where size and intensity are critically important.


  • Each light module contains 6 – Gen3 Super-LEDs.
  • 25 Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Includes synchronize feature for alternating and synchronous flashing of multiple lamps.
  • Aluminum base and advanced thermal heat management system is designed for endless years of trouble free service.
  • Pre-wired and sealed 8 foot neoprene cable to the lighthead and lamp driver, with 4-22 gauge power, pattern and synchronize pigtail wires.
  • Lamp and in-line lamp driver are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.
  • Omni-directional lighthead mounts in any position (orientation), vertically or horizontally.
  • Available in amber, blue, white and red.
  • SAE Class 5.
  • No RFI noise emitted.
  • Voltage: 10 – 16 VDC.
  • Amp draw: .750/peak and .300/average.
  • 1″ hole makes this LED module backwards compatible with all standard 1″ Hide-A-Way style lamps.
  • Two screws hold the lamp securely in place.

Available Versions:

  • VTX609A – Amber
  • VTX609B – Blue
  • VTX609C – White
  • VTX609D – Red/White
  • VTX609E – Blue/White
  • VTX609J – Red/Blue
  • VTX609R – Red

Whelen 5 Year Warranty

NOTE: LED color must match color of the lens it is installed behind, except for clear lens.

Vertex Hide-A-Way Light assemblies are sold individually.
Price shown is for ONE (1) Vertex Lighthead.
This product is NOT sold in pairs.

Product Post: Whelen HHS4200 Hand Held Programmable Siren

Whelen’s innovative HHS Series features standard switching and a completely redesigned molded amplifier housing, providing excellent durability. Various control heads are compatible with the HHS Series. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer.

This model is the same as HHS3200, Except with WeCan Port that Supports the Inner Edge FST, XLP and RST Series, WeCan Lightbars, and a WeCan External Amplifier (Not for Use with the CANEM16 Expansion Module)

HHS4200Siren Amplifier with Hand-Held Controller (CANCTL5)
HHS4206Siren Amplifier with Slide Switch and Rotary Knob Controller (CANCTL6)
HHS4207Siren Amplifier with 21 Push-Buttons and Slide Switch Controller (CANCTL7)


  • Meets Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822, and California Title XIII when paired with one Whelen 100 watt speaker
  • Windows based programming software for full customization and configuration
  • Three control heads available
  • Two year warranty


  • Durable Black molded housing
  • Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard
  • 37 total tones, including mechanical tones
  • Includes 20′ interconnect cable
  • External spade-type fuses
  • Size: 7.46″ (18.95cm) H, 8.49″ (21.56cm) W, 2.35″ (5.97cm) D
  • Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output
  • Includes WeCan port that supports the Inner Edge FST and RST Series, WeCan lightbars, or WeCan external amplifier
  • Operates one or two 100 watt speakers

Whelen Two Year Warranty

Product Post: SoundOff LED3 Mini Light

This great little light offers maximum versatility with powerful Gen 3 LEDs and Light Synch Technology. Light Synch Technology allows you to synchronize up to 4 – LED3 Mini Lights seamlessly. Compact size & powerful output makes this light perfect for any type of vehicle or application; mount to the grille, bumper, mirror, or around the license plate. Great for motorcycle boxes and engine fairings, too. Red, Blue & Amber Modules meet SAE Specs with one light. Red & Blue meet CA Title 13 spec with one light, and Amber meets CA spec with two lights.


  • The LED3 Mini Light offers a smaller size with even brighter light output.
  • Features 3 brilliant Gen3 LEDs.
  • Long lasting LEDs have a very low amp draw.
  • 33 built-in flash patterns.
  • Light Sync Technology allows you to synchronize up to 4 lights to flash alternating or simultaneously.
  • Extended polycarbonate lens gives great off angle visibility.
  • Weatherproof design for external or internal use.
  • Light includes 18″ of 3-wire shielded cable.
  • Available in 5 safety colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White.
  • Size: 2.52″ W x 1.33″ H x .90″ D.

SoundOff 5 Year No Hassle Warranty