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Stranded Norwegian Cruise Ship Makes It To Port

When passengers boarded the Viking Sky ship traveling between the Norwegian cities of Tromso and Stavanger, they were hoping for a relaxing and luxurious cruise free from stress and worry. That’s not what they got.

At around 2 p.m. local time on Saturday, the ship “experienced a loss of engine power off the coast of Norway near Molde” causing it to send out a mayday for help, according to the Viking Ocean cruises website.

The loss of engine power happened during a fierce storm at sea, which led the crew to decide to evacuate as many passengers from the ship as possible via helicopter while the engines were fixed.

Of the 1,300 people on board, 479 were airlifted securely from the cruise ship while the remaining crew and passengers waited nearly 20 hours for the engines to be fixed. On Sunday morning, the engines regained power and the Viking Sky sailed into the closest port with the assistance of one tug assist vessel and two supply ships.

Passengers rescued from the Viking Sky cruise ship are helped from a helicopter in Hustadvika, Norway, Saturday March 23, 2019. A cruise ship with engine problems sent a mayday call off Norway’s western coast on Saturday, then began evacuating its 1,300 passengers and crew amid stormy seas and heavy winds in a high-risk helicopter rescue operation. (Odd Roar Lange/NTB Scanpix via AP) Caption Courtesy of AP

American Jan Terbruegen was one of the passengers who had to wait out the storm while the engine was being fixed. In an interview with CNN affliate Dagbladet, he explained his harrowing experience. “Furniture would slide across the room, slide back and with it came people and glass. It was a very dangerous situation frankly.”

“We were trying to stay lower in the ship towards the center just because it was a recipe for seasickness. And then they called muster stations and within half an hour we figured out that we’re getting off here,” said Terbruegen.

“We could see that we were getting blown in towards some rocks. That was the most frightening thing I think. But luckily that wasn’t our destiny.”

Approximately twenty people had sustained injuries and were being treated at medical facilities in Norway. The Viking Sky said it has cancelled its next cruise on March 27 from Scandinavia to the Kiel Canal.

Cyclone Idai Strikes Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, Killing Hundreds and Displacing 100,000 People

Cyclone Idai has killed an estimated 750 people in the countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique while managing to displace thousands more in the southern African region.

A flooded street in Buzi, central Mozambique, is nearly impossible to cross after major flooding caused by Cyclone Idai.
Photo Courtesy of AFP/Getty Images

The storm landed in Mozambique on March 15 and that country has seen the most damage so far: the coastal city of Beira has been almost completely wiped out and an inland ocean has formed that measures 80 miles long and 15 miles wide.

Massive amounts of rain caused major flooding and parts of Mozambique saw floods of up to 19 feet deep. An estimated 2 million people have been affected by Cyclone Idai, which the United Nations called “one of the worst weather-related disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere”.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

As more rainfall is expected in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, rescue workers worry that sending aid to survivors and rescuing those in need will become increasingly more difficult.

“We are looking at a severe humanitarian emergency here that is affecting thousands and thousands of people. It’s so much more severe than we were expecting,” said International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies spokesperson Caroline Haga in an interview. “These people are now trapped in trees and on rooftops of buildings.”

Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

If you were looking to buy a beacon, wouldn’t you want it to be the brightest beacon on the market? The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360°Beacon is just that. It’s as powerful as a strobe light but maintains the sharpness of an LED.

The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

It’s heavy-duty and features a built-in flasher that comes with selectable Scan-Lock flash patterns, Hi/Low intensity, built-in Cruise Light and synchronization feature. The 360°Beacon also comes with 4 intensity levels that can be selected by momentarily activating the Cruise Light wire.

As the name suggests, this beacon gives 360° of warning and is certified to meet SAE J845 360°, Class I (amber) and CA Title XIII Table 4 360°(amber).

Check out other features and specifications below, or head to to learn more.


  • This new beacon has been designed from the ground up based upon Generation 3.5 LED technology.
  • State-of-the-art optical design delivers the brightest LED beacon on the market.
  • Smart-LED design requires no external flasher; includes 28 built-in Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Able to alternately or simultaneously flash multiple patterns with multiple L360 beacons.
  • 4 simulated rotating patterns.
  • Hi/Low intensity feature.
  • Cruise Light.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated die-cast base.
  • Flat permanent mounting standard.
  • Optional pipe mount (1” NPT) kit available.
  • Optional perm/pipe mount (1” NPT) kit with branch guard available.


  • 12 VDC.
  • 3.8 Amp (peak), 1.5 Amp (average).
  • Size: 4-1/64” (102mm) H x 7-11/64” (182mm) Dia.

Available Models:

  • L31HAF – Amber Permanent Mount
  • L31HRF – Red Permanent Mount

Whelen 5 Year Warranty

As Brexit Looms, What Would a No-Deal Scenario Mean for Police?

As Prime Minister Theresa May appeals to Brussels for a short delay in the Brexit negotiations, people everywhere are wondering how a no-deal outcome would affect them. One police chief said it could create problems for British police wanting to detaining foreign suspects and for police trying to bring British criminals living as fugitives in Europe back to the UK for trials.

In an interview with Vikram Dodd of the Guardian in February, Deputy assistant commissioner Richard Martin said “Criminals are entrepreneurs of crime … if there is a gap to exploit I’m sure some of them probably would.”

Martin is heading up preparations for national police to deal with whatever Brexit scenario comes to pass, though any kind of exit from the EU is sure to have a significant impact in how the British national police do their job.

As Theresa May requests an extension of Brexit, a no-deal is looking like one of the most likely outcomes, which would lead to the loss of access to the SIS-2 database, a log of outstanding suspects and convictions that police across Europe rely on. The British police used this database 539 million times last year. “If we exit the EU without a deal that gets switched off overnight,” said Martin.

Police would also lose the ability to arrest foreign suspects through the European arrest warrant. This warrant allows a quicker extradition process and gives police the chance to arrest a suspect if they suspect another country has put out a warrant for them.

If British police do spot a suspect they believe is wanted for crimes in France, for example, they would be unable to detain that person even if there was an international warrant via Interpol out for their arrest.

“We could not arrest that person in front of us, while with an EAW (European Arrest Warrant) we can do it instantaneously,” Martin said in the interview. “The officer has to go to a magistrates court to get a warrant under the 1957 convention of extradition.”

That extradition process could take up to 66 days. Any kind of added bureaucracy or procedures would stall action on behalf of the police and have impacts on their ability to make arrests. And while Martin doesn’t think criminals will flock to the UK should a no-deal Brexit happen, he does think that the lack of support from the EU will have implications for his officers.

“If something takes two or three times as long as when you were doing it before, that’s probably another couple of hours maybe you are not back on the streets … It will have an impact on the frontline.”

This story was originally reported by Vikram Dodd of the Guardian.

Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

Looking for something that will work in your undercover vehicle but won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light.

The Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

It’s lightweight and only 1 inch thick, but don’t think that means it isn’t bright. The item itself will fit snugly on the visor without anyone noticing it, but once you turn it on… well, let’s just say you won’t be able to miss it.

It’s easy to operate and plugs into a cigarette lighter. It also meets all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.

Check out that light output!


  • 26 Flash Patterns
  • Each side has its own Flash Pattern button
  • Red or Blue LEDs
  • Colored or Clear Outer Lenses
  • Black Polycarbonate Housing
  • 9 Foot Cord with Lighter Plug and On/Off Switch
  • Mounts using Two Velcro Straps


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current (Red): .85 Amp per module
  • Current (Blue): 1.0 Amp per module
  • Certifications: SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 3/8″ H x 11″ W x 1″ D.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Police Apprehend Suspect in Utrecht Shooting

A shooting on a busy tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday led to three people dead and five seriously wounded. Now, the Utrecht police have arrested the alleged gunman.

The motive of the gunman is unclear at this point.

Dutch police and counter-terrorism units worked together to apprehend the suspect several hours after he allegedly opened fire into a crowded tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Photo Courtesy of BBC.

The incident, which happened around 10:45AM local time, caused schools to be closed and increased police presence at airports and mosques.

The gunman, according to eyewitnesses, “started shooting wildly” as passengers aboard the tram scattered to safety.

“I looked behind me and saw someone lying there behind the tram,” said an eyewitness in an interview with Dutch public broadcaster NOS. “People got out of their cars… and they started to lift her up.

“I helped to pull her out and then I saw a gunman run towards us, with his gun raised,” he said. “I heard people yell ‘Shooter! Shooter!’ and I started to run.”

The gunman then fled the scene, causing a manhunt that lasted nearly all of Monday as police tried to locate him.

The incident caused Utrecht’s threat level to raise to the highest it has ever been, but has since been lowered now that the suspect has been arrested.

Product Post: Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar

When we were choosing which product to discuss with you all today, the Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar seemed like an obvious choice. It’s suitable for many types of vehicles and purposes, it’s sturdy and won’t require much maintenance, and it’s got a low current draw. When it comes to lightbars we love, it’s right at the top.

The Pursuit Lightbar has a sleek, inconspicuous shape but don’t think that will impact it’s light output. This is a powerful, super bright light with two unique levels of lighting (in a 3” high lightbar!) and the upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity.

The Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar. Isn’t she something!

Set on an aluminium chassis and encased in clear, weatherproof, polycarbonate lenses along with encapsulated electronic control modules, this item is strong, durable and protected against the environment. There are numerous options and lengths available and lightbar can either be mounted permanently to the vehicle or mounted using the vehicle roof gutters. It also utilizes individual top lenses for easy internal access with a provision to disconnect the lightbar cable to allow easy removal of the lightbar.

Here are some other unique features that set the Code 3 Pursuit apart from all other lightbars on the market today:

  • Two Unique Levels of Lighting in a 3” High Lightbar (as mentioned above)
  • The upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity. (as mentioned above)
  • The lower level contains multiple types of functionality such as takedowns, alley lights, traffic director and optional scene lights.
  • New optics technology provides exceptional LED brightness for takedown and alley lighting.
  • Powerful Lower Level LEDs for use as Takedowns, Alley, Rear Arrowstik, Flashing & Intersection Lights in White or Amber.

Cutting Edge Programming and Configuration

  • All new PC programming software interface (C3 Pro) allows the user to program every level, every head, and every flash pattern to their needs. 
  • Never before seen flash pattern combinations, intersection, dim, and cruise options, that allow the user to create the lightbar for their specific mission.
  • Corner Intersection Sweeping Flash Pattern for Lower Level Lights.
  • The best part is the user can preview all of it before installing it on their light bar.
  • A serial network control system allows for easy control over settings, configurations, flash patterns, and more while still allowing the user to utilize existing control or switching systems.

Unlimited Flash Patterns

  • Each lighthead can be assigned an individual flash pattern providing almost unlimited flash pattern options.
  • Flash red/blue on the upper level, a NarrowStik on the bottom rear and a full Takedown on the lower front – all at the same time!
  • An exceptional Code 3 Sweeping Intersection light pattern for the lower level can be selected.
  • 2 levels of Auto Dimming can be programmed per light head and per level.
  • The Pursuit allows you to choose from a high or low “Cruise” intensity, and a high or low “Flicker Cruise” intensity.

Impressive Integrated LED Takedown lights

  • Optional powerful lower level white LED scene lights provide up to 360º of illumination.
  • Lower level LEDs are individually switchable (left, right, front, and back) for use as alley lights, takedown lights, work lights and intersection lights.

Designed to survive in the harshest of working environments

  • Revolutionary new internal layout and design, making maintenance and troubleshooting a snap!
  • An integrated lens sealing system and Encapsulated Control Electronics in conjunction with membrane vents protect the Pursuit from vibration, moisture, dirt, and dust.
  • Wiring channels and connector retaining clips along with a specifically designed cable gland keep all internal wiring neat, organized, and secure.
  • A unique top protection system mounted beneath the lightbar lenses secures internal components from damaging UV sunlight while helping the lightbar run cooler and more efficiently.
  • A curved form factor that allows the lightbar to match the curved roofs of today’s emergency vehicles.

Easy to Install and Troubleshoot

  • The light bar has one small cable with a hot, ground, and two serial wires making routing and installation of the cable a breeze.
  • Indicator lights for each lighthead on the circuit board show if it is receiving a signal, making troubleshooting at the board level much faster.
  • One-to-one plug ratio on internal wiring harness allows easy replacement of a single bad wire as opposed to having to replace a whole harness.
  • Each lighthead is labeled with a color coded grommet plus a label indicating color/date of manufacture. This makes identifying the LED type and warranty date extremely easy!

Easy to Maintain

  • Aluminum plates under the top lenses prevent UV degradation.
  • Uniquely molded grommet system, at entry point of lightbar cable, prevents water ingress or cable wear.
  • Organized internal locating system contains wiring tracks for routing all wiring and connections, keeping all internals neat and eliminating pinched wires.
  • Brass inserts are molded into the polycarbonate base to prevent screw stripping or cracking when the top lens screws are tightened.
  • The tough polycarbonate exterior lenses are fixed to a solid alloy chassis with stainless steel fittings. 
  • The cable gland in the base of the lightbar seals around the ultra-thin 0.40” power and data cable.


  • Auto Dimming with Photocell
  • Lower Level Traffic Director
  • Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear
  • Internal Illuminated Sign Module*


  • Available Lengths (inches): 24”, 30”, 36”, 41”, 47”*, 53”, 59”*, 65”, 71”, 77”, 83”.
  • Available Lengths (metric): 604mm, 754mm, 904mm, 1054mm, 1204mm*, 1354mm, 1504mm*, 1654mm, 1804mm, 1954mm, 2104mm.
  • Width and Height (common): 13.45” W x 3” H (343 mm x 76mm).
  • Multi-voltage (10–30V) Operation with Class-leading EMC Performance
  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1, California Title 13 , when properly configured. Also meets R10, IP65, CISPR 25.

*Illuminated Sign Available only in 47” & 59” L.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty on LED Modules and Central Controller

Give us a call or visit our website to learn more!

Late Winter Frost Causes Issues for Colorado and the Midwest

A blizzard that descended on Colorado and Wyoming last week is now moving east to wreak havoc on the Midwestern United States.

Western Nebraska saw a major snowstorm leading to white-out conditions while other parts of the state saw major rainfall, causing some towns to be evacuated due to the risk of flooding.

City of Scottsbluff, Neb. plows work to clear snow from Broadway on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Evacuations forced by flooding have occurred in several eastern Nebraska communities, as western Nebraska residents struggled with blizzard-like conditions. (Photo and Caption Courtesy of Spike Jordan/The Star-Herald via AP)

Emergency service workers helped to rescue a vehicle that was swept off of a road in Norfolk, Nebraska and that incident, coupled with rising water levels along the Elkhorn River, initiated the evacuation of nearly 24,000 people in the area. The driver of the vehicle has not yet been located.

Other towns in Nebraska, as well as one town in Iowa, have also been evacuated.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem began preparing a state of emergency declaration after she closed all state offices Thursday. Shortly after closing state offices, Governor Noem ordered the state’s Emergency Operations Center to open, as the Red Cross opened shelters in the cities of Sioux Falls and Yankton.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds also signed a state of emergency order on Thursday and opened the state emergency operations center, as record setting levels of rain fell on Sioux City, Iowa.

Colorado was the first victim of this late-winter storm and saw major power outages, travel delays, and grounded planes across the state last week.

Tornadoes in New Mexico and Kentucky have also been linked to this spurt of bad weather.

This story was first reported by By Blake Nicholson and Nelson Lampe of the Associated Press.

Multiple Attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand Leave 40 Dead and Many Wounded

40 people have been killed and as many as 20 have been wounded in two attacks on two mosques in the center of Christchurch.

The attacks began just before 2pm on Friday afternoon. Three men and one woman have been arrested in relation to the violence. One of the attacks may have been livestreamed on social media, but apps like Twitter and Facebook are working to locate the video and have it removed immediately from the sites.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gives a statement regarding Friday’s attacks. Video courtesy of The Guardian

Little is known about the attackers at this point, but at least one has been confirmed as an Australian citizen. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the attackers were not on watch lists.

An 87 page manifesto spouting anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric justifying violence towards these communities was posted on social media shortly before the attacks began, though news outlets have been unable to confirm if that document is directly linked to the attackers.

Ardern has called the tragedies a terrorist attack and warned that the “extremist views” held by the terrorists will not be tolerated in New Zealand. Ardern went on to call the attacks “one of New Zealand’s darkest days.”

“For now my thoughts and I’m sure the thoughts of all New Zealanders are with those who have been affected their families,” she said.

20 Charged in Greek Wildfire that Killed 100 People

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities have charged 20 people with negligence in connection with the country’s deadliest wildfire in decades, which killed 100 and devastated the seaside town of Mati near Athens last year.

Court officials say the suspects include the greater Athens regional authority chief, two local mayors, the former civil protection head, and fire service officials.

In this Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018 file photo people swim at a beach in Rafina, east of Athens, ten days after the Greece’s deadliest wildfire in decades that killed 100 people. Three migrant fishermen have been awarded Greek citizenship after rescuing scores of people forced into the sea by a major wildfire outside Athens that left 100 people dead last summer. Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos hosted the ceremony Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019 for Gani Xheka from Albania and Egyptians Emad El Khaimi and Mahmoud Ibrahim Musa. (AP Photo Courtesy of Thanassis Stavrakis, Caption Courtesy of AP)

Among the 20 charged Tuesday was a 65-year-old resident of an area near Mati, who had allegedly been burning garden waste on open ground from which the fire started.

The charges include manslaughter, causing grievous bodily harm through negligence and arson through negligence. They carry a maximum five-year prison sentence.

The wildfire broke out on July 23, and quickly swept through Mati to the sea.

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