Product Post: Code 3 CD5051 Series Directional LED Warning Light

From Code 3’s CD5051 Series comes the Directional LED Warning Light, complete with SAE Class I Dual-Color Grille Mount.

The CD5051 Series directional LED warning light offers the flexibility of two different color outputs within a single unit, comprised of 9 high-intensity LEDs (single-color) or 18 high-intensity LEDs (dual-color).

This directional is great for hard-to-mount applications including the grille area or rear hatch and comes with 3 mounting options. SAE Class I light output, synchronization capability and the choice of 18 flash patterns for single-color and 36 flash patterns for dual-color allows the creation of an attention-getting, multicolor warning system with half the number of lights typically required.

Each model can be programmed to flash each color option individually or alternate colors. Interested? Give us a call at 503-670-4700 for a quote!