Canadian Police Seize Weapons after Spotting Stash on Hidden on a Roof

Winnipeg police responded to a call Sunday night in St. John’s neighborhood after neighbors complained of gunshots and yelling.

Photo courtesy of Winnipeg Free Press

Initially unable to establish where the weapons were being stashed, police officers in a helicopter spotted a suspect hiding firearms on the roof of a two story house.

The suspect removed the guns from the home and stored them on the roof, only to return shortly thereafter and pull the guns back inside again.

The police entered the home and seized one semi-automatic rifle and two sawed-off shotguns. They also recovered a compound bow and ammunition.

Five people now face multiple counts of weapon possession. including a 19 year old man and 17 year old boy.

Three women, aged 16 years old, 22 years old, and 45 years old were also arrested but have been freed after promising to appear in court.