More Than 30 People Killed As Sudanese Military Storm Sit-In

An estimated 30 protestors were killed when Sudanese military stormed a sit-in being held in Khartoum on Monday. In addition to the deaths, hundreds were injured and doctors from the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors say many are in intensive care and require surgery.

Sudanese military gather around the army headquarters in Khartoum as violent clashes with protestors lead to 30 dead and more than a hundred people injured. Photo Courtesy of CNN

The military has denied their role in the violence and the mobile internet in Sudan has been shut down, according to sources in the country reporting to CNN.

One of the three major Sudanese mobile networks, MTN, resumed partial service later on Monday though customers reported slow connectivity.

The demonstration was part of a nationwide movement headed up by the Sudanese Professionals Association to mobilize opposition to the military council created during the coup that unseated longtime Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir. Protestors joined together outside of the Defense Ministry building in Khartoum, the nation’s capital and took to main streets to bring attention to their cause.

CNN reported that eyewitnesses saw police and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces shoot at the protestors. Videos circulating the internet show security forces beating protestors with sticks. The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors reported that patients being treated in nearby hospitals had been shot at with “live bullets” and that one of the victims of the violence was an 8-year-old child. Over 116 people are being treated in local hospitals due to injuries sustained in the violence.