More than 200 Arrested at Climate Protests in London

The second day of protests organized by a group called Extinction Rebellion ended with more than 200 people being arrested in Central London on Tuesday.

Extinction Rebellion is a group of climate change activists hoping to bring attention to their cause by organizing demonstrations in major cities around the world. Photo courtesy of the Independent.

The climate activists were hoping to shut down roads in the UK capital in order to draw attention to their cause. The protesters camped overnight at Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, and popular tourist spot Oxford Circus.

Police said more than half a million people were affected by the protests as 55 bus routes had to be diverted; as of noon on Tuesday, 209 people had been arrested and all are currently still in custody.

More than 200 protestors have been arrested in London as of Tuesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

Most of the charges against the protestors were suspicion of public order offenses, though 5 of the arrested activists have been held on suspicion of criminal damage at the Shell gasoline headquarters in London.

Police have asked the protestors to contain their protest to the Marble Arch area of London.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that while he understands the activists’ anger and “shared the passion” of the protestors, he was “extremely concerned” after hearing of plans by protestors to disrupt London Underground services on Wednesday.

The activists plan to continue protesting until April 29th and have organized demonstrations in more than 80 cities in 33 countries. Edinburgh has seen one of the biggest protests with 150 activists blocking one of the main roads into the Scottish city’s downtown area.