Winter Storm Gareth Strikes UK as Brexit Looms

As if the UK didn’t already have enough to worry about, winter storm “Gareth” has struck parts of Scotland and the west coast of the country this week.

Parts of Scotland have experienced flooding as gale force winds of up to 75mph have disrupted traffic, leading to long delays in that part of the country, as well as cancelled ferries and trains causing further commuter frustration.

According to BBC Weather, wave heights could reach 32ft in some parts of the Scottish western coastline.

Winter storm Gareth has caused flooding in Scottish town of Dumfries. Photo Courtesy of the BBC

As parts of the country deal with strong winds and heavy rain, London faces its own kind of storm as Parliament debates the looming Brexit date and whether or not to leave the EU without a deal in place.

Tuesday night saw Prime Minister Theresa May and her plan for leaving the EU defeated by a margin of 149 votes. This has led to another vote which will happen Wednesday evening for members of Parliament to decide to leave the EU on March 29th with no deal or to delay Brexit past the March 29th date.

If the motion to delay Brexit passes, another vote will be held on Thursday evening in which Theresa May will either go to the EU and ask for an extension on Brexit or to leave the European Union without a deal on March 29th.

Should Thursday’s vote lead to an extension, the UK will have 7 options to choose from regarding their exit from the European Union, one of which is no Brexit.

Regardless of which way the vote on Wednesday and the possible Thursday vote goes, the outcomes will be historic for the United Kingdom as well as for the rest of the world.