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Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead

The Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead (Model M6V2) is ahead of the curve in terms of shape, power, and reach.

Revolutionary in its shape and potential – the Whelen M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead.

The M6 V-Series 2-N-1 Super-LED Lighthead marks a new generation of versatile, compact lightheads that implement Whelen’s Super-LED technology and act as two-in-one warning/perimeter lights.

Not only is it a dynamic shape and can do the work of two lights, this lighthead combines V-Series 180° warning with 6 White Super-LEDs for illumination.

This is a Special Order item. Special order items are non-cancelable, non-returnable, and non-refundable. All sales for special order items are final.


  • Two-in-one warning/perimeter combination light.
  • Combines 12 Super-LEDs for 180° Warning with 6 White Super-LEDs for illumination.
  • Available in Amber, Blue, Red and White Warning LEDs.
  • 21 Scan-Lock flash patterns including synchronizable patterns.
  • Lens are available as Color-Clear or All Clear.
  • Hard coated lenses minimize environmental damage from the sun, salt and road chemicals.
  • Unique thermal plastic rubber grommet seals 1″ (24mm) wire entry.
  • Surface mount.


  • Amp Draw: M6V2: warning 1.5 amp peak/0.60 avg; perimeter light 0.77 amps.
  • Optional flange available in Chrome (M6FC) or Black (M6FB).
  • Size M6V2: 4-5/16″ (109mm) H x 2-1/4″ (57mm) D x 6-3/4″ (170mm) L.

Warning Certified To:

  • NFPA 1901 when properly configured.
  • ASTM / KKK 1822-F Upper and Lower.
  • NFPA 1917 2013 Edition Upper and Lower.
  • Table Optical Power Requirements Large Ambulance.
  • Table Optical Power Requirements Small Ambulance.
  • SAE J595.
  • SAE J845 Selective Coverage.
  • CAC Title 13.

Illumination Certified To:

  • AMD 024 Perimeter Illumination Spec.: Two lightheads on each side of the vehicle.
  • NFPA Ground Lighting: One lighthead mounted up to 6 feet.

Whelen Five Year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional Warranty

Whelen L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons

Whelen’s done it again!

The Whelen L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons are brighter than the older models but with lower amp draw. How? The L21 Series Super-LED 360° Beacons use Whelen’s New Broadband Energy Radiator Technology. And the Super-LED light source has a rated life that exceeds that of comparable strobe tubes by more than 50:1!

Size is 6 3/8” wide and 5” high for low domes, 6 1/2” for high domes.

Additional features and specifications can be found below. Whelen also offers a 5 Year Warranty but remember: Under no circumstance should a magnetic mount light be used on a vehicle in motion. Doing so will violate all warranties and eliminate the possibility of returns or exchanges


  • SmartLED beacon design offers 75 SignalAlert flashes per minute standard.
  • 25 Total Scan-Lock alternating and simultaneous flash patterns built-in.
  • Synchronize with up to 7 more L21 permanent mount beacons.
  • Choice of Low Polycarbonate Dome (Permanent or Magnetic Mount), or High Polycarbonate Dome (Permanent Only).
  • Black polycarbonate base.
  • Virtually no EMI radiation.
  • Permanent mount is supplied with 6” pigtail.
  • Permanent mount methods: Pipe/screws/J-hook.
  • Magnetic Mount includes 10 foot cord and cigar plug with On/Off and Flash Pattern switches, and an 80 lb magnet.


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: 1.5 Amps (peak), 0.6 Amps (average).
  • Certified SAE Class J845 Class 1 360° (Amber).
  • 50,000 hour rated life.

Optional Branch Guards and Brackets are available for Low Domes and High Domes.

Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light

Featuring 4 color combinations, 11 flash patterns, and 12 high intensity LEDs (6 per color), the Code 3 Chase Dual Color Deck/Dash Light (CD3766-VDL) is a great option for a warning light.

It’s a low profile two color LED light for interior applications. The Dual Color Directional LED Warning Light can be programmed to flash either color individually or alternately. Featuring linear optics and individual control of each LED color and an aluminum housing with encapsulated electronics, the CD3766-VDL is an extremely bright, versatile and robust warning light.

Available Color Combinations:

  • CD3766AW-VDL  (6) Amber and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766BW-VDL  (6) Blue and (6) White LEDs
  • CD3766RB-VDL  (6) Red and (6) Blue LEDs
  • CD3766RW-VDL  (6) Red and (6) White LEDs


  • 12 high intensity LEDs (6 LEDs of each color).
  • Each LED color can be controlled independently.
  • 69 flash patterns.
  • Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens.
  • Encapsulated electronics.
  • Deck/Dash Mount: 4 suction cups or 2 “L” brackets.
  • 9 foot long cable 2 switch plug.


  • Voltage:12/24 Volt
  • Current: 0.9 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)
  • Meets SAE J595 Class I, California Title 13, R65, and R10 when properly configured.
  • Dimensions: 2.25″ H x 7.75″ W x 4.50″ D (57 mm x 197 mm x 114 mm).

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

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Product Post: ECCO 3410 Series 8 Module Safety Director

For Wednesday’s Product Post, the Sirennet Team is taking a look at the ECCO 3410 Series 8 Module Safety Director.

This item is a high-intensity warning system designed to direct traffic approaching from the rear of a stationary vehicle. The light is able to be mounted on the interior or exterior of the vehicle, and is compact enough that it won’t block vision or stick out. It can be mounted either flush to the vehicle or using the provided mounting brackets.

The 3410 Safety Director has eight warning modules and each warning module has 6 high-intensity LEDs to ensure a strong warning signal to approaching traffic. It is controlled by a modern, soft touch remote that provides fingertip control of the 3410’s nine built-in flash patterns. It also features an LED display that mimics the selected pattern in real time. Includes signal bar, controller and 15 foot cable (Also available in 35 foot and 55 foot lengths).

ECCO offers a 3 Year Warranty with this product. More features and specifications are included below. Head to our website for pricing and additional information!


  • Eight reflective modules with six LEDs.
  • 9 Flash Patterns: 2 Left, 2 Right, 2 for Center Out, 3 for Warning.
  • 5 Soft touch buttons.
  • Extruded aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens.
  • Auxillary (ALT) button controls a separate circuit.


  • LED Color: Amber Only
  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: 1.6 Amps
  • Temperature Range: -22F to +122F
  • Approval: SAE J595 Class I, CE, R10
  • Dimensions: 48.1″ (1222mm) L x 1.9″ (48mm) H x 2.5″ (63mm)

Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren

Whelen’s done it again! Today we’re looking at the HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren for 3 reasons: it features innovative technology, it’s been redesigned to be even more durable than its predecessors, and it’s one of the best customizable sirens on the market today.

Fully customizable, easy to handle, and durable. Get yourself a Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren today!

This cutting-edge HHS Series Hand Held Programmable Siren uses Windows-based programming software for full customization and configuration of all functions.

Whelen completely redesigned the molded amplifier housing of this model, so it won’t show wear and tear as easily as other models. It features standard switching and includes the CANCTL5 Hand-Held controller standard. Operates one or two 100 watt speakers. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer.

This siren has all the tones you’ll need: 37 of them to be specific. Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard. Tones also include mechanical tones and California Yelp. Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output allow the user to control most or all of the other equipment installed on the vehicle.


  • Windows based programming software for full customization and configuration of all functions.
  • Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard.
  • 37 total tones, including mechanical tones and California Yelp are built-in.
  • Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output.
  • Includes the CANCTL5 Hand-Held controller standard.
  • Includes 20’ interconnect cable.
  • Compatible with low current or high current products, or any light with a built-in flasher.
  • Operates one or two 100 watt speakers.
  • Durable Black molded housing.


  • Voltage: 12.8 VDC
  • Siren Input Current: 16 Amps Max.
  • Power Outputs: Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output.
  • Dimensions: 7.46” (18.95cm) H, 8.49” (21.56cm) W, 2.35” (5.97cm) D
  • Certifications: Meets Class A requirements of SAE, AMECA, KKK1822, and California Title XIII when paired with one Whelen 100 watt speaker.

Whelen Two Year Warranty

Federal Signal LED Traffic Clearing Light

Want to ensure that your fire apparatus or ambulance is seen from a distance so that you can arrive quickly and safely at a scene? The Federal Signal LED Traffic Clearing Light helps to alert drivers faster to the presence of an emergency service vehicle with a unique sequence of flash patterns and strong LED TCL optics.

Check out that brightness! They’ll see you coming for miles.

The flash patterns on this product direct light to the driver’s rear-view mirror warning them of the emergency vehicle, while the LED TCL and perimeter warning lights work together to help warn roadway traffic. A

The Traffic Clearing Light features perimeter lights that provide 360-degree of warning light around the emergency vehicle, in addition to the LED TCL which produces 250+ feet of directional light to the front of the emergency vehicle.


  • Current Draw 3.0 A/1.5 A (6×4) – 7.0 A (9×7)
  • Input Voltage 12/24 VDC (6×4) – 12 VDC (9×7)
  • Operating Temperature Range -40˚C to 80˚C
  • Physical Specs. (HxWxD) 6×4 – 4.15 in (10.5 cm) x 6.56 (16.7 cm) x 1.67 in (4.2 cm)
  • 9×7 – 7.15 in (18.1 cm) x 9.16 (23.3 cm) x 1.66 in (4.2 cm)
  • Ship Weight 6×4 – 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • 9×7 – 2.0 lbs (0.9 kg)

Interested in purchasing one of these models? Head to for more details and pricing.

Code 3 Portable LED Worklight

Sometimes you want a light that isn’t too flashy, that isn’t too fancy, but that gets the job done. The Code 3 Portable LED Worklight is that light.

The Code 3 Portable LED Worklight

The LED Worklight is magnetic so it can be mounted anywhere on the outside of a vehicle to light up a work area or scene quickly and easily. It’s got a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 3-4 hours (depending on what mode you’re using) and it’s got a 600 high intensity lumens flood beam that can easily light up even the darkest areas.

This LED Worklight comes with 5 modes: 100% steady-burn White, 30% steady-burn White, 100% steady-burn Red, quad flash Red, and double flash Red. It comes with a Code 3 One Year Warranty and features aluminum heatsink housing in black and a polycarbonate lens.

Light it up!

Five White 3-watt LEDs and Five Red 3-watt LEDs.
Rechargeable Lithium Battery with charge time less than 7 hours.
Run time on battery is 3 to 4 hours depending on mode setting.
Cigarette Plug (CW4003) and AC Plug Charger (CW4002-NA) Included.
Stainless steel mounting bracket.

650 Raw Lumens, 600 Effective Lumens.
IP Rating 67
CE rated
Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.5” W x 9.1” H x 3.9” D (115 mm x 230 mm x 100 mm)

Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

If you were looking to buy a beacon, wouldn’t you want it to be the brightest beacon on the market? The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360°Beacon is just that. It’s as powerful as a strobe light but maintains the sharpness of an LED.

The Whelen L31 Super-LED 360° Beacon

It’s heavy-duty and features a built-in flasher that comes with selectable Scan-Lock flash patterns, Hi/Low intensity, built-in Cruise Light and synchronization feature. The 360°Beacon also comes with 4 intensity levels that can be selected by momentarily activating the Cruise Light wire.

As the name suggests, this beacon gives 360° of warning and is certified to meet SAE J845 360°, Class I (amber) and CA Title XIII Table 4 360°(amber).

Check out other features and specifications below, or head to to learn more.


  • This new beacon has been designed from the ground up based upon Generation 3.5 LED technology.
  • State-of-the-art optical design delivers the brightest LED beacon on the market.
  • Smart-LED design requires no external flasher; includes 28 built-in Scan-Lock flash patterns.
  • Able to alternately or simultaneously flash multiple patterns with multiple L360 beacons.
  • 4 simulated rotating patterns.
  • Hi/Low intensity feature.
  • Cruise Light.
  • Heavy-duty powder coated die-cast base.
  • Flat permanent mounting standard.
  • Optional pipe mount (1” NPT) kit available.
  • Optional perm/pipe mount (1” NPT) kit with branch guard available.


  • 12 VDC.
  • 3.8 Amp (peak), 1.5 Amp (average).
  • Size: 4-1/64” (102mm) H x 7-11/64” (182mm) Dia.

Available Models:

  • L31HAF – Amber Permanent Mount
  • L31HRF – Red Permanent Mount

Whelen 5 Year Warranty

Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

Looking for something that will work in your undercover vehicle but won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light.

The Code 3 LED Visor Flip Light

It’s lightweight and only 1 inch thick, but don’t think that means it isn’t bright. The item itself will fit snugly on the visor without anyone noticing it, but once you turn it on… well, let’s just say you won’t be able to miss it.

It’s easy to operate and plugs into a cigarette lighter. It also meets all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.

Check out that light output!


  • 26 Flash Patterns
  • Each side has its own Flash Pattern button
  • Red or Blue LEDs
  • Colored or Clear Outer Lenses
  • Black Polycarbonate Housing
  • 9 Foot Cord with Lighter Plug and On/Off Switch
  • Mounts using Two Velcro Straps


  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current (Red): .85 Amp per module
  • Current (Blue): 1.0 Amp per module
  • Certifications: SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5 3/8″ H x 11″ W x 1″ D.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty

Product Post: Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar

When we were choosing which product to discuss with you all today, the Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar seemed like an obvious choice. It’s suitable for many types of vehicles and purposes, it’s sturdy and won’t require much maintenance, and it’s got a low current draw. When it comes to lightbars we love, it’s right at the top.

The Pursuit Lightbar has a sleek, inconspicuous shape but don’t think that will impact it’s light output. This is a powerful, super bright light with two unique levels of lighting (in a 3” high lightbar!) and the upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity.

The Code 3 Pursuit Lightbar. Isn’t she something!

Set on an aluminium chassis and encased in clear, weatherproof, polycarbonate lenses along with encapsulated electronic control modules, this item is strong, durable and protected against the environment. There are numerous options and lengths available and lightbar can either be mounted permanently to the vehicle or mounted using the vehicle roof gutters. It also utilizes individual top lenses for easy internal access with a provision to disconnect the lightbar cable to allow easy removal of the lightbar.

Here are some other unique features that set the Code 3 Pursuit apart from all other lightbars on the market today:

  • Two Unique Levels of Lighting in a 3” High Lightbar (as mentioned above)
  • The upper level contains 360º of ProAxis Optics Technology LEDs in Red, Blue or Amber for maximum warning intensity. (as mentioned above)
  • The lower level contains multiple types of functionality such as takedowns, alley lights, traffic director and optional scene lights.
  • New optics technology provides exceptional LED brightness for takedown and alley lighting.
  • Powerful Lower Level LEDs for use as Takedowns, Alley, Rear Arrowstik, Flashing & Intersection Lights in White or Amber.

Cutting Edge Programming and Configuration

  • All new PC programming software interface (C3 Pro) allows the user to program every level, every head, and every flash pattern to their needs. 
  • Never before seen flash pattern combinations, intersection, dim, and cruise options, that allow the user to create the lightbar for their specific mission.
  • Corner Intersection Sweeping Flash Pattern for Lower Level Lights.
  • The best part is the user can preview all of it before installing it on their light bar.
  • A serial network control system allows for easy control over settings, configurations, flash patterns, and more while still allowing the user to utilize existing control or switching systems.

Unlimited Flash Patterns

  • Each lighthead can be assigned an individual flash pattern providing almost unlimited flash pattern options.
  • Flash red/blue on the upper level, a NarrowStik on the bottom rear and a full Takedown on the lower front – all at the same time!
  • An exceptional Code 3 Sweeping Intersection light pattern for the lower level can be selected.
  • 2 levels of Auto Dimming can be programmed per light head and per level.
  • The Pursuit allows you to choose from a high or low “Cruise” intensity, and a high or low “Flicker Cruise” intensity.

Impressive Integrated LED Takedown lights

  • Optional powerful lower level white LED scene lights provide up to 360º of illumination.
  • Lower level LEDs are individually switchable (left, right, front, and back) for use as alley lights, takedown lights, work lights and intersection lights.

Designed to survive in the harshest of working environments

  • Revolutionary new internal layout and design, making maintenance and troubleshooting a snap!
  • An integrated lens sealing system and Encapsulated Control Electronics in conjunction with membrane vents protect the Pursuit from vibration, moisture, dirt, and dust.
  • Wiring channels and connector retaining clips along with a specifically designed cable gland keep all internal wiring neat, organized, and secure.
  • A unique top protection system mounted beneath the lightbar lenses secures internal components from damaging UV sunlight while helping the lightbar run cooler and more efficiently.
  • A curved form factor that allows the lightbar to match the curved roofs of today’s emergency vehicles.

Easy to Install and Troubleshoot

  • The light bar has one small cable with a hot, ground, and two serial wires making routing and installation of the cable a breeze.
  • Indicator lights for each lighthead on the circuit board show if it is receiving a signal, making troubleshooting at the board level much faster.
  • One-to-one plug ratio on internal wiring harness allows easy replacement of a single bad wire as opposed to having to replace a whole harness.
  • Each lighthead is labeled with a color coded grommet plus a label indicating color/date of manufacture. This makes identifying the LED type and warranty date extremely easy!

Easy to Maintain

  • Aluminum plates under the top lenses prevent UV degradation.
  • Uniquely molded grommet system, at entry point of lightbar cable, prevents water ingress or cable wear.
  • Organized internal locating system contains wiring tracks for routing all wiring and connections, keeping all internals neat and eliminating pinched wires.
  • Brass inserts are molded into the polycarbonate base to prevent screw stripping or cracking when the top lens screws are tightened.
  • The tough polycarbonate exterior lenses are fixed to a solid alloy chassis with stainless steel fittings. 
  • The cable gland in the base of the lightbar seals around the ultra-thin 0.40” power and data cable.


  • Auto Dimming with Photocell
  • Lower Level Traffic Director
  • Upper Lenses Available in Red, Blue, Amber or Clear
  • Internal Illuminated Sign Module*


  • Available Lengths (inches): 24”, 30”, 36”, 41”, 47”*, 53”, 59”*, 65”, 71”, 77”, 83”.
  • Available Lengths (metric): 604mm, 754mm, 904mm, 1054mm, 1204mm*, 1354mm, 1504mm*, 1654mm, 1804mm, 1954mm, 2104mm.
  • Width and Height (common): 13.45” W x 3” H (343 mm x 76mm).
  • Multi-voltage (10–30V) Operation with Class-leading EMC Performance
  • Designed to meet SAE Class 1, California Title 13 , when properly configured. Also meets R10, IP65, CISPR 25.

*Illuminated Sign Available only in 47” & 59” L.

Code 3 Five Year Warranty on LED Modules and Central Controller

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