Dodge Charger Police Vehicle Installation Video Goes Live Today!

Here at Sirennet, we decided to switch things up today.

The Tuesday after a three day weekend is always a tough day back at the office so we decided to liven things up a little bit by releasing a brand new installation video instead of our regularly scheduled Breakfast Show episode.

The guys over at Star Cars in Newberg, Oregon gave us a behind the scenes look at a full Dodge Charger turned police vehicle installation, from start to finish. The complete kit includes Whelen Micron Surface Mount LED lights, a Setina PB400 Bodyguard Sedan Push Bumper, Whelen ION TRIO Surface Mount Warning Lights, Whelen ION TRIO Linear LED Lightheads, Whelen LINSV2 V-Series 2-IN-1 Surface Mount Lights, Whelen Avenger II TRIO Combo Linear/TIR Single LED Dash/Deck Light, Whelen Four Outlet Four Channel LED Flasher, and our very own Sirennet brand 100 Watt Speaker.
All of these items can be found at our online store –

In other news, this is our 123rd vehicle installation video! That means once you finish watching this install, you’ve got 122 other install videos to get you through this Tuesday morning. You’re welcome.

And if you’re a huge Breakfast Show fan and thinking ‘Hey! What happened to my Tuesday morning video with Stuart and Chris?’ Fear not. Breakfast Show episode #3 will be back very soon. In the meantime, why not enjoy episodes 1 and 2 all over again? All of our videos are available on our YouTube Channel. Find us under “Sirennet”. Happy viewing!