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Product Post: SoundOff Ghost LED Multi-Mount Light

The SoundOff GHOST is a line of exceptionally small, extreme angle, mid-level 6 LED warning lights. The GHOST light eliminates flashback and ‘deadened’ warning power from tinted windows with our new exterior Edge Mounting system. Edge Mounting utilizes a unique u-bracket to mount the small inconspicuous lights to the hood or trunk edge on any type of vehicle. Pivotable light head can be adjusted up to 30 degrees so that the Extreme Angle output is just where you need it.

GHOST lights are also perfect for Dodge Chargers because they snap right into the grille and are permanently attached with supplied Permanent Mount Screws, or Automotive Grade 3M Tape. Lights meet or exceed SAE J595 requirements.

Available with a Black Housing and Black Bracket or White Housing and White Bracket.


SoundOff Signal 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

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