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Product Post: SoundOff nROADS LED Low Dome Beacon

The SoundOff nROADS LED Low Dome Beacon comes with 8 modules that Provide 360 Degrees of Intense Lighting Coverage. Low Dome Beacon comes with 4 modules that Provide 360 Degrees of Intense Lighting Coverage. Beacon can be Configured as Single Color or Dual Color for Maximum Functionality. Single Color options include your choice of 3 LED, 6 LED, or 12 LED modules each available in Amber, Red, and White. Dual Color options include 12 LED modules (6 LEDs of each color) available in 2 Dual Colors: Amber/White or Amber/Red.

The permanent mount version of this unique beacon has 4 control wires that can each be assigned a function or operating mode from the flash pattern table. 

1. Flash Pattern: Light modules will flash with selected pattern. If multiple control wires are set to output a pattern are active simultaneously the wire with the highest priority will be active (Pink > Yellow > Orange > Blue).
2. Scene: Modules for scene will stay on continuously. If only some light modules are used for the scene then a flash pattern can be active on other light modules.
3. Cruise: Selected modules will stay on continuously at a dim value. Patterns and Scenes will take priority over a cruise function if both are active.
4. Low Power: If a low power functionality is enabled along with a pattern or scene, the pattern or scene will be active at a lower light output level.

These beacons are all built on a sturdy Premium Aluminum Base and the durable Polycarbonate Lens is available in either Amber or Clear. 
These beacons are available in Permanent/1” NPT Pipe Mount, and Magnetic Mount.

There is a huge selection of custom options available (See the Product Flyer). For custom configurations please call.




WATTAGE per module
3 LED Single Color: steady burn, 6.4 Watts; flashing, 3.2 Watts
6 LED Single Color: steady burn, 12.8 Watts; flashing, 6.4 Watts
12 LED Single Color: Steady burn: 25.6 Watts; flashing,12.8 Watts
12 LED Dual Color: Steady burn: 12.8 Watts; flashing, 6.4 Watts

CURRENT DRAW per module
3 LED Single Color: .5 Amps
6 LED Single Color: 1 Amp
12 LED Single Color: 2 Amps
12 LED Dual Color: 1 Amp

43 flash patterns; 9 user selectable modes

-40° C to + 65° C

Low Dome: 3.6” (9.25 cm) H x 8.6” (21.8 cm) D

Permanent Mount
Magnetic Mount

3 LED Single Colors: J845 Class 2 certified.
6 and 12 LED Single Colors: J845 Class 1 certified.
12 LED Dual Colors: J845 Class 1 certified, CA Title 13 certified.

SoundOff Signal 5 Year No Hassle Warranty

WARNING: Under no circumstance should a magnetic mount light be used on a vehicle in motion. Doing so will violate all warranties and eliminate the possibility of returns or exchanges.

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