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Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren

Whelen’s done it again! Today we’re looking at the HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren for 3 reasons: it features innovative technology, it’s been redesigned to be even more durable than its predecessors, and it’s one of the best customizable sirens on the market today.

Fully customizable, easy to handle, and durable. Get yourself a Whelen HHS3200 Hand Held Programmable Siren today!

This cutting-edge HHS Series Hand Held Programmable Siren uses Windows-based programming software for full customization and configuration of all functions.

Whelen completely redesigned the molded amplifier housing of this model, so it won’t show wear and tear as easily as other models. It features standard switching and includes the CANCTL5 Hand-Held controller standard. Operates one or two 100 watt speakers. Completely configurable by the user, these control heads are ergonomically designed for situational awareness of the officer.

This siren has all the tones you’ll need: 37 of them to be specific. Wail, Yelp, Piercer, Manual Siren, and Airhorn tones are preset standard. Tones also include mechanical tones and California Yelp. Eight 10 amp relay outputs and one 15 amp relay output allow the user to control most or all of the other equipment installed on the vehicle.



Whelen Two Year Warranty

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