Thursday’s Product Post: Federal Signal Pro LED Beacon

The Federal Signal Pro LED Beacon comes in both tall and short domes with single or dual color options (Amber, Green, Red, White, and Blue). If your rig is already hooked up to other FedSig products, the Pro LED Beacon can sync with that equipment using FSLink™ syncing technology to allow you to alternately flash patterns. Pretty cool, right? Not to mention each beacon has 25 built-in flash patterns, low power function, and two flashing modes. Some models even feature an auto-dimming function.This beacon is perfect for work trucks or fire vehicles, it’s flexible to mount and an effective warning signal that meets SAE Class 1 (Amber, Blue, Red, White), CAC Title 13 (Amber, Blue, Red), and NFPA Upper (Tall models; Amber and Red). 

The video below gives a more in depth look at the Beacon, plus some great banter between Sirennet TV’s biggest stars Stuart and Chris. Check it out!